Tuesday, May 17, 2016


PDN: In recent weeks, the Concerned Catholics, a local group that has held protests targeting the archbishop, took out a full-page advertisement in the PDN that showed the back of a person wearing Catholic clerical attire and asked readers “Were You Sexually Abused? Molested?”

The ad also stated: “If you or someone you know was the victim of sexual abuse during these periods and at these locations, you no longer have to suffer in silence.”

Below the statement was a list of dates ranging between 1974 and 1984. The locations included Father Duenas Minor Seminary, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish in Saipan, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish in Agat and the Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral-Basilica.

The archdiocese said the Concerned Catholics’ ad targeted Apuron.

“This demonstrates that they have no proof to substantiate any allegations and that their purpose to confuse and mislead the people or, even, to induce some to bring false testimony,” the church wrote.



PNC: Rohr to Archbishop: Bring it On
Monday, 16 May 2016
Written by Janela Carrera
Tim Rohr believes he's the target of a lawsuit the Archdiocese of Agana alluded to. He welcomes a lawsuit, noting that it gives him the opportunity to expose the truth.

KUAM: Blogger to archdiocese: "Bring it on"
Posted: May 16, 2016 5:20 PM
Updated: May 16, 2016 5:25 PM
By Krystal Paco


  1. WWJD....file a lawsuit??? AAA, you are definitely of that pharisee and Sadducee order.

  2. Yes. The irony. Accuses us if not being Christian, the threatens to sue. Only a kiko can think like that.

  3. "He welcomes a lawsuit, noting that it gives him the opportunity to expose the truth." Tim... this is great... why wait ... you should have exposed the truth many many months ago... and it will clear up all these kalakas.. and maybe the kikos... I am so sick of this in fighting... have a sour stomach for our Catholic faith... brought on by all this ugliness.

    1. Why wait? I "should have exposed the truth many months ago?" I'm sorry if you do not understand. I have spent the last three years, at great financial cost and cost in time, exposing the truth, documenting the truth, proving the truth, speaking the truth, blogging the truth, over and over and over. And why do you have "a sour stomach for our Catholic faith?" Is your faith in men or God? It is God who established the Church. It is God who made the Church his Bride. The Church will always be One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic, despite what the evil men who prowl its corridors of power do. Jesus himself told us that we would see the abomination in the temple. Mt. 24:15. The evil, we were warned, would be found, within, in the very center of the temple, and in this case, in the bishop's seat.

    2. It is true Tim what you said that "It is God who established the Church. It is God who made the Church his Bride. The Church will always be One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic... my stomach is churning because the Archbishop represents God and he, Apuron, defied and rebuked God - listening to all His Homilies based on the Scriptures, Kissing his ring for respect, and his blessings.... I am just ill from knowing that this happened.

    3. Apuron does not represent God. Let's get that straight. His episcopal office is the presence of the apostles on earth, to whom Jesus Christ authorized to "go and teach all nations" and to forgive sins." But God does not take away the free will of any man. And Apuron used his free will to abuse others and in doing so, abdicated his episcopal authority. All of this is good. We on Guam needed a real wake up call as to what it is we really believe and why we believe it. For too long we never looked beyond the priest. We must all look beyond the priest to Jesus Christ. Remember, JUDAS was also a bishop.

  4. Basta! Enough of these war of words and empty threats. Get on with the legal process so we get to know who did what and who has to answer for all these confusion? Whatever the outcome, NCW needs to leave the island and allow the people to live in peace. These neo-mancers came uninvited by the local people but invaded only through the caprices of Adrian and Tony. Now they have to face the music and take responsibility for the division they have caused.

  5. From Church Militant "CDL. Burke Sounds the Alarm"
    Burke identified the fact that the suffering of the faithful "is greatly increased by the betrayal of the truth by those who claim to follow Christ and to be members of His Church, even bishops, priests and consecrated religious."

    Yes, our Church on Guam is suffering largely from the failed leadership of the archbishop and some members of the clergy and religious.

  6. If all this is true, and if I can't trust the Archbishop who can I trust but the Lord. When Luis Camacho did his notorious deed, I felt sickened, and after reading about Apuron, I not only felt sickened and disgusted, but felt that there is no-one religious who can be trusted. I pray for all who misled the people of faith but especially those, like myself, who were misled.

    1. Dear Anon at 2.15, This site, and many of its contributors, have warned people for three years of the dangers of what you are talking about.

      Yes the Archbishop has failed all of us, (except the neos) and yes he surrounded himself with yes men and half cooked priests.
      But, and that is a huge BUT, that does not take anything away from all the good priests who have labored tirelessly and selflessly for decades, to tend to their flock. Many times they have paid dearly for not agreeing to bow to the Archbishop and his minions.

      Do not go limp on your religion, because a few bad apples have tried to rotten the barrel.

      There are many positive things coming out of this struggle.
      Many of the "real priests" on this island are fully aware of the challenges facing the Church, after we rid ourselves of the cancer eating at us now. There will be a long period of reconstruction and discernment.

      But these priests will need the Laity to take their responsibility and help in the process. Ultimately it is our duty to make sure we are not being sold a fake bill of sale.

      We are responsible for allowing these false prophets in our midst for so long. Now we know, and we shall rise to the challenge.
      Do not despair, become stronger than ever.
      We will need it. People on the outside, will relish our struggles, and the neos will stick like crabs on pubes to stay in control.
      Only prayer and faith will steel our resolve and help us regain and develop our Church.
      God bless.