Monday, October 19, 2015


Received the following message and reposting here. It is just one of a long list of atrocities related to the how the dead are treated by the kiko-jerks.


This weekend we buried our aunt, at least we thought we did. After the mass we proceeded to Pigo cemetery for the burial. When it came time to put the casket into the crypt, it wouldn't go in. The cemetery staff  didn't know what to do nor did they know what the problem was.

Ironically a family member who was a former cemetery employee had to intervene and noticed immediately that the concrete crypt walls was warped. He told them there was no way that casket was going in with warped walls. It was suggest that a temporary burial inside the mausoleum be arranged.

Meanwhile, there was no cemetery staff from management present. We were told  they were all at the hotel attending their Neo convivence (whatever)!

It took  some time to finally get our aunt transferred to the temporary burial until the problem is fixed sometime this week. Really?!

This is gross mismanagement. This would never have happened under the former administration of Msgr. James Benavente. The staff was always very respectful, professional, and also dressed properly.

Now the staff dress in rags and we noticed also in previous burials that all the staff are Neo teenagers or Neo members who know nothing about cemetery work. So now the entire cathedral and cemetery staff are all Neos? It seems to me that we are now an employment agency for the Neos. Is this the purpose of removing Msgr. James at the cathedral and cemetery so that they all have jobs?!

There were family members who flew to Guam to attend the funeral and say their goodbyes to our aunt. Some have already left but we still have not buried our aunt. So far there is no closure and we have Msgr. Quitugua, Attorney Jacky Terlaje, and their staff to thank. And what business does an attorney have in making decisions for the cemetery?!.

Where is Msgr. David Quitugua?  We were told that he is the person in charge as the director of Catholic cemetery. But the people at the cemetery said that Msgr. Quitugua is never around so the one in charge is Jacky Terlaje and she makes all the decisions for the cemetery, Msgr. Quitugua and the archbishop.

So who really is mismanaging the cemetery now?  Since the Neo take over no one wants to go to Pigo cemetery anymore.

When is all this going to end?  

Just venting...can't take this anymore.  


Dear "Just venting", thank you for sharing. But if you stop at "just venting" then this is never going to end. You need to get on radio, TV, newspaper, and every sort of media. You need to have angry family members knocking down David's door. Please stop "venting" and take action. 

Call K57 during any of the talk shows and let your outrage be known: 477-5757
Contact the PDN: 472-1PDN
Contact KUAM: 635-5803
Contact Guam Daily Post (formerly Marianas Variety):  649-4950

Remember. Apuron and his kiko-freaks are counting on you to "just vent" and DO NOTHING. Prove them wrong. NOW!

By the way. I was at the cemetery today for the burial of a friend. Aside from the green debris laying around and the general unkempt appearances, black mold is growing on the cyrpts and the mausoleum and the place is generally dirty. Anyone who has visited the place when Msgr. James was in charge can very much see the difference. Those who have paid for plots and crypts may be able to bring a class action suit against the Archbishop and the cemetery management if such an unkempt cemetery is NOT what they paid for. 


  1. Haven't been to the cemetery in a while, but did they fix the big hole on the ceiling in the mausoleum? I think I will go to the 1st Friday mass there and see for myself. Such a disgrace!

    1. A hole in the ceiling!! What side?

      Nice my mother always wanted a skylight window!! RIP MA!! Miss you!

    2. It took days for green waste and debris to be cleaned up after a recent storm. And the mausoleum is infested with roaches. Ask anyone who attends first Friday mass or visits frequently. It's a disgrace. Pigo is sorely mismanaged.

  2. Stop all money and they will scurry away faster than cockroaches when the light is turned on.

    That's the only sure way to rid ourselves of the kiko roach infestation.

  3. I hope the archbishop reads this! Imagine how much damage is done already! Horrifying. God forgive them for so little care for the dead. To tell the truth, the seminary looks shoddy, too. Of course the lazy boys do little. ( the bishop said so) not an accusation. )

    1. Even if Apuron reads this nothing will change for the better. Stop thinking that he cares because, quite frankly, he doesn't give a damn. He is just a figurehead while others run the operations of the Archdiocese. Truly a sad excuse for a Shepherd.

  4. A significant problem with the NEO "way" is a faith formation guided by resposibles and co-resposibles lacking the proper foundation to understand sacred scripture. Hence you will have a literal espousing of "let the dead bury the dead" (MT 8:22) where issues like that described in the above post will sadly occur when funeral services conflict with their NEO worship events. Its seems that the NEOs can't manage the cemeteries properly, it's time to demand its return to the Catholic faithful of Guam.

  5. Quite sad, I feel sorry.

    But now, with neocat mode on, I tell you...
    Do not worry, maybe in near future you will have a neo solution! A pretty neo columbarium like that you see in pictures linked:

    And you must know Kiko and neos had always disowned of incineration, but money is money!

    And the best is...
    A Kiko's proyect of "neocatechumenal" crypt in a neocat parish in Madrid has been stopped due to neighborhood protests. Kiko wanted to build a cementery with gardens and biblical trees, with a chapel to accompany the dead and a saloon for agapes, with space to accomodate at least 230 of burial people and two floor underground car parking.

    Kiko said when Easter Announcement, 2014, in Madrid:

    "And here, if we make a crypt, and the crypt is mandatory that bodies are embalmed, if there is no moisture, the body remains incorrupt for years and years. And after twenty years are as is, even with hair, nicely embalmed and sleeping until Jesus comes.

    We are doing a Christ for the cemetery to the crypt. We will recumbent Christ in precious stone. [...] We will pray for the parish priest, do not panic, man. The poor priest is so frightened he says "people will come here for a protest rally, then the police will come, people will throw stones and break the church!" No -continues Kiko-, they will not break the door, you'll notice.

    This mess (lio) is allowed by God for this proyect to be known and so it will question that fuss of cremation and people throwing the ashes. [...]

    On May 4th I have to come here, Cardinal Rouco will come and we will present this mess. And they'll be out screaming enemies. You must invite all itinerant people of Spain, they will come all responsible and we will give this battle. The cardinal said: "This is a prophecy for the diocese, is prophetic!"

    They're coming Auxiliary Bishops and we will put together a good racket. You're going to see here what will happen, a mess of "aupa" (so great mess). But we will support the pastor. Do not be scared, ask the Virgin to give you a helping hand, you will take her help. "

    Finally, on may 4th, nor Cardinal Rouco nor Auxiliary Bishops nor Kiko nor all itinerant neo people from Spain nor responsible of all spanish communities...just again hundred of neighborgh people on a protest rally, with the police forces, in front of the closed church.

    That is the great succeed of Kiko in Spain without Rouco in active (he is retired).
    The parish in question is the more icon of Neocatechumenal in Madrid, Saint Katherine Labouré, the one where Kiko has his periodically meetings with responsibles catechists of the Way who are his direct catechumenals.
    Kiko 0 People wieth common sense 10

    1. Kiko counts on people's poor memory, but he is destined to fail, because being a guy that dislikes technology he ignores that internet never forget anything, and people have become much more proactive and informed.
      When he first decided to build cemeteries in 2006-2007 he was saying that cemeteries should be totally black (!) and that he would have done a cemetery with that style, with black marble, and so on, because, in his opinion, modern cemeteries were all full of angels and flowers to ward off people's fear of death. Obviously it was an "inspiration" of course! And then another miracle brothers! About face! Now cemeteries should be sooooo nice and sooooo sweet with all those beautiful corpses imbalmed.....until Jeeeesus comes! ooooohhh... wonderful!! ANd when Jesus will come ooohhhhhhh all those corpses will reanimate sooooo beautiful with hairs... oohhhhhh

  6. Hi, Sandavi!!! I agree with you: Kiko never imagined internet could help us to show what kind of liar he is!
    In Cruxsancta blog, all ex-kikos people from very different countries remembered Kiko obsession against cremation.
    And what the hell when Kiko starts designing columbaries for ashes in neocat style!!!
    How many people had to leave the Way because their catechist said a catholic could never be cremated because Kiko didn't allow it!! How many people had been considered like pagans for that by their catechists!!!

    Kiko, you think we are stupid?

  7. Question: is there any other Diocese taken over by NCW- Chancery, Cathedral, Cemeteries, Seminary?? Wake up everyone. They've practically taken all. Priests keeping so quiet, don't be afraid!

    1. Did they really take over? Or did the former employees quit? Causing the "take over".

    2. Ah, yes. Once again I recognize you. Always trolling about the blog looking for things, aren’t you. However, for the benefit of our readers, I will explain.

      After seeing how Msgr. James was treated - a complete violation of his person and his canonical rights, the employees of the cathedral and the cemetery were smart enough to see what was coming. Add to this the harassment of the anal inspections of everything they carried in or out of the office in the days following the takeover, they were smart to get the hell out.

  8. Apuron doesn't lose any sleep over the poor conditions of the Catholic cemeteries because he will be laid to rest inside the Agana Cathedral-Basilica.

    1. Maybe so, but his red cardinals gallero will not be raised to the cathedral rafters.

    2. Domus Galilaeae, maybe?

  9. A suit against the cemetery for emotional distress should be filed.

    1. Absolutely. Family deserves it; it will wake up Cemeteries!! Really awful.