Sunday, June 12, 2016


You are on trial.

One of your bishops. The one you put here. The one you left here. The one you are currently giving refuge to - has made Guam the center of the world.

At any moment, one can google the name "Anthony Apuron" and you can see that this is true. Here, let me do it now.

Voila! All the way to India. Try it.

Why is Guam the center of the world? Why is the world media talking about the Catholic Church in Guam while some of you in your curial castles are still trying to find it on the map between coffee and tea time? 

I'm not going to answer that. That's your morning quiz. Figure it out.

Meanwhile, this little blog is clipping along at about 25,000 page views a day

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And the whole world is watching.
While you hide one archbishop, you have sent another. Thanks. But now pay attention and remember that it is not just the Guam Church the world is watching, but YOU. This is the most high profile sex abuse case you have probably ever had to deal with. An Archbishop, now thrice accused, and probably more to come.

No biggie you say? Then show me another bishop in the world who was accused and who then immediately and publicly called his accusers malicious liars and threatened legal action against them. 

Do you see the problem, Rome. Hello? 

The fact that Apuron was a priest and not yet a bishop yet when he molested these boys (those have yet to come forward) makes it even worse for you. Are you still paying attention? It shows that you guys don't care enough to look into the eyes of your candidates. The church is being ruined worldwide by your pathetic choices.

Apuron knew he molested those children when he was placed on your shortlist of candidates to succeed his predecessor. Sure, he should have recused himself. But you should have sent someone to look into his eyes before you gave him his stinking pointy hat and that staff to beat us with. You would have seen the emptiness of HELL. 

And still he beats us, even from the steps of your front porch:

Now back to the man you sent. 

I was on the radio the other day attempting to defend his unwillingness to even mention the sex abuse issue, let alone the word "victims" at his first public address this past Thursday. So let's not let it be said that I'm not trying to help. 

The message your Administrator seems to want to get across is "Hey, I've only been here a few days. Give me time.

Dear Rome. That's not true. Your Administrator has been "here" for over a year and a half. You first sent him here as a visitator, an investigator. He had a year and half to understand what he was walking into. In fact, the reason you probably sent him is precisely because he in fact has had a year and half to understand the Guam situation. 

Most of all, he should have understood - if not the actual crimes against the faithful committed by David C. Quitugua, the Vicar General, and Adrian Cristobal, the Chancellor - then he should have understood the faithful's absolute revulsion to these two ugly scoundrels, who along with Pius the Putrid, are the sinister puppeteers behind the "vomit out of my mouth" Apuron. 

Yet, your Administrator appears happy to be seen with this scum, as he was last night, praying for peace with the very criminals who have been shooting the faithful in the back and looting our church these last three years if not longer. 

I don't have time right now (but I will) to assemble the whole criminal file on these two, but there is plenty to find right here: CRISTOBAL. QUITUGUA. Maybe after you read up a bit, you'll know why your Administrator's "prayer vigil" last night was so "well" attended:

And I hope to God the following isn't true. Last night, during the "prayer vigil," a friend of mine was present. Here is what he sent me: 
A Hon's homily was difficult to follow, he spoke of cases he was involved with where bishops were accused. One case a bishop was accused by a woman of having relations. The woman recanted after sometime (said she was jealous). This made the neo priest and Sr. Marian react like "oh my there is hope".
WHAT? No doubt there are false accusations in some cases but to even intimate that the three who have come forward in recent weeks are possibly lying MAKES HIM NO BETTER THAN APURON. 

What do you people NOT GET?

Make no mistake. The people of Guam are NOW ENRAGED. And the world will soon follow. 


  1. Tim you're so full of hateful S***!!! shit

    1. - So I guess the rest of Us who are with Tim are Also Full of hateful S***!!! shit - THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! YOU JUST MAKE MY DAY! My GOD is AWESOME!

    2. 6:22am you need to go suck on your OJ. We are all angry!!! This man molested little boys and is being protected by the church. Screw off 6:22

    3. ANON 6:22 AM. I can see the Truth hurts you. As Pius would say to you, Courage. The Truth will prevail and set you free from your pain. Be thankful to Tim. He watches for us.

  2. Obviously there is power play going on in this case, right from the seat of power. The NEOCats must really be holding everybody's balls at this time at the Vatican. I won't be surprised if this simple case of "miscommunication" will leave the people of God on Guam holding an empty bag in the end.

  3. In the future, if there is still a Catholic Church in the world, Guam will be a significant part of its history. The Church has endured many turbulent times and scandals. But how many times has a Catholic community come together demanding the leadership to do the right thing? To practice what it preaches? To stop raping children?

    Catholics of Guam have been silent in the past. That was then. This is now.

    Silence doesn't help.

    Silence doesn't heal.


  4. I wanted to give him some time. He allowed a Capuchin to be the Presider. Unfortunately no other priest beside him but Neos. Then again without AAA the Neos are not legitimate, so they are grasping for straws. Drove by Chalan Pago on my way to the Cathedral, so the Neos there continued with their sacred service. (Remember, it's only a meal!) I still hold out hope since the Umatuna actually reported some "real" news. But a simple bone won't do. Need to see some meat and soon. We have been starving for so long and the lack of inactivity from "real" church leaders is causing our doubt on the sincerity of Arch Bishop Hon.

    1. Capuchin presided...very tricky!

  5. - Thank You Tim! We Are Enraged! You Hit It Right On Target! I am not physically on Guam but watching and hearing what is going on there has my Chamorro Blood Boiling! I was not aware of what was going on in Guam until a year ago when I came home for a funeral. I always give a donation to my Catholic Church but I was told to be sure to make the check out to "Church Maintenance" and of course I did. Then I attended a CCoG meeting and found out what was happening! I was in total shock about what was happening to my Catholic Church! I needed to get more information and Bingo - I Got It! Catholic Parishes being taken over with NEO - whatever they call them - and total renovations of the churches. It is time to get back OUR CATHOLIC CHURCHES to what they used to be - A Safe Haven to Go and Pray to Our One and Only God. Praying to God for the Return of Our True Catholic Churches! Are You Listening Rome?

  6. Tim, thanks for this incredible write-up.

    It's becoming increasingly discouraging reading the signs on the wall surrounding Hon's first few days back on the island. Essentially it is more of the same thus far. I'm trying hard to believe that he is smarter than that, but so far there is nothing to indicate anything of the sort. I know it's only been a few days but with Adrian, Quitugua, et al. no doubt in his ear 24/7, it's difficult to have faith.

  7. 9:00AM today in front of Cathedral TODAY. Obviously, the Vatican is not showing any respect to the victims and the Catholics of Guam. A show of force is needed.

  8. My instincts have never let me down. Archbishop Hon never impressed me with his rhetoric and standard diplomatic response when he came to visit last year. It came as a surprise to find out he was the emissary of the Pope to administer the Archdiocese in light of glaring embarrassment to the Church. I let some hope in, and was sorely disappointed with his initial pronouncements. In his homily during the assignation/unity prayer service, he made light of our situation through jokes and did not address the issues that are dividing us. With the undercurrent of frustration, he CANNOT afford to squander the sacred trust given to him. He has to identify issues, he has to get rid of the cause of division, he has to listen and he must be firm. My initial opinion of him has not changed: he is not the man for he job! Yes, it seems a slap in the face to us because by all accounts, he expects to have a grand vacation and hobnob with the NCW and its much-maligned enablers.

  9. NEW Administrator... same OLD Motto...


    I see david and adrian, are educating our Administrator, in a custom centuries old, to guide a milk cow, they are fitted with a nose ring...

  10. Archbishop Hon, Question? Are you a Neocatechumenal Way Sympathizer? If YES. . . "Houston, we have a problem!" If no, then act swiftly, and remove Cristobal from being Chancellor of the Archdiocese and Quitugua as the Vicar General and put others in those positions who we trust. That would be a fantastic start to your Administration. The people need to see positive signs of change, otherwise, you are just going to enrage us more for siding with the people who have caused the division here on Guam among our Catholic faithful. Secondly, investigate the Neocatechumenal Way's practices and activities here. They are not Catholic. They need to be set straight or better yet removed from Guam. We do not need this new evangelization. We just need good leadership in the Chancery and in the parishes. The people are ready to stand behind good pastors and a trustworthy leader in the Chancery.

  11. With all that I've been reading, I, too, am finding it hard to be patient. I've stated before that we should give Archbishop Hon Tai Fai the benefit of the doubt, however as Joseph Santos said, we need more meat and just not a bone. I also mentioned not to let your guard down. I've decided to keep my armor on. This fight for our Church needs to be decisive and quick. By letting Crystal No Balls and Lurch continue to be around, does not help the Apostolic Represenative. We need a definitive result and that would be for Apuron to RESIGN and the idiots on the hill to LEAVE. Onward, Christian Soldiers!

    1. - I have not heard those words - "Onward, Christian Soldiers" in almost 40 Years since when I left Guam but how appropriate that it still rings true today on Guam - Where America's Day Begins" Every Day - All Day! Be Vigilant Guam!

  12. Whether or not this NEO cult remains on Guam, your Archbishop is still a pedophile. That will not change. Therefore, if anyone is trying to save Tony, the best solution is to remove him from his position. Actually, it is best to lock him up in prison but due to our legal system, that will not be possible at this moment. Archbishop Hon Tai Fai, would you be comfortable having a young nephew of yours spend the day with Tony? Think about it....that will help you decide if these accusations are true.

  13. Has Archbishop Krebs left the island already? I had the chance to meet both him and Hon several years ago on different occasions, and Krebs definitely struck me as the more genuine of the two. Hon, on the other hand...ugh.

  14. Whether Archbishop Hon was sent here to take care of our beleaguered diocese or to investigate the abuse allegations, I have seen nothing pastoral occur, especially in terms of the victims. If clergy are Christ's earthly representatives they are glaringly quiet and absent. It is the laity and a smattering of clergy, in particular Deacon Steve Martinez, who are ministering to these brave but soul-wracked individuals. I have heard four homilies this week, just one in
    which the victims were mentioned. But that was unavoidable because they were present. In my parish the issue has been hinted at but mostly in terms of God's infinite Mercy. Mercy is not just forgiveness. It is reaching out to the poor in spirit, the hurting, and offering comfort to the afflicted.

    Anthony Apuron continues his world wide travels while Rome sends a baby sitter to keep the diocese he left in ruins at bay. We are being fed a diet of '70s love ins while our children continue their stroll out of the Church because Truth is not the norm and superficial "niceness" is the gruel being fed.

    Any other organization would have had this poor excuse of a man out the door and through the gates after the unconscionable acts he had perpetrated. Instead, he seems to be on "paid administrative leave" and the diocese left in the sorry state he wreaked.

    It is time for sitting down to review the books; the events that have been and are taking place in this Church; and serving and tending to a ruptured flock.

    Only when change and corrections take place can healing celebrations occur. And the choice of celebrations should be in the form of Masses.

    We shall continue our vigilance. We are watching and we will continue to respond accordingly!

  15. So members of CCOG and LFM didn't attend last night?
    Oh, they're not for unity?

    -based on the logic of last Sunday's petitioners.

    1. It appears the neos were not for unity either. Their weekly frolics took precedence. Cast stones shall we?

    2. When someone has to ask a question that you did - AnonymousJune 12, 2016 at 10:45 AM - It means that you have no concept of what is happening and you just want to post a comment. I know that Reading - Writing - And Arithmetic is no longer the norm in this generation but if you do not understand why the CCoG and LFM did not attend this so called "Unity" function, please refrain from posting on this "Grown Up Folks" platform. There Was No Unity when you are surrounded by one side of the problem and none from the other! Understand Little One?

  16. 10:45 I am sure they are for unity. It depends on who they are trying to unite with? They are probably thinking, "Trash like you? No thanks." LOL! How does the thought of you Uniting with trash make you feel? Same difference. LOL!

  17. I am not real persistent in my Catholic Faith, sometimes I feel unworthy. Right now the strength of those coming out and saying they have been denigrated and violated is overwhelming. At least for me, the person who perpetrated these crimes must come face to face with these boys who are now men and show the strength of his innocence. Otherwise I will consider him a psychopathic predator of young boys-nothing more and nothing less. I am enraged!

  18. Maybe my 1st comment was too harsh… so
    After his visit a year ago, he holds his cards close to vest…

    Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

    Most of the time, we’re incapable of comprehending certain philosophies until we’ve endured them firsthand.
    Sure, it makes sense to keep your enemies close, so you can keep tabs on them and seek revenge by pouring tar and feathers over their heads when they least expect it.

    Confident people don’t seek to bring others down because they’re too busy working on their own empires.
    Knowledge plus confidence, whether gained through books or “street smarts,” equals open-mindedness.

    Open-minded people tolerate whatever situation you’re going through and whoever you are, regardless of what “being you” entails.

    Don't forget, though, we learn the most we know from our worst experiences; your enemies will teach you who to trust and who not to trust.
    They’ll force you to build character.
    They might even inspire you to help others through your experiences.

    If nothing else, they make for great stories (wink, wink).

    “Keep your friends close, and your enemy’s closer” means to keep ’em close, as silent reminders, so you can look at yourself in the mirror and say, Today, they are going DOWN…..

  19. One of you people on "the other side" need to let Hon know that for every person that speaks here, there is at least one hundred more who are silent about it right now. That could change in a heartbeat. Get away from the two and go to a parish like toto to get a feel for the pulse of the people. To do otherwise is going to leave you holding an empty bag.

    1. I hear he is schedule to be in Agana Heights Parish and might be meeting with Fr. Marvin this Monday morning. He is new Franciscan Priest who is not even 1 year in GUAM. I am not sure he is fully aware of what is happening here on island but he is a non-neo Priest. Hope Archbishop Hon is not being taken around by neo so call priest or deacon larry.

    2. Tim, where you able to come up with a listing of Neo-Priests? I wonder what happens if we show up holding signs in front of their neo church gatherings with resign signs! evilish laughg! heeheehee

  20. Please allow me to make a general comment to those advocating protesting the Neo's.

    While it is well and good that we should expose their liturgical aberrations and heretical (Jesus is a sinner) teachings wherever we find them, most of the people who are in the NCW are NOT the problem.

    It is the EVIL LEADERSHIP we are after, namely Apuron, David, Adrian, and Cristobal, and not because they are neo's, but because they are demonstrably crooked.

    This credibility and power of this blog is that it has demonstrated and documented the actions of these crooks, and not just gone off on some excitable rant. Don't waste your time protesting the Neo's. Protest Apuron, David, Adrian and Pius. Let's GET RID OF THEM! And then pray we get a new bishop who will require the NCW on Guam to conform to that which is permitted by the Church.

    Meanwhile, be advised. The local Church was collapsing before the Neo's got here. Our children were already leaving the faith in droves to other churches or to no churches at all. Abortion, divorce, rape, child abuse, STD's, suicide were all already rampant if not actually "nation-leading" in their numbers.

    Think about it.

    1. Yes, our island has been and continues to fester in the crap we created. Our family and friends, who are part of the NEO (excluding the "stupids") are in most part, not the problem. After ridding our island of these "leaders", we must focus on rebuilding our church community, and not just going back to the "way it was". Continue to pray and do not let your guard down.

    2. Totally agree with you Tim! Although I personally have made several references to the NEO Community, it is their Leadership that should have gotten the brunt of my anger. They cannot help but act on what they have been taught by their Leaders. Get Rid of Apuron (He is No Longer My Archbishop in my book), David (do not know him since he is seldom around), and My Favorite - Adrian (who in my opinion is a Total Embarrassment of my Village of Barrigada). And there is this Pius the Putrid and Edivaldo. They should be sent back to wherever they came from. Total Cleansing is What is Needed and Now is the Time to Act!

  21. Eye-opener! Thanks Mr. Rohr! And they say you are a horrid man attacking the neo's! God Bless You and have a wonderful day! :)

  22. Remember that injustice done to Fr. Paul and Mr. Joe Lastimosa will be 3 years in July. Hoping and praying that justice will be handed down on or before it becomes a full 3 years.