Friday, November 18, 2016


Posted by Tim

In his statement yesterday apologizing to Guam's Carmelite Community, Archbishop Hon reveals and confirms what we have been saying here on JungleWatch for over three years.

While Pius, The Diana, Apuron, Adrian, et al have continued to lie to our faces about the origin of the donation, even saying that it was from someone in the Neocatechumenal Way, Archbishop Hon confirmed what Mother Dawn Marie stated earlier this week to the press (here, here, and here):

" was through your effort that we received two million dollars to settle our big loan from the bank for the purchase of the Yona seminary property in view of the formation of future priests."

While Pius, The Diana, Apuron, Adrian, et al have continued to lie to our faces about the intent of the donation, saying that it was intended for the formation of priests "according to the life and practice of the Neocatechumenal Way," Archbishop Hon confirmed what Mother Dawn Marie stated earlier this week to the press, saying that was NEVER the intent:

"We appreciate the clarification made by Mother Dawn Marie this week regarding the genuine intent of the benefactor, which was unfortunately twisted by some people."

And while The Diana and her turd-brains call Mother Dawn a liar regarding her statement about Apuron's attempt to get her community to lie for him, Archbishop Hon tells us that he himself read "those correspondences mentioned by" Mother Dawn:

"I personally knew of their suffering because as a Secretary working in the Holy See I was able to read those correspondences mentioned by the Mother Prioress."

On this last one, people are rightly horrified that Apuron tried to get a community of cloistered Carmelite nuns to lie for him. For some, even more than Apuron's horrific attacks on young children, this was THE ULTIMATE TREACHERY. And this is why I titled the account of the whole filthy affair by that name. Read it here.

By the way, Diana, HELL is forever.

Archbishop Hon's Statement


  1. They can twist whatever they want to twist but they can't twist or put a spin on the revelation of Mother Dawn Marie.

  2. To Lie, cheat and deceive is the Neocatechumenal Way.

  3. "And the beat goes on..." One lie after another being exposed! The Neos are on the run. The old fogies bag another one. Where the hell is that Neo that called the picketers old? You under rock bubba? Stand by we got another bomb coming your way so that moratorium on the NCW for Guam will take effect.

    1. The first step is a moratorium on the NCW for Guam and then a worldwide moratorium on the NCW.

  4. The more "Diana" talks, the more I am reminded of the expression, "You can't fix stupid!" But, keep them coming, "Diana,", for although we can't fix you, you manage to keep giving us examples of how stupid you can get.

    1. The "Diana's" are not stupid. They are incessant. Incessant with regurgitating whatever Pius instructs them to spew. If the lie was told during Word or during their Saturday service, it needs to be repeated by "Diana."

      That is why they remain anonymous. Accountability is not in their interest. They don't need to be made credible by us, they just need to be consistent with Pius' narratives.

      What can we do? Keep mocking their message, keep Pius responsible for everything that comes out of the "Diana" blog and by all means, join the picket line in front of the Cathedral every Sunday from 9am-9:45am.

      Once Apuron is out and Pius is gone, "Diana" will shut up.

  5. As I stated in the PDN yesterday. The canonical trial for Apuron is very likely to encompass the cases the nuns forwarded to Rome through the nuncios, plus the cases of Fr Paul plus others that went through the Nuncios. That would include but would not be restricted to the case of cunilingus Luis, and the cover-up for Wadeson.
    A canonical trial looks at the whole picture not just the sexual abuse allegations.
    In Apuron's case, this does not bode well for him. Not only there are the accusations of sexual abuses and rape,but there is the letter to the carmélites, and all the shenanigans with the Yoña property, plus all the proven failures of ethics and morals.
    The willful cover-up of sexual predators
    The sum of all the above makes it very likely the tribunal will remove Apuron from his functions. I have no ideas if it will amount to a laicisation, but it very well could.

  6. Sorry, I'm still a little confused. So is Mother Dawn Marie the TDR who signed the letter to Apron whete he was asking her to lie? What does TDR stand for?

    1. The Donor's Representative. The Donor was the Carmelite community in St. Louis. The TDR was the Mother Prioress of that community. Mother Fawn was the one who procured the donation.

  7. Rose de los Reyes (Seattle, WA)November 19, 2016 at 4:02 AM

    Beautiful letter by Abp Hon to and about the Carmelites. Thank you and God Bless the Carmelites!