Sunday, June 12, 2016


You are on trial.

One of your bishops. The one you put here. The one you left here. The one you are currently giving refuge to - has made Guam the center of the world.

At any moment, one can google the name "Anthony Apuron" and you can see that this is true. Here, let me do it now.

Voila! All the way to India. Try it.

Why is Guam the center of the world? Why is the world media talking about the Catholic Church in Guam while some of you in your curial castles are still trying to find it on the map between coffee and tea time? 

I'm not going to answer that. That's your morning quiz. Figure it out.

Meanwhile, this little blog is clipping along at about 25,000 page views a day

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And the whole world is watching.
While you hide one archbishop, you have sent another. Thanks. But now pay attention and remember that it is not just the Guam Church the world is watching, but YOU. This is the most high profile sex abuse case you have probably ever had to deal with. An Archbishop, now thrice accused, and probably more to come.

No biggie you say? Then show me another bishop in the world who was accused and who then immediately and publicly called his accusers malicious liars and threatened legal action against them. 

Do you see the problem, Rome. Hello? 

The fact that Apuron was a priest and not yet a bishop yet when he molested these boys (those have yet to come forward) makes it even worse for you. Are you still paying attention? It shows that you guys don't care enough to look into the eyes of your candidates. The church is being ruined worldwide by your pathetic choices.

Apuron knew he molested those children when he was placed on your shortlist of candidates to succeed his predecessor. Sure, he should have recused himself. But you should have sent someone to look into his eyes before you gave him his stinking pointy hat and that staff to beat us with. You would have seen the emptiness of HELL. 

And still he beats us, even from the steps of your front porch:

Now back to the man you sent. 

I was on the radio the other day attempting to defend his unwillingness to even mention the sex abuse issue, let alone the word "victims" at his first public address this past Thursday. So let's not let it be said that I'm not trying to help. 

The message your Administrator seems to want to get across is "Hey, I've only been here a few days. Give me time.

Dear Rome. That's not true. Your Administrator has been "here" for over a year and a half. You first sent him here as a visitator, an investigator. He had a year and half to understand what he was walking into. In fact, the reason you probably sent him is precisely because he in fact has had a year and half to understand the Guam situation. 

Most of all, he should have understood - if not the actual crimes against the faithful committed by David C. Quitugua, the Vicar General, and Adrian Cristobal, the Chancellor - then he should have understood the faithful's absolute revulsion to these two ugly scoundrels, who along with Pius the Putrid, are the sinister puppeteers behind the "vomit out of my mouth" Apuron. 

Yet, your Administrator appears happy to be seen with this scum, as he was last night, praying for peace with the very criminals who have been shooting the faithful in the back and looting our church these last three years if not longer. 

I don't have time right now (but I will) to assemble the whole criminal file on these two, but there is plenty to find right here: CRISTOBAL. QUITUGUA. Maybe after you read up a bit, you'll know why your Administrator's "prayer vigil" last night was so "well" attended:

And I hope to God the following isn't true. Last night, during the "prayer vigil," a friend of mine was present. Here is what he sent me: 
A Hon's homily was difficult to follow, he spoke of cases he was involved with where bishops were accused. One case a bishop was accused by a woman of having relations. The woman recanted after sometime (said she was jealous). This made the neo priest and Sr. Marian react like "oh my there is hope".
WHAT? No doubt there are false accusations in some cases but to even intimate that the three who have come forward in recent weeks are possibly lying MAKES HIM NO BETTER THAN APURON. 

What do you people NOT GET?

Make no mistake. The people of Guam are NOW ENRAGED. And the world will soon follow. 

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