Friday, April 22, 2016


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "JUST SO YOU KNOW - AND SOME YET TO BE ANNOUNCED SP...":Special guests have arrived greeted by none other than Putrid Pius, OJ and others whom I do not know. Signs were the usual except for the one that said "Go Home Genarinnis. Are these NCW buggas attending the seminar? Are they going on the Patti Arroyo show? 

Oops, my mistake. They are here to make major changes and to see that their assets are secured. Pius couldn't handle the heat so he had to call in the cavalry! 

Round table discussion. Oh ya, "Genarinnis and the lying idiots of the round table."

Greeting Giuseppe and Claudia Gennarini at the Airport! from Undercover Neo on Vimeo.


  1. I am so impressed by those that are standing up and peacefully protesting. Wow! Guam is definitely becoming a more hostile environment for the NCW. As Frenchie and Tim have said before, it is up to the laity. Rome has so many issues on their palate such 5.5 Billion Euros missing from the German diocese pension plan to the suspension of internal Vatican audit. A small island of Catholics and a 40 to 70 million dollar property flies under their radar

  2. See PNC news clip. The message conveyed by this protest should be felt even more by apuron, cristobal and quitugua! We MUST treat them similarly, if not worse, because these 3 allow this leach of a neo to bring us so much evil.

    The people of Guam are slowly but surely fighting back! Let's do this!

    Oh and you have neo idiots and off islanders that know nothing comment on our plight. Quiet yourselves. Stop showing how stupid you all are!

    Guam Catholics Unite!

  3. That video reminds me of a similar one:

    It's the kikos welcoming the International Star Kiko Argüello landing in London Airport. They are playing his ugly songs. Note that most of them happened to fly from Poland, Italy and other countries, to London, only to make that show, and then flying back again in their countries!

    After a minute you can clearly see Kiko blessing people there and signing autographs. People crowding to kiss and get kissed by Kiko, at 1:34 you can even see someone touching Kiko's sacred mantel (Mt 9:20, "who thouched the edge of Kiko's clothes?").

    At 1:59 you can see a common Englishman with an "OMG" face, while the show goes on.

  4. If you look in a dictionary that video is the definition of cult!

    1. Please explain, for my dictionary has words and letters, not videos.

  5. A word for the Gennarini's..... Go Home. Thank you for the visit. You really didn't have to come...Really....and if this offends you, don't go away mad......just GO AWAY....

  6. Go home Satan your not welcom or wanted..the people have another demon to fight the department of defence federal again lucifer get the HELL out of GUAM!!!...

  7. Guam's islanders will prevail! Drive those stinking outsiders out of our island!!

  8. Quite the swagger Putrid Pius. And the smile with the yellow choppers. And the too cool for school OJ. Don't forget folks this gives them more esteem for being publicly PERSECUTED.

  9. Caught with their pants down. Period