Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Both Becky Toves (BT) (Santa Barbara at Sunday Mass) and Gerald Taitano (GT) (Cathedral at the Saturday night prayer service) posted comments about what they heard Hon say from the pulpit:
BT: We live in a culture that is fast. He didn't limit it to Guam. We expect everything to be done quickly. 
GT: Hon says Guam culture expects everything fast, and that we do not determine the pace of God.
If anything proves that Hon is stupid it is this. If Guam gets characterized for anything it is the very opposite of this. We even have a phrase for how slowly things move on Guam: "the price of paradise." Guam people are "infamously famous" for our "patience." From the hundreds of years of colonialism and the torturous years of Japanese occupation during World War II to the slow rebuilding after each major typhoon to the glacial wait for the return of ancestral lands by the U.S. government, if there is one thing Guam people know how to do it is to WAIT. 

I actually believe that Hon is not saying this "stupidly." He knows what he's saying. In fact, I think it shows that Hon is a racist supremacist. What he is really saying is what he said last year. "Shut up and sit down you stupid Chamorros. Don't you know that I am God" (since apparently only he can determine "the pace of God"). 

Roy, Walter and Roland waited decades to publicly share their tragedies and Sonny died before he could. They waited decades because they did not believe that anyone would believe them. They believed - as Walter learned the night he tried to tell Jack Niland - that "the church wasn't going to do anything." 

And here is Hon to prove them right: refusing to meet with them, publicly mocking their testimonies by comparing them to the allegations of adultery against a bishop that were later supposedly found to be false, publicly ignoring Walter on the steps of the Cathedral, and only reluctantly mentioning that he is praying for them just as he is for Apuron. I am reminded of the passage from James where he chastises people like Hon:"Do you want proof, you ignoramus, that faith without works is useless?" (James 2:20). 
BT: (Hon says) We should strive for peace and unity.
GT: Hon is here to carry out what he said last year. His mission's priority is unity. 
Hey Hon. How about striving for Truth and Justice? Maybe peace and unity will follow. Seriously, unity? At what cost? More silence? More destroyed children? More dead Sonny Quinata's? What Hon is really saying is that he needs a resume enhancement so that his Vatican career can stay alive and that we Guam people are in the way and need to be crushed. He mistakes us for the flaccid KISS-ASS clergy he has interviewed. He thinks we are all Bibi's and Jeff's. He thought that the friendly bone he threw to the picketers a couple of Sunday's ago would disperse us which is why the first words out of his mouth after entering the Cathedral were: "they (the protestors) will be gone in two weeks." 

Hon is not interested in Truth. Hon is not interested in Justice. Hon is interested in Hon. Another narcissist bishop. You were easy to spot, Hon. We've had thirty years of practice watching Apuron fawn over himself and step on people just like you do. 
BT: The blogs and news station knew about his announcement regarding Fr. Jeff & Fr. Lito before it was officially announced...the blogs are encouraging false barriers. 
Wow! Does this show his ignorance or what! This is what happens when you send an overgrown schoolboy to do a man's job. Waaah, waaah, waah. What a spoiled child this bishop is. Hon sent out a letter to all the clergy announcing the appointments. There was no instruction on it to keep it quiet until the announcement. There was no reason to think that the media hadn't been copied so apparently some felt free to share it. What a joke for him to cry about it from the pulpit: "those guys didn't wait for me." Pathetic. 

And "the blogs are encouraging false barriers." More "waaah, waah, waah." Crybaby. And at the same time he wants the clergy to think that this blog is a joke. How stupid. If this blog is a joke then how could it be effective at anything, including "encouraging false barriers" - whatever the hell that means! Geez. Note to Rome. PLEASE SEND US AN ADULT. 
GT: Hon tells us to remember our common desire: Be One with the Lord. Also to deepen our faith in our Bishop. 
Apparently Hon, since he sees himself as God (setting the pace), being one with the Lord, means doing his will, Hon's will, being one with him. In other words: "Stop getting in the way of my career enhancement. Shut up and sit down, you Guam slobs." And "deepen our faith in our Bishop." OMG. There it is folks. There is Hon's real reason for being here. This is why everything seems cosmetic. Hon is only here to pave the way back for Anthony S. Apuron, pedophile at large. 

And for those of you who were crying for Rome to do something (while I warned you to stop), this next comment should say it all: 
GT: Hon also tells the Clergy, "You may have the knowledge; but I have the power." 
This is clericalism at its worst. This is an insight into Rome itself: full of fat boys and fat heads stuffed with self-aggrandizing illusions of power, heads whose skulls will one day pave the floor of hell. 

Have no fear. God is using Guam. God is using Guam to expose the evil that invaded his bride, the Church. God is using Guam to show the world the "fissure" through which the "smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God" (Paul VI, 1972), with that "fissure" being the mouths of fork-tongued prelates who forgot Christ's warning about the millstone. 

The fact that Guam has a history of non-confrontation, welcoming the stranger, and centuries of patience is precisely why God has chosen us, at this moment in time, to stand up to the evil that stains his bride. To stand up in front of the whole world. To stand up when we have never stood up before. To stand up even while our clergy, who we were taught to unconditionally respect, try to slap us down lest their thievery, adultery, pedophilia, and all sorts of evils and perversions be laid bare. Be very aware. Those who slap the hardest have the most to hide. 

Keep standing, people. Keep standing. 

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