Monday, May 16, 2016


My interview with Patti Arroyo on K57 about Apuron's threat to sue me. LOL!

KUAM: Tonight, 5:30pm to 6:00pm. Jesse Lujan interviews Teri Untalan on The Buzz about her letter to Apuron calling for his resignation.

PDN: Man, 58, accused of molesting minors for years
(HMMMM. This could serve as a primer!!)

Full page ad in the Guam Post:


PNC: Archdiocese Fires Back at Critics, Vice Speaker and CCOG
"Late this afternoon, Archdiocese Spokesperson Father Edivaldo Oliveira told PNC that the Archbishop 100 percent denies any and all allegations of sexual abuse."

PNC: Paid Ad Calling for Victims of Sexual Abuse 'Targeted at Archbishop Apuron'

KUAM: Church fires back, says protesters will be sued

KUAM: Concerned Catholics of Guam respond to archdiocese

Perez is right. It is sad that CCOG wonders about things like this. Man, Tim Rohr is really desperate. It appears he ran out of ideas so now he is just repeating his egregious acts all over. Making statements like this against one of the most esteemed and respected individuals in our community may be crossing line and criminal. He makes only allegations without any support and running an ad with the hope he find some basis to support his slanderous sin after the fact. This is the act of desperation and frustration. Clearly Rhor will not let anything stop him from getting to the Churches money. Rhor's desperation and frustration make him a danger to our community. We have already seen how close his group is to violence. Time for the 99.9% who are not with Rhor to bring closure to this once and for all.

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