Monday, January 5, 2015


  1. It states, "The Institute is composed of six departments." How confusing with there being eight listed on the page.

    The use of "etc." is not very professional when listing items that should be known.

    How does one spell professor/profesor? It's spelled two different ways. Maybe spell check wasn't working.

    The list of "permanent" faculty alone is inconsistent or problematic.
    1) Pontifical Gregorian vs Gregorian
    2) Ph.D. vs. Ph.D. Doctorate (redundant)
    3) Three are still candidates for their Doctorate.
    4) Samut is an instructor for Pastoral Theology, but his degrees are for Spirituality.

    Someone with a Master in Sciences of Education (Guidance/Counseling) will be teaching Languages and Liturgy and Sacraments.

    One of the faculty has a Master's EdD equivalent from UOG which doesn't grant anything beyond a Master's.

    How does a degree in Elementary Education prepare one to teach Language in a seminary? Is Language the same as ESL? Is Language the same as Languages? I would hope Languages is the study of Latin, Greek, and Hebrew and not ESL. I am amazed that instruction can happen with so many levels of mastery of English.

    One of the faculty with a degree from Weston, whose curriculum vitae states he was only a lecturer at Mater Dei Regional Seminary, Guam, in the summer of 2006, doesn't even get S.J. for his name.

    One of the faculty who last taught at Redemptoris Mater in 2002, is listed as a Ph.D. candidate at Marquette in 1996. I doubt the courses still count after so many years.

    I guess some of the faculty haven't been back for years.

    I would love to serve in our diocese, but I don't know about this type of preparation. I've dealt with some of the priests prepared by Redemptoris Mater and it's scary that they run parishes and care for souls.

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