Wednesday, June 15, 2016


And from this article:

Judymae Quitugua ·

Judymae Quitugua
Census Taker at U.S. Federal Government
Tim RohrTim Rohr, your hate crime is always talking about Apuron! If you say there are sexually abused victims of the alleged crime Apuron is accused of, then, it makes no sense to believe that there are really victims, as the given facts that Apuron was against same-sex marriages and is anti-gay in which he would not have touched those altar boys. If you have Faith in the laws of God, you would believe marriage is one man and one woman. Apparently, Apuron may have believed, if a priest or not a priest, he would hold up to his believe that a sexual relationship is between a man and a woman and would not even molest or rape those altar boys in question. The Timeline posted in PDN ultimately is a conspiracy to remove Apuron without coincidence. Now you mentioned, if I signed the petition to uplift the Statute of Limitations pertaining to sexual abuse law in Guam. Didn't Apuron tell the Governor Calvo to veto that Bill, instead, the Governor signed the Bill into law? And, here you are telling me a signature petition is being circulated to uplift that law. What a waste of time!

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