Monday, October 19, 2015


Received the following message and reposting here. It is just one of a long list of atrocities related to the how the dead are treated by the kiko-jerks.


This weekend we buried our aunt, at least we thought we did. After the mass we proceeded to Pigo cemetery for the burial. When it came time to put the casket into the crypt, it wouldn't go in. The cemetery staff  didn't know what to do nor did they know what the problem was.

Ironically a family member who was a former cemetery employee had to intervene and noticed immediately that the concrete crypt walls was warped. He told them there was no way that casket was going in with warped walls. It was suggest that a temporary burial inside the mausoleum be arranged.

Meanwhile, there was no cemetery staff from management present. We were told  they were all at the hotel attending their Neo convivence (whatever)!

It took  some time to finally get our aunt transferred to the temporary burial until the problem is fixed sometime this week. Really?!

This is gross mismanagement. This would never have happened under the former administration of Msgr. James Benavente. The staff was always very respectful, professional, and also dressed properly.

Now the staff dress in rags and we noticed also in previous burials that all the staff are Neo teenagers or Neo members who know nothing about cemetery work. So now the entire cathedral and cemetery staff are all Neos? It seems to me that we are now an employment agency for the Neos. Is this the purpose of removing Msgr. James at the cathedral and cemetery so that they all have jobs?!

There were family members who flew to Guam to attend the funeral and say their goodbyes to our aunt. Some have already left but we still have not buried our aunt. So far there is no closure and we have Msgr. Quitugua, Attorney Jacky Terlaje, and their staff to thank. And what business does an attorney have in making decisions for the cemetery?!.

Where is Msgr. David Quitugua?  We were told that he is the person in charge as the director of Catholic cemetery. But the people at the cemetery said that Msgr. Quitugua is never around so the one in charge is Jacky Terlaje and she makes all the decisions for the cemetery, Msgr. Quitugua and the archbishop.

So who really is mismanaging the cemetery now?  Since the Neo take over no one wants to go to Pigo cemetery anymore.

When is all this going to end?  

Just venting...can't take this anymore.  


Dear "Just venting", thank you for sharing. But if you stop at "just venting" then this is never going to end. You need to get on radio, TV, newspaper, and every sort of media. You need to have angry family members knocking down David's door. Please stop "venting" and take action. 

Call K57 during any of the talk shows and let your outrage be known: 477-5757
Contact the PDN: 472-1PDN
Contact KUAM: 635-5803
Contact Guam Daily Post (formerly Marianas Variety):  649-4950

Remember. Apuron and his kiko-freaks are counting on you to "just vent" and DO NOTHING. Prove them wrong. NOW!

By the way. I was at the cemetery today for the burial of a friend. Aside from the green debris laying around and the general unkempt appearances, black mold is growing on the cyrpts and the mausoleum and the place is generally dirty. Anyone who has visited the place when Msgr. James was in charge can very much see the difference. Those who have paid for plots and crypts may be able to bring a class action suit against the Archbishop and the cemetery management if such an unkempt cemetery is NOT what they paid for. 

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