Sunday, November 29, 2015


Posted by Chuck White

The Neo recruiting cycle on Guam has started again.  Notice that no mention of the word "Neocatechumenal" can be found on the sign at all.  Maybe they're afraid that mentioning the "N-word" would turn people off?

The initial recruiting effort involves 15 nightly sessions, followed by a high-pressure "convivence" or retreat, where they will try to form a new "community".  Those that opt out will be asked to leave the convivence immediately.

If any of your friends or family are inclined to "come and listen", then try to get some of this material into their hands as soon as possible:

  • [1st Day] Jesus's Clay vs. Kiko's Mud - Kiko twists a famous bible story in order to provide a principle of his catechumenate.
  • [3rd day] "Excuse me, may I ask a question?" - Details about Kiko's troubling teaching about "natural religiosity" taken directly from the first volume of the Catechetical Directory
  • [3rd day] Kiko's History of the Catholic Church - Quite a few things are missing in Kiko's presentation of the history of the Catholic Church.
  • [3rd day, 4th day, 10th day, and Final Convivence] Kiko's Last Judgment- a critical look at Kiko's teachings and iconography on the General (Last) Judgment
  • [4th day] Unsalted, Unenlightened. We're Judas! - The third circle, those who criticize the Way.  The development of the NCW's persecution complex.
  • [4th day] Judas is saved!- A critical look at Kiko's Doctrine of the Necessary Judas, and another esoteric teaching.
  • [7th day] Judge Not?- Three problems with Neo's interpretation of Jesus's teaching about judging others.
  • [14th day] Critiquing Kiko's Kerygma - Kiko's kerygma deliberately excludes the possibility of purgatory.
  • [Final Convivence and 3rd day] Kiko's Passover Problem, Part I - If Kiko is wrong about the celebration of the Passover in first century Palestine, how could he possibly be right about the worship of the first century Christians?
  • [Final Convivence] Kiko's Passover Problem, Part II- Wherein Kiko's teaching is found to contradict that of four Doctors of the Church.

    1. That's what you call a sign!!!!

    2. Uh oh! I thought they were safeguarding the brainwashing sequence! Someone spilled the beans on this one, and someone will be pissed. Wow, total domination of a person's heart, mind and will. If there are any remnants of the "old" signs of resistance, the person will be called "shit" and proclaim their "shitness" in public! I now see why some are blackmailed into staying, and why someone who is a "leader" can use his position to Influence the outcome. OMG! neos are zombied out!

    3. Tamuning beware. The neos need to brainwash you into their cult. By "The Way", Grab your wallets and prepare to get suckered. They are coming for you and your children.

    4. All those signs need to be torn down and a bonfire set to cleanse the island of this evil doctrine.

    5. Notice that this invitation to joy does not read "Come and Listen", I am willing to bet that one will still be discouraged to ask questions during these catechesis. Very deceptive tacticts in all that they do. Beware...

    6. If one is considered a "Judas" what hope does one have? What can Kiko's catechesis provide for one's salvation that the Son of God is lacking or accomplish with his gifts of the Church or the Sacraments.? I suppose to the NCW Kiko is equal to Jusus who is also a sinner.

    7. GOD LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      1. God love(s) you, too, @1:29PM. That's why He doesn't want you to be verbally and psychologically abused at the hands of your catechists. The first two or three years or so will be sweet, though, and they will love bomb you. But wait till the Second Scrutiny!


      2. I can’t find it just now, but I remember reading a JW comment (probably from a Neo) that the NCW is God’s beautiful gift to us. If that were so, then God must really hate us, because He would never have wished us or given us such an evil gift. It makes more sense to say that the NCW is the Devil’s terrible gift to us.

        “By their fruits you shall know them”. There is not enough baskets to fill all the rotten fruits the NCW has given us (Jesus is NOT God because He is a sinner; the Mass is not the same sacrifice as the Sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross; in fact, it is not a sacrifice at all – it is a mere celebration of the Last Supper; Judas is a necessary player in the plan of salvation – he had no choice but to betray Jesus – therefore he has no guilt; devotion to Mary, the Mother of Jesus, the Mother of God, is denigrated – the Rosary is not encouraged, despite Our Lady of Fatima’s instruction to the children of Fatima to pray the Rosary daily; etc. etc.)

        Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing but are hirelings instead. The NCW came to us through one such hireling – Kiko Arguello and his Neocat religion. The Neocats revere him as “a prophet”. How can any intelligent Neocat take the word of a false prophet, a man, over the words of Jesus Christ, the true Prophet of the New Testament – Jesus, who is not just true man, but true God as well!.

        Warn your friends, relatives, and family against this “invitation to joy” to “come and listen”. Without their realizing it, they just might be “verbally and psychologicall abused”*, hyptonised and brain-washed into believing that Kiko Arguello’s religion (the NCW) is the perfection of being a Catholic. Beware of false prophets! Flee! Avoid it like the plague! – jrsa (11/29/15) (*See Chuck White’s comments, above, at 8:34pm)

      3. When those testimonies begin again before the final blessing at Mass we hope our parishioners walk out...


      4. In my humble opinion the greatest abuse taking place on Guam today is the psychological abuse from within the church structure towards not only men and women but also to priests and religious. Psychological abuse inflictated is substantial and many are suffering in silence.


      In case you missed it, Archbishop, I reprint here a message from Pope Francis to you. In an address to a group of priests and bishops who were participating in a conference sponsored by the Congregation of the Clergy, we read these words of the pope, as reported by the Catholic News Services (CNS - Vatican City):

      “Speaking off-the-cuff, the pope addressed bishops present, telling them that they must be close to their priests and must always attend to their needs with fatherly care. If their episcopal duties keep them from meeting with a priest, Pope Francis urged them to ‘at least, take down his number and call him’. A bishop must spend more time in [his] diocese and less time travelling, the pope said. ‘If you don’t feel like remaining in [your] diocese, then resign!’ “

      I don’t see how you could have missed this because the message was from a Catholic News Service which your newspaper (Umatuna Si Yu’os) reprinted in its Sunday, Nov 29, 2015 issue, p9. But then again, you were off-island at the time – “busy travelling” for whatever reason we don’t know. You left without any notice to your flock! And those you left behind in charge maybe printed it purposely in your absence – as a subliminal message to you from them – resign, so we can take over!

      Notwithstanding, I am letting you know of the Pope’s message. Will you take his words seriously (“attend to [your] priests’ needs” with fatherly care) and spend less time travelling) or like you habitually do to us – total silence and disregard of the message? Hello! Do you hear your pope speaking to you?? Come in, please! – jrsa (Nov 29, 2015)

      1. "Apuron said he was aware of the group outside but did not understand why they were protesting at that event." Article: Protesters: 'We want our church back' - Pacific Daily News › news › 2015/11/01

      2. Part of his travel is for the purpose of shoring up his investments so he can retire like a king. He's checking on Christian Brothers Investment Services (CBIS), the largest investor of Catholic money in the world, counting among its clients archdioceses, religious institutes, educational organizations, charities and, Catholic League.

      3. How do you know this? And is he talking to them about Archdiocesan funds, or his own?

      4. One of CBIS offices is in San Francisco and he was spending a week in San Francisco before heading home. Interesting.

      5. Ok, but that does not prove that he was visiting the CBIS offices. San Francisco is a big city. Do you really have proof?

      6. You mean Tony would go to S.F. without checking how his nest egg is doing? Come on, we're talking Tony here! If anything, ask him for proof he didn't. Call me Tony. Soon!

      7. Hello Anon at 1.42,
        knowing Brother Tony, he probably would join the convenient to the pleasurable.
        Nice dinner in Town? Some shopping downtown? Or maybe stay at the Hotel with his toyboy? Oh well, one of the four Hyatt? Darn no Shangri La Hotels...
        Has to be far from the Chancery, because his colleague would not like to find out he is here......
        May be John the Typhoon Toves could find out? Have a surprise party for him, just the way Cristobal likes them.....ummh.
        Or maybe he had to see a high flying lawyer, to protect him from the ghost of 77?
        Who knows? The options are endless.
        The Castro? oops too many former seminarians there, and many of his former victims.....ummm, that could turn ugly....
        Plus, he would be more of a Polk street crowd or maybe the Tenderloin..... (how appropriate), South of Market maybe for his young escort....
        Cannot spend time in Oakland, too dangerous, and too many Chamorros there. Oh and don't forget the Bishop did not appreciate him bashing his former student, Fr. Paul.
        The Peninsula? Well imagine if they knew at St Patrick, after all the nasty rumors he has spread against them.....
        Don't think Archbishop Quinn or Cardinal Laveda would like to see Tony either...... Part of retirement, is that you don't have to put up with these kind of nasty visitors....
        Whoops, maybe the Peninsula Hotel, that is nice enough for Tony.... OH well, so many hard choices for our Archbishop......
        Who said his work was easy?
        See he works hard on these trips.......People are so negative!

    9. i'm already dismayed that neocats have used world youth day to show off their "fruits" through numbers. but now on this sign they've also taken one of its themes, although they're missing the first part. the theme was: "'Teacher, ...where are you staying?' 'come and see.'" john 1:38-39

      the funny thing is that that exchange took place because john the baptist had pointed out Jesus as "The Lamb of God." as in, the lamb to be *sacrificed*!

      perhaps the neocats, who are so against the sacrificial understanding of the Eucharist, should have read the whole chapter before putting that on their sign. :)

      ... in other words, you ain't gonna see when you come there.

    10. A Neo presbyter asked a parishioner if he wanted to find Jesus Christ. The parishioner exclaimed, "I didn't know He was lost! Funny but true.

    11. And you are doing what? Besides politics?

      1. I believe the comment at 9:42pm refers to jrsa.

    12. On the official Church Paper: So sad that what used to be "Umatuna Si Yu'os" which means "Praise Be God" in Chamorro language (for our international readers) has become an empty shell, a mere propaganda tool for the ncw. At least the leadership should have some vestige of honesty by renaming the paper. So sad that false information is disseminated at the expense of the Catholic people. A modus operandi for ncw to freeload but sad nonetheless that they force these untruths down our throats. They still believe that we are stuck in a less sophisticated society wherein the clergy used to be the most educated. That is so untrue nowadays. The laity has intellectual acumen and sharper focus both in their professional realm and in church matters in ways these maleficent neo operators can even imagine. How pathetically arcane and clueless apuron and his cohorts are to this reality. The key to church success nowadays is to respect what every person brings to the table. To ignore and put down well-intentioned lay people is not a wise principle. So sad that apuron squandered sage counsel from people who could have been his staunchest supporters. Instead he placed his trust on people who have ulterior motives that are not necessarily for the welfare of the Archdiocese of Agana. So sad.

    13. Chuck, about this: "Notice that no mention of the word "Neocatechumenal" can be found on the sign at all. Maybe they're afraid that mentioning the "N-word" would turn people off?" I have to say it has to be a new Kiko's order for the Way, as some people in different countries have noticed the same recently.
      In our Spanish blog, Cruxsancta, and in Neocatecumenali from Italy, we have been told the last invitation cards and banners for initial catechesis in parishes DO NOT include any word mentioning the Way. No doubt, it is the new strategy.