Friday, April 1, 2016


I really don't believe that Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson is a Kiko. I do believe however that she is a poor attorney general. And a poor attorney general is a dangerous attorney general (as shall be demonstrated in excruciating detail in future posts.)

Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson is a poor attorney general because she put saving face above the law. 

Two days ago I predicted on this blog EXACTLY what Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson was going to do. I knew she was going to do this not because she was compromised by the Kikos, but because I knew that she did not have the fortitude to publicly oppose her assistant attorney general. And saving face became more important than the law. 

What Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson did in backing her employee over her own legal advice and the law she swore to uphold, and thus compromised the public welfare, is a metaphor for so much of what is wrong with us. Rather than engage, we choose to "save face." 

We have some pretty horrific statistics.
  • We have a rape rate that is triple the national average.
  • We have a suicide rate 1.2 times the national average.
  • We have a child abuse rate double the national average. 
  • We have a teen birth rate that is double the national rate.
  • We have a domestic violence rate that is an historic shame. 
  • We abort 10% of our children, 73% of whom are Chamorro.
Much if not most of this is due to a culture of "saving face" above all else. 
  • Saving face prevents us from outing uncles who impregnate nieces (which provides a steady stream of business for the abortion clinics). 
  • Saving face causes us to assuage the pandemic of suicide with candle light ceremonies instead of a hard look at the culture of silence and cover up that has led to ruined lives. (Of course there are a few who do.)
  • Saving face has left us a mountain of battered and dead women and children. 
  • Saving face has protected a not-so-underground network of systematic child sexual molestation - even though the perpetrators, some of whom prance about publicly with Roman collars, - are known to the families of those damaged children. 

And it is this last item that will make Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson regret what she has done.

There is a reason Attorney Jackie T. Terlaje intervened to keep this title issue from going to court. Because if it did go to court, it would have been clearly seen that the contested "instrument," the Declaration of Deed Restriction, really did give the property away and the Archbishop of Agana is no longer the title holder.  (An "absolute conveyance in fee simple" is what Attorney Bronze called it.)

And then once this was known, we would soon learn WHY it was given away. 

Apuron knows. David knows. Adrian knows. Pius knows. And Jackie knows. Even Rome knows. But Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson does not know. Her only care was to save face. 

You will soon learn WHY it was given away, but it probably won't change things. Many people already know. Many people have known for years. And many people said nothing. In fact, most people said nothing. No. In fact, nobody said anything. And the silence has kept us deaf to the screams.

How interesting that this comes on the day when we unveiled the museum - the latest monument to ourselves. Sorry, it is hard for me to celebrate when on the same day we have an attorney general who trashed the law in favor of saving face, and in doing so, helped to keep the cover on a rotting wound. 

But only a little longer.

A petition will soon be circulated. No, it will not be a petition to remove the attorney general...though once the petition achieves its end, it will have the same effect. 

I'll be back. Courage.

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