Monday, February 1, 2016


Protest in front of the Agana Cathedral, January 31, 2016


  1. Brother tony knows that his back is against the wall. He should ask himself if what he's done is worth his soul. Better to step down acknowledging his own mistakes and ask for forgiveness. Rather then continue to deceive the church and God. I continue to pray that brother tony reflects on his soul and remembers why he became a priest. Was it for God or for himself?

  2. Where are your presbyters?

    Probably because of size limitations of the sign, but the list is quite a bit longer than what the gentleman lists. While my list is by no means exhaustive, these are the names I recall from previous posts/ordinations:

    Presbyters missing in action / on "mission/vacation" at our expense:
    Pedro Durango
    Santiago Flor
    Edwin Bushu
    Aurelius Stoia
    Fabio Faiola
    Jason Granado
    Pius Sammut
    Ed Gallager

    Together with the list on the poster that's a whopping total of 15 presbyters gone from "service" to Guam. Wish we could add the following presbyters to the list:
    Tony Apuron
    David the VG
    Adrianna Cristobal
    Rude-ee Arejola

    Amazing how little the kikos have actually contributed to our diocese, but how much they have taken away from us. They have killed local diocesan vocations. People like Aaron Quitugua denied because they weren't of the perverted kiko persuasion. How many others have been turned away or disheartened? But there is definately no shortage of vocations as the Capuchins seem to have a great group of men.

    The kikos have also robbed us of two beloved priests because of jealousy. Fr Paul and Monsignor James were definite candidates for a mitre so Tony had to try and ruin them.

    The kikos have also stolen money from us as well. $40 Million in the RMS give away. $12 Million in training presbyters who disappear shortly after their ordination to Guam. Untold millions in trash bag collections which never get reported to the Archdiocese. Even more untold millions in scrutinies and their thirst for big donations.

    Only word that can sum this up is

    1. was it ever determined who continues to support the rms? is it supported only by the neocat pyramid scheme--meaning, they're now just feeding off themselves? or is a significant amount of operational money still coming from non-neocat individuals and non-neocat-connected organizations?

      i'm asking because if they're only being supported by their own pyramid scheme, then why not just let the neocats eat their own trash (literally, given their use of trash bags, ha!), while the Catholics of guam focus on getting the property back?

      but if a good amount of the money still comes from non-neocats, then those people need to be informed. if they continue to give money to it despite being informed, then what are we to do?

      while the yona property itself may have been stolen, as far as rms's operational funds go, "stolen" is not the word i would use. i would say "swindled." people willingly gave money to it for years. some people did so, knowing what the rms really is. but many people did not know.

      my point here is this: at this present time, is the guam church being robbed, or are the people allowing themselves to be suckers?

    2. The announcement in the U Matuna says specifically that the appeal funds will go to the seminary.

  3. The Umatuna this weekend says that February 8 is the start of the Annual Archdiocesan Appeal. Is apuron really that clueless to proceed as if nothing is going on, that people are now questioning the entire appeal which goes to the education of his presbyters? Does he know that most people are just giving a "token" temple tax so that they can shoo him off their backs? After all the convincing proofs of his lies, he expects me to contribute? I wish people will give zilch dollars so he learns his lesson. Yet many are willing to give because of fear and false respect. Wake up, people, all he has done for you is squander your money on his and the neo projects, to include expensive trips around the world to crash the Pope parade. Is he mad, oblivious or merely coerced to act nonchalantly in the face of division? Many of you are empowering his excesses and so willing to act the fool that he wants you to do.

    1. Yes, brother Tony is mad,oblivious,coerced, AND he doesn't care what happens to the faithful. The archdiocese is in shambles yet he continues the charade. He has taken the position that he's untouchable.

    2. Untouchable? Sure seems he's correct!

  4. How exciting! On February 8 we once again have a chance to voice our overwhelming displeasure at how messed up our diocese is, and how our leader continues to do absolutely nothing to solve the multitude of problems.

    Every Sunday, and even during some weekdays, I am reminded of his shortcomings through that perverted prayer that tony makes the parishes say.

    We call to mind the courageous witness to the faith by our bishops, clergy and religious. I also amend to say, "We call to mind the courageous witness to the faith by our FORMER bishops, clergy and religious."

    That prayer talks about healing the wounds of division. Yet, as our leader, tony is the biggest abuser of this noble goal. As a leader he should be calling on his priests and parish lay leaders to come and discuss. He should finally agree to meet with the laity forward movement and CCOG and Tim Rohr. Instead, as our leader he sticks his head inward where the sun don't shine. When the stench of KAKA gets too much for even him to handle, he runs off island. He is gone again.

    This year, we can collectively take the future into our hands by refusing to give even one cent to the appeal. I have long called for people to stop giving to their parishes, and how we can support our priests individually. If each parish had no money, they could not give any parish tax to the Chancery. And when the loans started to go bad you can bet the Vatican would step in. But people don't seem to have the strength to take these hard steps. Instead of giving $10 in the parish collection, buy a $10 grocery coupon and give it to your priest. Or give the parish a check made out to GPA for $10. Place it in the collection basket and it will benefit the parish still. If you give $10 cash, or a $10 check, tony and his band of thieves are going to take it from the parish and use it to send presbyters off-island on fantastic junkets.

    I want more for my Church, and until tony is gone we simply won't see more.

    Hopefully you will stop even giving to the parish on Sundays. Instead: pay GPA, groceries, health care, etc. And then, if you want to make a loud statement, also give nothing to the annual appeal.

    PEOPLE OF GUAM - we can put an end to this mess. We cannot rely on Rome for help. We must take a stand. This is our opportunity.

    The only real question you need to ask yourself is this:
    Am I willing to support a corrupt hierarchy that has infiltrated my Church, or am I willing to put my money where kiko's mouth isn't?

    1. Thank YOU Janet B - Mangilao February 1, 2016 at 3:59 PM

      People seem to forget neo-parish or not when monies are given to the CHURCH (in the basket) tony-the-baloney the kaka filled empty neo-body HAS access to that money...

      as Janet B of Mangilao, writes GIVE or HELP your PRIEST directly....

      tony-the-baloney the kaka filled empty body is claiming that MONEY...

      so starting February 8, STOP THE MONEY TO THE CHURCH.. GIVE to CCOG and TIM, SUPPORT THEM...

      NOT the tony-the-baloney the kaka filled empty neo-body...


  5. Either way you see ths issue, 4:40 pm, you should care. As in major crises affecting the global community such as Syrian refugees, abortion, Zika virus, genocide, Iowa caucuses, etc, we cannot be on the sidelines and hope they don't land on our front door. These issues have a tendency to bite us in some form or another when we least expect, so it is better to get informed and ready to act when asked. A dismissive remark such as "I don't care, bye," while your prerogative and choice, sounds more like my 9-year old, a childish reaction not befitting a mature adult that I think you are. The issues surrounding the Guam Church are serious matters, and need to be faced. Apuron opened Pandora's box and unleashed sorrow and woe, and now eels no responsibility to correct, or even minimize, the damage.

    1. Hello 9:37 AM. Thank you for your passionate response. You are right. However, in the case of 4:40 PM, there is a satire there I must explain. The commenter is impersonating Apuron. It is he who is saying "I don't care," and "Bye." We know for a fact from people close to him that this "I don't care" is exactly what he says and exactly how he feels. "Bye" is allusion to his next trip, since after his "I don't care," he says "All I want to do is travel."

  6. Just how does apuron get money from the parishes? Is it a percentage of collection, or a fixed amount regardless of how much was collected?

    What happens to a parish that cannot meet its own fixed expenses? Does the chancery help pay the parish's bills?

    If I make out a check donation to GPA, does that not just free up more cash for tonyboy to grab?

    In closing, how can we really continue to help our Non-neo parishes without, at the same time, allowing apuron to help himself to our contributions?

    1. You can't. Parishes have to close.

    2. Best have it close the have it fall in the hands of this NEO cult. More harm would be done in a NEO cult world...

  7. I'm donating to the Appeal...I'm giving my KOMON SCENTS!