Saturday, November 28, 2015


Apologies, but this is EXACTLY what the front page of the U Matuna just did. 

If RMS was truly in the control of the Archbishop of Agana, there would be no need to keep using what is supposed to be a Catholic diocesan publication to try to convince (i.e. "bull___t") us over and over and over. 

In fact, according to Archbishop Apuron himself, he doesn't even know why people are protesting:

"Apuron said he was aware of the group outside but did not understand why they were protesting at that event." (Pacific Daily News, November 2, 2015)

It's a lie of course. But amazingly he proves he's lying about not knowing why people are protesting by (once again) using the U Matuna to try to bull___t everybody. If he really didn't know, then there would be no attempt to prove ownership of RMS. 

But this time it is SUPER SICK. SUPER SICK because the article in this edition of the U Matuna is a gross insult to the Catholics of Guam. 

These LIARS attempt to prove ownership by publishing a certificate of title. In real property transactions, certificates of title mean nothing unless they can withstand a challenge. That's why there are title insurance companies and title searches. 

Land Management does not decide who is the legal owner of a property. Land Management only records what it is given and issues documents based on recorded information. The real determination of ownership is determined by title companies and their attorneys. But normally title companies do not get involved in title issues until there is a transaction affecting the property. 

Let's make this really simple. 

You are the legal owner of a lot, but you deed it to another party for "perpetual use." Your name may still show up on the title, but you legally have given up control of the property forever. Anyone knows this. And this is exactly what Apuron did - gave it to another party forever. 

But Apuron's deed goes further. He just doesn't give it to them for perpetual use, he CONVEYS it to them. Apuron writes:
"KNOW, THEREFORE, KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, THAT Owner hereby covenants and declares that the Property is and shall be held, used, transferred, sold and conveyed subject to the covenants and restrictions set forth herein..."

If all Apuron was going to do was give it to RMS for their use, then he would have stopped at "used." But he doesn't. He uses the words "transferred, sold and conveyed." Why does he do this? Because his real aim is exactly that: to convey title to the property to RMS forever!

Let's look at the "covenants and restrictions set forth herein..." 

The only "covenant and restriction" is that it be used by RMS and the Blessed Diego Institute. 

First, naming the BDI is a ruse. The Blessed Diego Institute is not constituted under Guam law as a legal entity - as is RMS. It's just a name. Only RMS is a legally constituted entity under Guam law - a non-profit corporation. So legally we are are only concerned with RMS, not BDI.

So now read this:

Note that the there is NO restriction that the property actually continue to be used AS A SEMINARY, but only that it be used by a corporation with the word "seminary" in its name, a name that can be changed with a simple board resolution. 

Moreover, as the Bronze Opinion demonstrates, the use of the word DEED itself operates as the actual "conveyance" of title. Bronze writes:

Apuron is betting on the stupidity of Catholics. He is assuming YOU ARE STUPID. He is saying YOU ARE STUPID in expecting you to believe that while he dare not publish the "Denver opinion" that supposedly proves his ownership of the property, he publishes a certificate of title.

We'll have some more fun with this, but there is probably nothing that has confirmed the CCOG's resolve to press forward with their lawsuit against Apuron than this in your face insult to the Catholic people of Guam. 

Catholics of Guam, if there ever was a time to seriously STOP THE MONEY it is now. This is a big middle finger to all of us. STOP THE MONEY. Fund the CCOG. Let's take this THIEF AND LIAR to court...and his thugs too. 

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