Monday, November 2, 2015


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APURON: "As for the Cathedral, we have a $3 million debt that we have to pay. And so I said to use my name, use my popularity — if you can call it that — and people are happy, it seems."

Aside from the insane idea that he is "popular" and that "people are happy"...LOL! Msgr. James Benavente, when he was rector, had been steadily paying down the 7 MILLION DOLLAR Cathedral restoration debt for nearly 20 years, a debt that APURON himself incurred. Had Apuron not obeyed his neo-masters' orders and not gotten rid of Msgr. James, Msgr. James would have kept right on paying down Apuron's debt.

But Apuron got rid of Msgr. James - which is like killing the goose which lays the golden egg - and replaced him with the monstrously inept, neo-beholden, gravely disliked, David the VG, who is incapable of raising the money Msgr. James was able to raise.

So in order to save his neo-face, Apuron is funneling collections from the other parishes to float the Cathedral. And so why, Archbishop, are you only raising money to pay the debts of your pet institutions, when all the other parishes and schools have debts too? I think we know why.


  1. Tony, thank you for that wonderful LOL moment when the PDN quoted you as saying the Sonny Ada could use your popularity. It really shows how clueless you are. It is pathetic, and I feel sorry for you. Or is it not cluelessness, but rather an over-inflated ego? Either is plausible.

    While millions of people around the world know who you are, please do not equate that with popular. Most people are in total disbelief that you try so hard to do so little to fix a problem that is entirely your making.

    But you are popular in small circles. Let's look at who you are, and break it down a little further. Then we can see who follows you to know who they are.
    1. You do have power and influence - good things for a leader to have, but dangerous in the hands of a megalomaniac. By your personal weaknesses you attract a crowd who will take advantage of these powers and merely use you. When you are done as bishop you will be a very lonely man. Even your family is disgusted with you. Not all, but many. Once you are forced to step down you family will walk away, and your supposed kiko friends as well.
    2. you are a shepherd - Pope Francis says he wants bishops to smell like sheep, but you wear expensive perfume so you do not smell like us common folk. But you know what, your stench wears through even the strongest cologne. a real shepherd looks after the entire flock, and ventures out to look for the lost sheep to bring them back to the fold. But your Way takes sheep away from the fold and sets up a new flock. You have failed as a true shepherd.
    3. you lie very often - we didn't used to see it, but apparently, you are so popular now that even your closest friends betray you. You were always a liar, we just didn't know until your friends started to reveal your true self
    4. you cheat people - one of the biggest reasons your own family is on your case. I don't know the details, but it says quite a bit when a person cheats his own family.
    5. you abuse your sons, your priests-2 names - Fr Paul and Monsignor James. There would be more, but you have effectively intimidated them into submission of your wicked will. What a wonderfully terrible role model you are for fathers here on Guam.
    6. you lavish attention on boys who want to be presbyters - Aaron Quitugua wants to be a priest and you ignore him completely, and refuse to let him go to a diocesan seminary at his own expense. Yet every Sunday you hold pizza, ice cream and wine parties for a bunch of foreign leeches who pay nothing for their formation. You really seem to like to boys from South America, which SNAP should probably look into.
    7. you steal - RMS worth $40 million, and you secretly sign it over to the Way. Scrutinies pay you huge profits. Enough said.
    8. you do not follow the rule of St Francis as you promised - what happened to a life of simplicity and joy? Instead you prefer a life of opulence, which is the cause of your current misery.
    9. many more qualities, but that list is a start
    So who are you popular with? I'd be afraid to meet those people, especially if my purse was unattended.

    So go ahead and continue to fool yourself about your popularity. BTW - how many of your "birthday guests" were forced to attend?

    I'll be watching you at Pigo today to see how many people go out of their way to meet you vs how many people go out of their way to avoid you.

  2. Fr. Matthew Blockley.November 2, 2015 at 11:46 AM

    Thank God for these men and women of courage who came forward to protest against a horrible dictatorship that continues to destroy the faith and culture of Guam. These protestors send a message loud and clear . It is a loud message of Nationalism that the people of Guam will not not allow the soul and spirit of their nation to be destroyed by the foreign invaders on their shores. The time is now right to gather the people and to tell them that for the sake of National honor and cultural identity we must rise up against those who destroy our Nationalism and culture. When Nationalism and culture is destroyed by those placed with responsibility to lead and govern in church or state - people have a moral duty to protest for the good of society. congratulations to all the protestors.
    Now regarding the debts. These catholic Instituations need to first clean up their own debts before contributing to decreasing the debts of the Archbishop. The Archbishop is clearly a ridiculous administrator. He creates debt rather than clears debt. He has Absoloutely no idea how to manage an Archdiocese this is clear to everyone. He spends money like drinking water leading all of you into debt. while building debt he continues to live a lavish life style of business travel, fast cars, long trips, God knows what else. is this the kind of Archbishop you want to support. I believe you all deserve better . you need to stand up for what is right and reclaim your church and your island from an oppressive dictatorship.

    1. Well, here's the thing with the Archdeceiver..he amassed personal wealth for his slush fund and he lives the high life. Of course, of course, he is so popular that people literally throw money at him. Okay, let's grant him that but he then turns around and borrows money for church repairs and other church projects AND expects the parishioners to pay.
      Sorry Tony, but your days are numbered. One way or another your reign of terror will end. Guam's true Catholics will rejoice when you and the Neocatechumenal Way are purged from our island. Until then our fight will continue to intensify .

  3. Kinda funny how these neos just had their weekend getaway and then USE Tony's birthday as another reason to party and squander money under the smokescreen of a fundraiser. Can you imagine how many plates $200 could feed the homeless people who surround the cathedral? But Diana and the other neo pawns were living the highlife stuffing their faces with good food, wine and service from the Hyatt.

    Tony can't say he doesn't know why the faithful Catholics are protesting. Obviously he's not that STUPID. He's just an IDIOT who stabbed, all the faithful Catholics in Guam, in the back.....

  4. We get what we permit. Did your parish buy $200 plates? You need to ask your pastors point blank. We can excuse them for their silence. We cannot excuse them for their complicity.


  5. I would be interested to see an accounting of exactly who purchased the tables. The event was organized by selling tables. I often purchase tables at fundraisers of friends but I send my staff to eat as I don't care to go. But i would be interested to know who purchased these tables. if purchased by a parish or organization in debt we need to name and shame these pastors.

  6. The only popularity contest that Old Tony Boy will win is "The Worst Archbishop of All Time" award and they don't even have one yet. Get the hint Tony Boy?

    1. tony, is the best brother stolen money can buy, bought by liars and thieves