Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Few people  have done as much scholarly research into the underlying theology of the Neocatechumenal Way as has done Guam resident, Chuck White. While his website, The Thoughtful Catholic, is devoted to a variety of topics, he has devoted a great amount of his "thoughtfulness" to the underlying issues that are at the root of the problem with the Neocatechumenal Way. After the Pacific News Center interview with him yesterday, I asked him to move his research, at least temporarily, to his home page so it would be easier to find, and he has. 

Mr. White's research is critical to our endeavor on JungleWatch because without it, the current spat would just seem like a fight between the old and the new. It isn't. It is actually a fight between the old and the even older - the even older being the age old inclination to mold a god of our own image. I get accused of this all the time though no one actually substantiates those allegations. On the contrary, Mr. White DOES substantiate his allegations, and those being that there are many things very different about the theology of the Neocatechumenal Way. 

Visit his website and bookmark it. 


  1. Yes, thankyou Chuck. I am not from Guam, and cannot comment on the specifics of the pacific, but your research and discussions are very useful in our own local efforts to address the NCW problem.

    It is always very encouraging when I hear or read someone who has independently come to the same conclusions for the same reasons - in fact, for me this is proof of the truths of our faith. We should support and edify each other and this is what you are doing. I was most impressed with your interview yesterday. I applaud you and pray for you.

  2. I first met Mr. Chuck White when I initially volunteered at KOLG, our local Catholic radio station. Not only was he knowledgeable in the ways of the studio, he was also well versed in the catechism of our Catholic faith. He and others affiliated with the Catholic Evidence Guild, including Tim Rohr, inspired me to go beyond my Sunday Mass obligations and learn more about my faith.
    I do not take Chuck White's writing lightly for, as the name of his blog states, he provides well thought out and thoroughly referenced entries.
    But don't just take his word for it! Do your own research, ask your own questions and for the love of our Church, read the Catechism of the Catholic Church!
    Absolutely nothing about the teachings of our Catholic faith is a secret or held back and is for all to view and experience. I suggest reading a few books on the Eucharist, particularly The Eucharist for Beginners: Sacrament, Sacrifice, And Communion by Kenneth J. Howell.

  3. chuck is so on point, truthful, one of the good guys, so much so that if he was a priest on guam, he'd probably be on the list for removal, somewhere near monsignor james or father mike.


  4. Just received a phone call from Europe. People commenting the Climate is getting hot in the Guam Jungle today.