Monday, May 16, 2016


My interview with Patti Arroyo on K57 about Apuron's threat to sue me. LOL!

KUAM: Tonight, 5:30pm to 6:00pm. Jesse Lujan interviews Teri Untalan on The Buzz about her letter to Apuron calling for his resignation.

PDN: Man, 58, accused of molesting minors for years
(HMMMM. This could serve as a primer!!)

Full page ad in the Guam Post:


PNC: Archdiocese Fires Back at Critics, Vice Speaker and CCOG
"Late this afternoon, Archdiocese Spokesperson Father Edivaldo Oliveira told PNC that the Archbishop 100 percent denies any and all allegations of sexual abuse."

PNC: Paid Ad Calling for Victims of Sexual Abuse 'Targeted at Archbishop Apuron'

KUAM: Church fires back, says protesters will be sued

KUAM: Concerned Catholics of Guam respond to archdiocese

Perez is right. It is sad that CCOG wonders about things like this. Man, Tim Rohr is really desperate. It appears he ran out of ideas so now he is just repeating his egregious acts all over. Making statements like this against one of the most esteemed and respected individuals in our community may be crossing line and criminal. He makes only allegations without any support and running an ad with the hope he find some basis to support his slanderous sin after the fact. This is the act of desperation and frustration. Clearly Rhor will not let anything stop him from getting to the Churches money. Rhor's desperation and frustration make him a danger to our community. We have already seen how close his group is to violence. Time for the 99.9% who are not with Rhor to bring closure to this once and for all.


  1. Like the song goes....."The Heat is On." Come On, Catholics of Guam! Keep up the pressure! Got Off the Fence Post and Join the Battle for the One True Church! Great interview, Tim.

  2. Robert John Stay tune, all Tim is waiting for is for AAA to file suit. I will have a hat ready for you to eat. Stay tune

  3. Robert John whose job is about tuning, is obviously not in tune.
    On top of it he is totally delusional:

    "the 99.9% who are not with Rhor to bring closure to this once and for all"
    Without knowing it, his own words might become prophetic, because it is indeed the 99.9% who are not with Rhor, who will end it up.
    The problem with Robert John, is that this will not be the closure he is calling for.
    In the meantime, I would suggest that if you have any need for car work, you certainly will not use Ace car port....
    Just like many of us have stopped using certain title company and other related business.
    They felt the boycott of collections, they will feel the boycott of these businesses as well..

  4. Tim I see you got your daughter picture up probably tired of your shit to.

    1. So now the attack on my children. Take a look, world.

    2. Ah courageous Anon at 3.40, bringing in Tim's Children now?

      What a fu##**!! low life, you are my little friend.
      (excuse my french)
      At least you have something in common with the Arch....
      Going after children?

      You are a sick puppy. Coward

  5. This service advisor Robert John, doesn't have a rat's ass what is happening in our Local Church, More than likely a Neo cult member, not interested in knowing the truth from all the evidence Tim and JW has provided over the past few years, but needing to be told what how to think and do by his Neo masters, he is making a fool of himself taking on the defense of the despicable acts of Apuron and his cronies, not fully understanding the issues being debated. Just a johnny come lately empty can making very loud noise. Stay the course Tim, you are exposing these liars, with the truth.

  6. Ok Robert John, What investigative proof do you have that Apuron is not guilty? The fact that he is esteemed and a respected leader? do we now go by your pronouncement? Why should we believe you? Are you now speaking for Apuron? Who the hell is Udu-valdo that we should take his word as truth? Did Apuron approve this press release? I don't know this clown from adam and eve. Where is Apuron? He is the one being accused. Perhaps he is applying his zero tolerance policy and removing himself from being responsible for the Archdiocese, since he himself is under suspicion for sexual abuse? Protect the innocent, valunerable Children and investigate the esteemed, respectable leader, you never know what hidden secrets are behind this supposed leader, especially since he appears not to be answerable to anyone? Let us remind him that Jesus tells him he is a SERVANT of God's People, and should be practicing Humility instead of being esteemed above everyone else.

  7. John Robert (Koss) is the son of Apuron Sister, Severina Cruz.