Sunday, August 3, 2014


That's the question I was asked today. I guess my knowing about Gennarini's recent secret visit unnerved them.

  1. Btw you asked who the hell is Fr Pius? My question... who the hell are you? Are you some kind of a spy. Why do you seem to have access to all documents. And you seem to know when a person comes in or leave island. You seem or claim to know everything. What are you?
Here's my reply:

You know, that’s a really good question. Here’s the answer. I am nobody and I am everybody. I am nobody because none of what I am presenting is just my personal opinion nor is it the fruit of my own work. And I am everybody because there is an army of people out there who are quietly waging war against what Archbishop Apuron and Pius are doing to our island and our Catholic Church.

I haven’t had to ask for or find a single document. I am sent them, given them. The chancery walls have ears and within minutes of the archbishop whispering something, I know, and not all of it appears on this blog. I save it till I have reason to use it, as you have seen. The most recent incidence being his insinuation of a homosexual relationship between Frs. Blockley and Efren. The problem is the Archbishop just doesn’t know how not to run his mouth. He lies to so many people he doesn’t even remember who he lied to.

There are people who have been storing up hurt and anger for thirty years who began to come forward after the Fr. Paul thing blew up. And believe me, they are coming forward all the more with this latest travesty against Msgr. James.

How sad that the Archbishop couldn’t stop the presses on the U Matuna. He reprinted the trash he sent to the press last week. Trash that was already discredited in the press on Saturday by Mr. Joe Rivera and Mr. Richard Untalan. And they’re not done. How embarrassing for the Archbishop to be fully discredited the DAY BEFORE his lies were printed in his own paper. Let’s see if the Archbishop will now print a retraction given that he has been shown to be either horribly inept or simply a liar.

Who am I? Just the messenger. But you are soon to see the army.

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