Tuesday, August 5, 2014

SO, THIS GUY WANTS HIS OWN POST (pretty sure this is AAA)

NOTE (Aug. 5, 8:43 AM): Since I first posted this yesterday  I have had several emails from people close to the Archbishop saying that the comments are his. This was also my first thought, especially when he recounted how much he was disliked from the beginning of his episcopal appointment with several intimate hints at who his then competition was. 

However, I first dealt with his challenge as I do every other anonymous challenge. But the following two responses really deepened my suspicions. Had he not asked for his comments to be made a post on my "Home Page" his comments might have lain buried in the hundreds of other comments that make their way onto this blog every couple of days. But he asked that I post "our ENTIRE dialogue...where others can see it." And he capitalized ENTIRE. Once posted it has caught the attention of several people who know him well and they began notifying me that this was the Archbishop. Here is one particular comment doing so. In this comment, the concerned person urges those close to the Archbishop to help him. I seriously hope they do. SOON. 

Whether or not this is actually from the Archbishop, I do not wish the Archbishop ill. I oppose his actions and I back my opposition with facts. The real criminals in this are the people I have fingered since the beginning - the people to whom the Archbishop is useful, and who even strong-armed him on what was then possibly his deathbed in 2011 to sign over the Yona property. To those of you who want to come after me, you need to start seriously looking at the people who are using the Archbishop. I have no power but this little blog. All the power resides with the Archbishop...AND THOSE WHO USE HIM, and will discard him when he is no longer useful. 

Here is the beginning of the post I did yesterday (with the addition of  the first entry which I had missed previously.) And also, since we are now quite sure this is from Archbishop Apuron, we can easily see the self references.


Anonymous here - they're always anonymous - requests:

"...can you put our ENTIRE dialogue (8/03-8/04) where others can see it? (Like on the Home Page so people won't have to scroll through comments to find our conversation."

So here it is. I will only highlight certain things for now so you can read it plainly for yourself. I'll have some comments later. The poor guy certainly does have it in for Filipino priests though.

  • "As soon as they were released they went to the community and told them everything the chief priests and elders had said to them. When they heard it they lifted up their voice to God with one heart. "Master," they prayed, 'it is you who made sky and earth and sea, and everything in them; it is you who said through the Holy Spirit and speaking through our ancestor David, your servant:
    Why this roar among the nations,
    this impotent muttering of the peoples?

    Kings on earth take up position,
    princes plot together
    against the Lord and his Anointed.
    'This is what has come true in this very city (on this very island) Herod and Pontius Pilot (a man in search of the truth) plotted together with the gentile nations(media) and the peoples of Israel, against your holy servant Jesus whom you anointed, to bring about the very thing that you in your strength and your wisdom had predetermined should happen. And now, Lord, take note of their threats and help your servants to proclaim your message with fearlessness, by stretching out your hand to heal and work miracles and marvels through the name of your holy servant Jesus.' As they prayed, the house where they were assembled rocked. From this time they were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to proclaim the word of God fearlessly. Acts 4:23-31
    I give thanks to the Lord, I have a Pastor who is still Catholic, who encourages us to keep our alliance with the Archbishop, "the Anointed" (whether you like him or not-I encourage to read St. Maxilian Kolbe on obedience from the Office of Readings) All of this turmoil is very "PROTEST"ANT. When all is said and done what will remain of the Neocatechumenal Way and "Rohr and his followers" (as stated in the PDN)?...HERE'S WHAT...there will remain "ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC AND APOSTOLIC CHURCH"
  • Obviously you know NOTHING of the history of the Catholic Church. Purging it of heretics is quite common. And purging it of corrupt clergy has always been the work of the laity. Bye.
  • Tim (August 4, 2014 at 5:21AM)
    'For I tell you, if your uprightness does not surpass that of the scribes and Pharisees, you will never get into the kingdom of Heaven. Mt 5:20
    The law, the LAW, THE LAW. It is clear you know alot about alot and you make it known. You even have followres (I mispelled on purpose so you can make a 9th Grade come back on my spelling) now, imagine that "Rohrbots"? English should be a second language on this island but unfortunately we are not learning our first language, so the ESL comment you ALWAYS use....really? (just saying) Before the NCW came to our island people were leaving the churches because they vomit 'the Law" which is shoved down their throats...they are given "the Law" of Jesus Christ minus His love and mercy. The greatest turn off to the church many times? The people in it, unfortunately. God, give us the grace to convert to this love and mercy you have so exemplified in your Son Jesus Christ. We can get through this more like a Tony Diaz than a Tim Rohr though. We can get through this as Catholics not Rotestants (theres another mispell for you) Oh and before you make the comment about me staying "anonymous" it doesn't matter who I am, or what I say...even if I were a Pope, a Bishop, a Cardinal....only God can change your hardened heart and closed ears at this point (and all those with the same sentiment as yours like Chuck White and the like. All who have this arrogance and sword of the Law and pride...'like that of the scribes and Pharisees') As St. Paul says though, we can control our tongue which flaps what is in our hearts. Let's use the sword of the Spirit instead. (and please don't come back with "THE LAW" of Scripture on me, let's start from Jesus Christ and the New Commandement He enjoins on us....of LOVE which the Lord wants ALL MEN to discover) even us in the Church. Bye
  • Well that was nice and hateful. BTW, who has been bishop since 1986, long before the neo's showed up? And people were leaving the church? Because of whom? Who was the bishop? But really, be a Christian and comes and see me. Bring another. Just like the bible says.
  • [The fact that Archbishop Apuron had been bishop for 20 years before before the neo showed up during which, as anonymous points out, "our island people were leaving the churches because they vomit 'the Law" which is shoved down their throats" seems to have escaped him.]

  • Where to find you? No hate intended just touching on some of your own contributions to this blog. Continue on....I will not bother in reading this anymore once I get your reply and look forward to seeing you. Bye!
  • Pretty difficult to not imagine "hateful" with names like Rohrbots and Rotestants being thrown around. But email me at junglewatch.info@gmail.com Use your real name. BTW, have you had this same talk with the Archbishop? I can't change a thing. But he can.
  • (Tim August 4, 2014 2:36PM)
    "You have already been told what is right and waht the Lord wants of you. Only this, to do what is right, 
    to love loyalty and to walk humbly with ou God" Micah 6:8
    Since I haven't got your reply yet, where to find you. Since 1986 there was already a problem with excepting who the Lord chose as His Anointed and the lack of respect and obedience. Perhaps the real problem is the lack of vocations locally and the Filipino priests who all came here, dropped their clerics and fell in love with Uncle Sam choosing another Master? Or maybe among the local priests from Capuchins to Diocesan alike who all thought someone else (much more qualified, older or I don't know what should have been chosen) or that they themselves should have been the rightful choice. What we all need to accept is God chooses whom He chooses and does as He pleases. This goes for how some have never really accepted the Second Vatican Council and the changes the Spirit brought about from it. I don't know really, I know how the clergy and lay people alike (heard it myself) have talked so terribly about this Archbishop. What ever the Lord makes possible from here, the ROOT of the problem will be the same because the problem is not the Archbishop...it is the hearts of men. BUT, there is a Good News! Someone can give us victory over this situation and in whatever way we discover this TRUTH...whether we find it through the NCW, the Legion of Mary, Cursillio, Latin Mass, El Shaddai...whatever path leads us to Christ and His Church...."Let It Be Done Unto Me According To Thy Word" May our boloved Mother Mary be our true example through all this and may She, "pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death." Bye and look forward to meeting you.
  • My reply and contact info is above. But certainly doesn't sound like you are interested in reconciliation. I have no problem with who God selected as bishop if that's how you want to put it, but bishops are removed for a variety of reasons as are priests. And just as Fr. Paul was removed because of complaints against him - or so said the archbishop - so can Archbishop Apuron be removed because of complaints against him. Bad bishops have been with us from the beginning.
  • (Tim August 4, 2014 3:13PM) Sorry, didn't see your reply wanted to pray in this hour of mercy...
    Um I don't want to email, you asked to meet...where to find you? Rotestants was a mispell (for your spelling neurosis) and Rohrbots vs. Kikobots isn't that what you call them? One last request can you put our ENTIRE dialogue (8/03-8/04) where others can see it? (Like on the Home Page so people won't have to scroll through comments to find our conversation...we need some voice of reason not entirely Kikobot and not entirely Rohrbot. If you would so kindly do this service for the Catholic Church on Guam) so then the REAL root of the problem can start being attacked and not the scapegoats...there sure are alot of them huh? Ah and alas, forgive me, we do have some holy, reverent Filipino priests...a few (who don't talk badly about the Archbishop or their Pastors for that matter..some are exceptionally unruly and disobedient....at their Filipino Priests Only breakfast and secret meetings (not in clerics).in late night filipino karaoke bars...(sorry, but I've seen them.) Release the goats, a Lamb has been slaughterd and He will defeat the enemy here, 'namely the devil,' He 2:14
    Hope to see you soon, as you requested. Perhaps I'll greet you with 'a holy kiss' (just open St. Paul....you'll find it all over from Acts to....)Perhaps I'll ask a neocancer how it is done just to place more hot coals....praying for you all!) Please post okay? You have this power. I won't care the comments nor respond til I meet you face to face but please SOMEBODY call BLACK what is BLACK! Bye. So long jungle watch, last REPLY from me. I will check to see if you honored my request for Home Page Status even just for a day or two...but REPLY? Not. Forgive me, who am I? A CONCERNED CATHOLIC...not all of us feel the way you all do about His Excellency Most Reverend Archbishop Anthony Sablan Apuron , OFM Cap., D.D. Metropolitan Archbishop of Agana........Biba Archbishop! Let's all sing...'Atan Jesu Cristo'........
  • Dear Anonymous. I gave you me email so I could privately arrange a meeting with you. But since you want everything to be on this page and public, please leave your full name, your real one, and your phone number so I can call you and arrange a meeting. And what is it with you and the Filipino priests? Looking forward to seeing your name and number on this page. I did my part. Now you do yours.
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