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On November 28, 2014, Archbishop Apuron threatened to use the full force and weight of "the Church" to sue an individual Catholic who made a public allegation against him regarding the sexual abuse of his relative:

Keep this in mind as we go through what follows.

On September 12, 2016, the Guam Legislature unanimously voted to pass Bill 326-33, a bill which, once signed into law, will permanently lift the statute of limitations on sex crimes against minors and permit victims to bring civil claims against their "abusers, their enablers, their aiders or abettors, those acting in concert with them and their institutions at any time."

Initially, the bill "as introduced" did not include liability for "institutions." In fact, I was one of those who insisted that it didn't. 

However, on Sunday, July 3, Archbishop Hon changed all that. 

In two homilies, one at Santa Barbara and the other at the Cathedral, Archbishop Hon convinced us that the problem wasn't just Apuron. Hon convinced us that the problem was Hon. More specifically, Hon, who represents Rome, convinced us that the problem was truly the entire institutional, hierarchical church. 

In those two homilies, Hon belittled our culture ("the Guam culture expects everything fast"), mocked this blog and thus our primary means of communicating as laity ("the blogs are encouraging false barriers"), criticized our opposition to Apuron (we "have to deepen our faith in our Bishop"), and told us to shut up and sit down ("you have the knowledge, but I have the power"). And he said all this in the face of what Roy, Doris, Walter, and Roland had revealed, with Leo Tudela and Ramon Da Plata yet to come. 

It was immediately apparent to us that Hon intended to continue to spit in our faces, just as he had during his "visitation" in January 2015. And now, just as then, his mission is to prop up Apuron and the Neocatechumenal Way. 

Because he thinks Guam people are beneath him, he thought he could make quick work of it. "Over in two weeks" he told the Cathedral congregation on Sunday, June 12, 2016. But as of July 3, those two weeks had gone by and the picket line in front of the Cathedral had grown longer and larger. Thus Hon went on the attack: belittling our culture, mocking this blog, criticizing our opposition to Apuron, and reminding us that it was he was "all powerful." 

And so, face to face with this menace who within our midst represents the hierarchical church, we made the very difficult decision to unleash the only weapon left us: institutional liability. No, it wouldn't hurt Hon in the pocketbook. Personally he won't have to pay a cent. However, it would "hurt" Hon in ways that would make him pay attention. It would send him the message that we aren't the stupid, subservient islanders he thinks we are. 

And even then, he wouldn't care that much. But we knew that he WOULD care about what the passage of such a measure would mean to those who control his future in Rome. A bill lifting the statute of limitations on sex crimes with institutional liability passed and enacted on his watch is, today, the career-ending "scarlet letter" for bishops. 

And so now Hon is scrambling. Not to save us. But save himself. 


From what we've heard, parishes and schools have been ordered to circulate a petition asking the governor to veto the bill. In fact, you may be hearing an announcement to this effect at this weekend's masses. At first I was going to encourage you to walk out. But don't. Take out your phones out and RECORD, RECORD, RECORD. And hold them up so that the priest can see that you are recording. Maybe even stand up. It is TIME to stand up to these bullies, DAMN IT!

We will post those recordings so we can let the whole world know WHO supports Apuron and the raping and mutilation of little children. 

To assist him in this effort to do the WRONG thing were two "officious intermeddlers," two local attorneys who presented themselves as "concerned Catholics." From the reports I've heard from their address to the parishes and schools, they urged that the bill be STOPPED. 

From the reports, they presented a very grave, doom and gloom, picture of the diocese losing its churches and schools if the bill becomes law. I heard that for most present, the doom and gloom tactic worked. 

Our pastors and principals now are all in a panic and motivated to get the very children whom the bill is designed to protect, to sign a petition calling for its veto! Can everyone say WHAT THE FOXTROT!

Some of these are the same pastors and principals who looked the other way and turned a deaf ear to decades of rumors if not outright accounts of children who were sacrificed as sex toys on the Altar of Perversion where Apuron and those like him really worshiped.

So now we need to get REAL. 

The REAL reason some if not most of our clergy are desirous of stopping this bill has nothing to do with loss of assets or an impingement on ministry, as they will claim. But before I get to THAT reason, let's talk about this supposed loss of assets proffered by the two Officious Intermeddlers. 

For twenty years now, dioceses across the U.S. have faced a similar fate: coming to grips with the truth that their clergy, their religious leaders, and especially their hierarchy, were complicit in a decades-long systematic cultivation of children for the use and abuse of perverted members of the clergy and the even more systematic and conspiratorial cover-up of what Pope Benedict called "the filth in the Church." 

According to, the exposition of these animals, as of 2016, has cost U.S. Catholic dioceses nearly THREE BILLION DOLLARS, and sent another 13 into bankruptcy. The worst of the offenders, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, shelled out 736 MILLION DOLLARS between 2006 and 2007 to settle claims.  The next highest settlement was paid by the Diocese of San Diego, $198.1 MILLION in 2007, followed by the diocese of Orange CA, 100 MILLION in 2005.

NOTE: That the three "leaders" are all in Southern California and that the BIG LEADER is the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, permits me some sense of vindication. In 1977, my father and I went to the Chancery Office of the Archdiocese of Agana to report an incident involving my own pastor which I had personally witnessed. We were thrown out. My dad lost his faith and life in our family was never the same. I detailed this story in my post CHANCERY VS. ROHR: TWO STORIES. Throughout the next several years, I watched in horror as the LA Church descended into celebrated debauchery. 

Even though these sums sound large, I would challenge the two Officious Intermeddlers who apparently interjected themselves into all this for the purpose of getting the church to get the governor to veto the bill, I would challenge them to show us one church, one school, one soup kitchen, one anything which was closed or sold off as a direct consequence of these lawsuits and settlements. Show us one. 

Not only did Los Angeles NOT close down its cathedral - as some of our priests are saying will happen to ours - Los Angeles BUILT A NEW ONE.  And if there has been any closure of a parish or school it is NOT because of these settlements. It is because of priests and nuns abandoning their vows and running off to "self-actualize." In fact, in Los Angeles, in the year 1968, 300 of 560 nuns from a single order petitioned Rome to leave their vows. I wrote about it here

The fact is, that so long as these dioceses HID their evils, those dioceses hemorrhaged souls, much as ours is now. When Apuron became Archbishop in 1986, there were at total of five identifiable non-Catholic churches of any consequence. Today there are more than 60! FILLED WITH FORMER CATHOLICS !

Coming clean is what the Holy Spirit requires for true renewal. LA, San Diego, Orange, and even Boston, despite being crippled by the left overs of those decades of hell, are experiencing real growth and renewal. 

And coming clean is something WE ARE WILLING TO PAY FOR.

The priests and bishops will not have to pay a single penny unless they are personally found liable. It is WE the LAITY who will pay. We always pay. We paid for Apuron's presbyter playpen for 20 years (and still are). We paid for Apuron's extensive trips with those playmates. We paid for David the Deceiver's decade-long vacation in Rome. We're paying now for all those missing clergy who galavant around the world at our expense. 

And we have also paid to build our churches and schools. And we are NOT afraid to lose them. Perhaps the most visible example of this is the presence of Greg Perez and his wife picketing every Sunday in front of the Cathedral his father's Perez Bros. concrete basically built!

One more entry on this before we get to the REAL reason our "pastors" are now going to oppose the bill. 

Let's take the worst case, Los Angeles. Altogether, LA coughed up 736 MILLION DOLLARS. LA has a population of 4.2 Million Catholics. That's a total of $175.24 per Catholic, a very small price to pay to bring some small amount of justice to the hundreds of young lives who were ruined by monsters like Apuron, Brouillard, and the late Antonio Cruz. 

And the bottom line is that it is WE THE LAITY, who must and will pay.

Get this through your head Hon, Jeff, and the rest of you wimps: We, the majority of the Catholic Faithful of the Archdiocese of Agana are SICKENED by your decades of looking the other way while your brother clergy raped and ruined our children. We are willing to pay the price, ANY PRICE, to clean out THE FILTH in our church. And since YOU won't do it, WE WILL. And we will do it through the courts since you have denied us our Church. 

Make no mistake. This bill was generated by the very people who you pretend to serve. It did not come from some outside force, some foreign opportunistic lawyer. It came from us. It came from us because YOU CHOSE TO DO NOTHING! Evidenced especially by your absolute SILENCE in the face of a mother crying in the streets being called a LIAR by one of your own. 

(Note: In fact, the only "opportunistic lawyers" may be the Officious Intermeddlers who sold you this doom and gloom bull crap, but we'll get to that another time.)

So now, let's get to the REAL reason. 

The real reason is not protection of assets or worry about donations drying up. The REAL reason is THE FILTH in the Church. The FILTH you know exists and you know you have been covering up, which includes far more members of the clergy and religious than those already exposed. 

I and others are well aware of the many accounts of illicit sexual affairs, illegitimate children, abortions in the Philippines, rape, molestation, and the absolute ruin of so many. You know who you are and so do we; and as a columnist recently wrote: so does anyone who has lived on Guam for fifty years. 

You know who you are. And we know why you don't want this bill to become law. And we also know who your protectors are within the government. Thus, the blue Chevelle at Pago Bay. We'll get to that. 

At the top of this post is an entry regarding Apuron's intent to use Church resources, OUR RESOURCES, to sue an individual Catholic to "defend the Church." Not a single member of the clergy said that this was wrong. So now, with the enactment of this bill into law, we do not expect you to oppose our use of OUR RESOURCES to "defend the Church" against the monsters you protected for decades and the system you perpetrated to enable, sustain, and hide them. 


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