Monday, November 2, 2015


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APURON: "As for the Cathedral, we have a $3 million debt that we have to pay. And so I said to use my name, use my popularity — if you can call it that — and people are happy, it seems."

Aside from the insane idea that he is "popular" and that "people are happy"...LOL! Msgr. James Benavente, when he was rector, had been steadily paying down the 7 MILLION DOLLAR Cathedral restoration debt for nearly 20 years, a debt that APURON himself incurred. Had Apuron not obeyed his neo-masters' orders and not gotten rid of Msgr. James, Msgr. James would have kept right on paying down Apuron's debt.

But Apuron got rid of Msgr. James - which is like killing the goose which lays the golden egg - and replaced him with the monstrously inept, neo-beholden, gravely disliked, David the VG, who is incapable of raising the money Msgr. James was able to raise.

So in order to save his neo-face, Apuron is funneling collections from the other parishes to float the Cathedral. And so why, Archbishop, are you only raising money to pay the debts of your pet institutions, when all the other parishes and schools have debts too? I think we know why.

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