Monday, November 2, 2015


Posted at Diana. Sent to me by "Bye".

So funny. They actually think that I have time to comment on their idiot blog. Well Susanna, feel free to flatter yourself. LOL.


  1. Fr. Matthew Blockley.November 2, 2015 at 12:22 PM

    For sure for sure anyone with a brain would know Tim Rohr did not compose those " Bye "
    Statements. With certainty . In fact any intelligent person following the blog would know it is not
    Him. I'm just astounded at how those statements created such an interest. I think it is because
    They made us all laugh. Whoever the person or persons who,composed them you have to admit
    They have a rather alluring sense of humor. I studied them with interest and frankly although written in Joke form they did contain truth. It took someone with a lot of free time to compose them. I don't believe Tim has the inclination or time to create those bye comments. Tim is the owner of a highly skilled blog respected and with integrity. The Blog is so respected it is now seen as a trusted source of information inside the Vatican. So October 31 2.52pm best to apologize for your unkind words to Mr. Rohr

  2. An anonymous post, on an blog run by an anonymous person posted by the anonymous "Diana" accusing a person who is not afraid their own name (Tim) of posting anonymous.

    They are their own satire.

  3. Diana, the person with the multiple personalities now saying that Tim has a split personality is too hilarious. It just shows that he/she/it has become unnerved.

  4. Tim are you deaf, dumb, and blind? I said I am not Susana. And I already said I am not Fr. Pius. You really not right in your head.

    1. Susana/Diana/Pius, why do you hate people with disabilities?

    2. Good one Pius but we're not buying it. You really are a dysfunctional human being. It's no wonder why your homeland kicked you out!

    3. To anon at 10.29,
      The reason Pius was kicked out Malta was not a dysfunctional one but rather a
      Pathological one.....which is a lot more serious.
      Oh! The persecutions!!!

    4. Anonymous at 3:20 pm
      If you are not those people why not use your real name, the name on your driver's license. Oh, you're too chicken to own up to what you post.
      Eileen Benavente-Blas

  5. Say what ever you want Diana. As far as we know you ARE Adrianne, Susanna, and Pius. It has to be more than one person, because one person alone could never be as stupid as the three of you!
    Happy Jungle Watching

  6. Adrianne, Susanna, Pius. AND JACKIE