Wednesday, July 8, 2015


  1. Tim.
    Should Rome take action regarding this situation is there any way that they could DEMAND that they return the title back to the Archdiocese? Or is this lost for good? such sadness....
    1. Yes there is a way. RMS can deed the property back to the Archdiocese of Agana. Both the Board of Directors and the Board of Guarantors would need to sign. According to the 2014 Annual Report, the current Board of Directors are:

      Archbishop Apuron
      Rev Pablo Ponce Rodriguez
      Danny Quichocho
      Susanna Juliana Jayasuriya
      Rev. Julio Cesar Sanchez Malagon

      The Board of Guarantors are:
      Archbishop Apuron
      Giuseppe Gennarini
      Claudia Gennarini
      Angelo Poschetti

      Very telling that aside from the bishop, there is only one local name.
    2. More notes:
    3. Rome cannot order Apuron to give the property back because as Attorney Bronze has demonstrated in his legal opinion, Apuron does not control RMS, the two boards do. Assuming the two priests (Pablo and Julio) are incardinated in this diocese, they would be the only two who would be bound by obedience to obey a direct order from Apuron.
    4. Perhaps if you know some of these people on the boards you may want to talk with them about giving the property back as more than likely they will be named as party to any suit that may be brought.
    5. The same people were on both boards in 2011 when Apuron executed the deed.

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