Sunday, January 4, 2015


Church paid airfare for Solorzano’s relative, historian


THE Agana Archdiocese paid for the airfare of Andres Oyola Fabian and Manuel Lopez Casquete, according to Rev. Adrian Cristobal, spokesman for the archdiocese.

Cristobal said...

“This visit of the remains and the digital availability of the manuscripts will have an immense and positive impact on our society and our educational system by contributing a wealth of information of historical, educational, cultural, anthropological and religious nature,” Cristobal said. “The so-called 'critics' fail to see this!  I invite the 'critics' to expand their horizons.”


Every word that comes from the mouths of these people is an insult to the intelligence of the people of Guam. Now that we have heard the main message and purpose of the visit: to position the Neocatechumenal Way and its leaders on the side of the "murdered" priest and all the opponents of the Neocatechumenal Way on the side of the murderers, we are now further enlightened as to the depths you people will go to salvage your Way and to discredit your opposition. 

How pathetic that you, you who are well known to disparage and negate the history of the church from the time of Constantine to the advent of Kiko Arguello, suddenly take such an interest in that same history. But of course you are not interested in that history at all. You are only interested in how you can make it serve you. This is why Atienza wanted to make sure that the message was "the church has been resisted before". Translation: "the Neocatechumenal Way is encountering the same resistance as the Jesuits of the 17th century." 

What a laugh. 

Adrian, do you really want us to believe that you have any interest in the "historical, educational, cultural, anthropological and religious nature" of this priest's letters when you and your buddies closed down a whole museum which was assembled over thousands of hours and millions of dollars contributed by dedicated local Catholics? You are so concerned about this skull that was passed down through the generations of his Spanish descendants but you couldn't give a rip about the relics of Chamorro Catholic history which have passed down through the generations of local Chamorro Catholics.

You people are so predictable. 


  1. This is so stupid.

    These Spaniards were the ones who were telling us to stop the veneration of our ancestors' bones and skulls, but what do they bring back to Guam after 350 years?

    A skull...

    Tim, it's time for another radio show this coming week.

    I'll call you!

    Keep up the great work!

    - rick nauta

  2. They paid for travel and lodging for two men to bring in a skull, but allowed the museum, which cost lots of money and thousands of volunteer hours, to close down AND treasured articles to deteriorate. Where is the logic in that decision?!!!

  3. For those of you that still might believe that things happen in a vacuum, check these facts.

    Almost a year ago, while I was starting to write under this pseudonym, I countered a very weird expose by a kikonuts regarding colonialism, racism, the church and a very grossly put together attempt to link all that nonsense into a somewhat "historical" perspective.
    That individual (anon of course) attempts at creating a timeline about the "christianisation" of the Marianas, was so poorly put together, so demeaning to the Chamorro Culture, and was trying so badly to integrate political and philosophical points of view that came directly from the Masonic anti-Catholic movement and the subsequent culpabilisation of all "gentiles" for the events of the Shoah, that all kinds of alarm bells went up inside my little brain.

    I could not believe that an obvious hit man (figurative sense) of the NCW, could be so condescending as to insult our intellect, in presenting such a bunch of malarkey.
    We were soon to discover that my counter-expose was so surprising to them that they embarked in a typical neo campaign of destruction and baiting. Having been around the block a few times, I did not bite on the bait, and continued to expose the contradictions advanced to us by a few anons (obviously from Spain) plus the now infamous Zoltan and that other professor, who went all gung ho, on the racist and racialist crap that they are taught by their presbyters.
    This was mind bungling, but indeed very revealing.
    Indeed it forced some of us to do more research on the weird teachings and relations of the NCW.
    Fast forward a few months, while debating with an anon apparently based in Peru, Chuck White is insulted by said anon with a typical Spanish street slang, which will not be repeated here.
    Few months later the same anon attack another post on this blog, and while doing his worse at trying to destroy the person in question also mentioned that he is a direct descendant of the Spanish priest who was killed by the Chamorros in the 17th century.

    While all these incidents by themselves do not amount to a whole lot of beans, beside the fact that it continues to underline the weirdness of the neos; if you put these seemingly unrelated events together, then you have a disturbing trend where some Spaniards have been trying (vainly) to conjure a timeline that would justify a storyline.

    Now we see this storyline finally coming out, with this ridiculous skull exhibition and poorly put together, far fetched explanation of our resistance to the "neo's mission" being proof of their "persecution" and our being "un-catholic".

    While to most of us this meandering, vainly glued together story is laughable and disconcerting, you have to recognize that they are relentless in their efforts to weave this monstruous web of lies and deceit. It is as if they are totally blind and deaf to anything that happens around us.

    The desperation, the twisting and the vile attempts to manipulate are the whole mark of evil.
    Therefore I shall relay Pope Francis request of this past November that we pray daily the prayer of St Michael the Archangel to protect us from evil.


  4. So true Frenchie. The story of the skull has been entertaining. Greater worry is the evil attempt to twist facts and fool people. Amounts to nothing more than pure evil working in our chancery today.


  5. $10,000 of air fares here. So easy to spend diocesan money on crap.

  6. Adrian, I have lost all respect for you, David and Apuron. You people have insulted and betrayed our chamorro faithful by your continued lies and covering of lies. You have chosen to follow Kiko, Pius and this NCW which have corrupted and clouded your minds. What have the chamorro faithful done to deserve this betrayal. When all these foreigners leave, who do you expect to look to in the local church? Look at the attendance of the Masses, can you not see that this is a reflection of the disgust and disapproval that you leaders of the church have brought upon our island, If this does not move you, Think of the accountability that you will have to answer to God for the scandal that you leaders are causing on the innocent and valunerable members of the Church. People are crying out because something is gravely wrong in the Church, yet you continue to dismiss these cries as problems with the faithful. Not once did any of you ever show any concerns for the questions or concerns that the faithful are asking.. Your silence speaks loudly that you simply do not care!!!!

  7. Our historic treasures and million dollar museum are being discarded while they showcase this meaningless skull. Most importantly, AAA is attacking his former flock. Go to hell AAA, and all those who support him.

  8. go to hell aaa Guam no longer accepts you.