Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Guam - The Concerned Catholics of Guam is demanding a public apology and for Archbishop Anthony Apuron to rescind a general decree that orders catholics to dissociate from the group. The general decree goes into effect today.

On behalf of the CCOG, Tim Rohr, a local catholic blogger, sent a letter to Pope Francis, pointing out the discrepancies in a general decree issued by Archbishop Apuron while also demanding that the decree be rescinded. CONTINUED

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  1. Thank You Archbishop Hon for saying that you "Would Address the Media in Due Time"! How about addressing the "Regular Katolikos" of what your decision is! Although I am not on the Island of Guam and can still receive communion and confession in my Parish, I am An Off-Island "Secretly Self-Imposed Member of the CCoG" and will give my full 100% Support to help bring back my True, Traditional One and Holy Catholic Church to Guam. NEOs - Get Your Own Churches and Get Out of Ours and Bring Brother Tony to his Just Rewards!