Tuesday, June 16, 2015


From AAA's meeting with the Toto parishioners last night:

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  • VERY HEATED CONFRONTATION with AAA by the parishioners of Toto
  • bang, bang, bang from the very first speaker
  • a SUPERB DISPLAY of displeasure of the people for what AAA is doing/not doing in the on-going saga of division within the church. 
  • No words minced, albeit in general respectful. 
  • His answer to the pointed question "Don't you see the division that is happening within the Church?", his answer was "yes; there is this perception..." Say what?? Perception???
  • When asked what he is doing to bring unity with the Church, he said he is doing this and that, and then added "we are meeting with the CCOG to try to  work things out" 
  • to which one attendee jumped up and said, "Archbishop; that is a lie!  Why do you lie to the people? he identified himself as a member of the CCOG, and said "I know that CCOG has not met with you!" Why do you lie, Archbishop? 
  • Silence on his part, until Deacon Larry Claros (Bodyguard?) came to his defense and said to the CCOG member that he was being disrespectful to the Archbishop by calling him a "liar". (Job security, Larry?)
  • He responded: "Larry what I said was not being disrespectful; I was being truthful.  He did not meet with us - and the Archbishop's statement that 'we met with CCOG...' is a LIE."  
  • many other comments from different people hammered AAA for his poor leadership, and his role in this whole scenario. 
  • When asked about sitting while receiving Communion, he fumbled and gave the same explanation he gave in Yona 6 months ago: "We were given permission.... I'll just have to find it."   
  • The CCOG member chimed in and said, "Archbishop, save yourself the trouble of looking!  You will not find it! You will not find it because it is not there!" - he then I made reference to the 2002 vs the 2008 statutes, saying: " It's NOT in your approved 2008 Statutes; you guys are disobeying Rome which is admonishing you to conform, and disobeying your own Statutes which do not give that permission."
  • many other issues were brought up by the people  
    • Jesus, a sinner; 
    • Mass a mere celebratory commemoration of the Last Supper, not a true sacrifice; 
    • Fr Gofigan and Msgr Benavente cases; 
    • RMS importing foreigners as our native clergy; 
    • inability to understand their "homilies"; 
    • desecration of our churches (Toto, Santa Rita); 
    • lack of transparency and accountability; 
    • Neo priests talking about sex during his homily in front of small altar boys/girls, and on Mother's Day, at that;  
    • Fr Luis Camacho is in the Holy Land reflecting on his sins; etc. (all of which showed that the people are following through with the information delivered at our village meetings) 
  • plus many other interesting occurrences - like the people booing out Deacon Claros for calling the group at the Chancery "protestors" (Protestants?), when in fact they were praying; etc. etc. etc. 
  • a 3-ring circus!  

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