Sunday, November 29, 2015


Posted by Chuck White

The Neo recruiting cycle on Guam has started again.  Notice that no mention of the word "Neocatechumenal" can be found on the sign at all.  Maybe they're afraid that mentioning the "N-word" would turn people off?

The initial recruiting effort involves 15 nightly sessions, followed by a high-pressure "convivence" or retreat, where they will try to form a new "community".  Those that opt out will be asked to leave the convivence immediately.

If any of your friends or family are inclined to "come and listen", then try to get some of this material into their hands as soon as possible:

  • [1st Day] Jesus's Clay vs. Kiko's Mud - Kiko twists a famous bible story in order to provide a principle of his catechumenate.
  • [3rd day] "Excuse me, may I ask a question?" - Details about Kiko's troubling teaching about "natural religiosity" taken directly from the first volume of the Catechetical Directory
  • [3rd day] Kiko's History of the Catholic Church - Quite a few things are missing in Kiko's presentation of the history of the Catholic Church.
  • [3rd day, 4th day, 10th day, and Final Convivence] Kiko's Last Judgment- a critical look at Kiko's teachings and iconography on the General (Last) Judgment
  • [4th day] Unsalted, Unenlightened. We're Judas! - The third circle, those who criticize the Way.  The development of the NCW's persecution complex.
  • [4th day] Judas is saved!- A critical look at Kiko's Doctrine of the Necessary Judas, and another esoteric teaching.
  • [7th day] Judge Not?- Three problems with Neo's interpretation of Jesus's teaching about judging others.
  • [14th day] Critiquing Kiko's Kerygma - Kiko's kerygma deliberately excludes the possibility of purgatory.
  • [Final Convivence and 3rd day] Kiko's Passover Problem, Part I - If Kiko is wrong about the celebration of the Passover in first century Palestine, how could he possibly be right about the worship of the first century Christians?
  • [Final Convivence] Kiko's Passover Problem, Part II- Wherein Kiko's teaching is found to contradict that of four Doctors of the Church.
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