Sunday, January 4, 2015


Church paid airfare for Solorzano’s relative, historian


THE Agana Archdiocese paid for the airfare of Andres Oyola Fabian and Manuel Lopez Casquete, according to Rev. Adrian Cristobal, spokesman for the archdiocese.

Cristobal said...

“This visit of the remains and the digital availability of the manuscripts will have an immense and positive impact on our society and our educational system by contributing a wealth of information of historical, educational, cultural, anthropological and religious nature,” Cristobal said. “The so-called 'critics' fail to see this!  I invite the 'critics' to expand their horizons.”


Every word that comes from the mouths of these people is an insult to the intelligence of the people of Guam. Now that we have heard the main message and purpose of the visit: to position the Neocatechumenal Way and its leaders on the side of the "murdered" priest and all the opponents of the Neocatechumenal Way on the side of the murderers, we are now further enlightened as to the depths you people will go to salvage your Way and to discredit your opposition. 

How pathetic that you, you who are well known to disparage and negate the history of the church from the time of Constantine to the advent of Kiko Arguello, suddenly take such an interest in that same history. But of course you are not interested in that history at all. You are only interested in how you can make it serve you. This is why Atienza wanted to make sure that the message was "the church has been resisted before". Translation: "the Neocatechumenal Way is encountering the same resistance as the Jesuits of the 17th century." 

What a laugh. 

Adrian, do you really want us to believe that you have any interest in the "historical, educational, cultural, anthropological and religious nature" of this priest's letters when you and your buddies closed down a whole museum which was assembled over thousands of hours and millions of dollars contributed by dedicated local Catholics? You are so concerned about this skull that was passed down through the generations of his Spanish descendants but you couldn't give a rip about the relics of Chamorro Catholic history which have passed down through the generations of local Chamorro Catholics.

You people are so predictable. 

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