Wednesday, May 4, 2016


The following information was released to the media today.


According to a report issued by the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Vital Statistics on March 17, 2016 (attached), The Esperansa Project is reporting the following abortion data for 2015. 

The total number of abortions reported for 2015 was 263 - up from 209 in 2014.

The largest number of abortions were procured by women age 23-27 (79 abortions), followed by women ages 18-22 (69 abortions), 28-32 (49 abortions), 33-37 (35 abortions), 38 and over (25 abortions), and 5 abortions were performed on girls below the age of 18. 

160 or 61% of abortions were performed on women identifying their ethnicity as Chamorro. The second largest demographic group was Filipino (13%), followed by Whites (8%). 

Vacuum D&C was the most common form of abortion (186), followed by Suction Curettage (60) and Dilation and Extraction (11). 

213 abortions were performed on women identifying themselves as single and 47, married.

On December 29, 2014 the abortion reporting law was amended to include reporting of the gestational age of the fetus at the time of the abortion. The law took effect 30 days later on January 28, 2015. However, as of the end of Calendar Year 2015, gestational age was not reported. 

Bill 168-33 as introduced by Senator Frank Aguon, Jr., and substituted by the author seeks to address the lack of compliance with the abortion reporting law. It will receive a public hearing today, Wednesday, May 4, 2pm at the Legislature Public Hearing Room in Hagatna.

For more information on Guam’s 2015 abortion statistics and abortion statistics since 2008, visit


Note: Attached is a copy of the testimony Tim Rohr will submit at today's public hearing for Bill 168-33.


  1. Where is the Chancery in all this? Oh I forgot. Too busy entertaining the Neo bigwigs from off island.

  2. Thanks, Tim, for sharing the 2015 Abortion Report. In a few hours I will be sending my support of Bill 168-33 via email, but I am disappointed that, in spite of the technology that exists today, the Senator(s) could not have sent out emails notifying us about this Public Hearing (to those of us who may have submitted testimony for any abortion-related bills). I would prefer to submit my testimony in person.

    Presently, there already exists a penalty per offense: A minimum of $10,000 and a maximum of $100,000, but this Bill will raise the penalty and the offender will be guilty of a felony of the 3rd degree; send him/her to prison and pay that fine! It is interesting to note that Section 3218 (m) states that the report (partial-birth abortions) must be made public by the Office of Vital Statistics by Jan 31st; however, the report for all other abortions, 3218.1(b)(5), states, "The Records Section shall make the number of certifications received available to the public on an annual basis." My suggestion is to add/state a specific date for both.

    Observation: According to Esperansa Project, OVS published the 2015 Report on March 17, 2016! Should OVS be penalized? ! !

    1. Thanks. The bill was very carefully written. Email
      Me for other info