Thursday, May 5, 2016


I guess if questions are attacks then, well poor Giuseppe was "attacked." Jose Martinez asked about documentation. Carmen Kasperbauer asked about the taking of property. Bob Klitzkie asked about Gennarini's role in the construction of the RMS documents. Probably the only thing that came close to an attack was when John Taitano thanked the Gennarini's for demonstrating their legendary ability to "spin." But the high and mighty Gennarini's are not used to being questioned. They are neocat CATECHISTS. And NO ONE questions them. Wow! The image of mostly septua and octogenarians on little old Guam standing up to these terribly powerful people is exciting. "Don't mess with Guam!" The word is out!

Callers were able to call into K57 to ask some tough questions of Professor Giuseppe Gennarini.
Guam - Things got pretty heated on K57 this morning as the Gennarinis were the guests on Mornings with Patti show. Halfway through the show a number of callers began asking some tough questions forcing the leaders of the Neocatechumenal Way to go on the defensive.

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