Thursday, May 5, 2016


Here's some fun stuff. Go to the RMS website:

Real informative, isn't it! And no live links to anything. Really? We're paying a million dollars a year for this?

So now go to the website for the so-called San Vitores Theological Institute:


LOL, a Theological Institute, the "Pope's University" and they can't even spell Departments. But anyway, so you would like to know more about the Program of Studies or the Depart-a-ments, or the Faculty. Go ahead. You see that the links appear to be live. Okay, go ahead and click on them. 

Voila! Absolutely nothing. 

Go ahead and right click and copy the links and paste into a new window. 

Voila! Right back to where you started. Nothing. Absolutely Nothing. 

They deleted the information after I did an expose on this blog last year of all the false information they had in the categories including, under Faculty, the list of supposedly "permanent professors." In order for the Institute to maintain its affiliation with the Lateran it needs to have a certain number of permanent professors. The Institute obviously lied about its permanent professors because the list included one Giuseppe Gennarini, who, as he said today on the radio, is only here once a year to do a course, which is at max, two weeks. That's not a permanent professor. And before they deleted the tell-tale evidence, I saved a copy. LOL

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