Monday, January 5, 2015


No meeting planned with Concerned Catholics yet

MORE than a week has passed since the Concerned Catholics of Guam requested to meet with Archbishop Anthony Apuron, but spokesman Rev. Adrian Cristobal said on Friday there are no plans to meet with the group.


  1. like mostneo persbyters, they will try to befuddle the visitors, then claim they are approved in their bridge-building. Jes of chalanpago

  2. AAA and his crew know full well they are ill-prepared to lay their cards on the table against the Concerned Catholics of Guam. This plus their ARROGANCE and belief that they are UNTOUCHABLE are the reasons why there's no meeting scheduled.

  3. To anon at 5.27, believe me when I say, they are not untouchable.
    This is why they so desperately try to control who meets with the visitators and for how long.
    But a schedule is not written in stones, and if the "guests"want to cut their meetings short or stay longer with others, what are they going to do?
    This is why they are so nervous, and of course so aggressive. It is do or die for a lot of them.

  4. If the visitators do not do their jobs, then they will be responsible before Almighty God for the loss of many Catholics. Simple and highly gifted. For the destruction of an old, established Church much older than USA Church...don't forget.

  5. Lots of new bridges being built as we speak. Oh, yes there are!