Sunday, June 12, 2016


For 40 years he waited for this. And in 40 seconds, the opportunity was gone. Nothing but the back of another bishop.

  1. Archbishop Hon was not silent about the victims. Yesterday at the St. Anthony 4:30 mass in honor of it's Patron, Archbishop Hon during his homily spoke at length about the Popes' June 4th decree. He spoke that we are all sinners but, especially those in the church, it's priests/clergy are entrusted to be cautious and not let any harm come to anyone, especially to the defenseless little ones.

    he went on to say, Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, and then on to say about the investigation, the cooperation, etc.

    If you sat there listening you could feel that playtime was over..

    1. That’s nice. So only the select few at the 4:30 Mass at St. Anthony’s heard this. This is a matter of importance to the whole diocese. Where’s the media release about the mea culpa, the investigation, the cooperation, etc.?

      Today on the steps of the Cathedral, the most famous face on Guam right now stood right next to him only a few feet away. The only way to miss him was not to look at him and turn away. Hon did exactly that.

      Sorry. I wish I could be positive. It’s about to go from bad to worse.
Whether Archbishop Hon was aware of Walter Denton standing just a few feet from him or not, it doesn't matter. This is a picture that will live in infamy, a metaphor for the treatment of human beings damaged by men dressed like this and ignored by men dressed like this. 


Shirley (his wife) and I went to protest with The laity group.  The Bishop stood outside and said a few a words to the protesters. I was standing to the right of him and I told his assistant the priest that I wanted to meet him but he made no effort. I told him I was one of the Victims. They turned around and went into the church. We decided to go into attend the mass with archbishop Han. He started out saying there are protesters outside. We pray and hopefully in two weeks this will die down. After he said that I told my wife lets get out of here. I don't want to be here.

And couldn't help notice the neo-copycat Edi the Waldo gorilla pose. Their normal sign of disgust at "regular Catholics." Scorning us while they stay in our hotel and party at our expense.

Something tells me that Walter is not done, and this picture will come in handy. Go for it, Walter. Signed: SICK OF IT.

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