Friday, November 18, 2016


After its wholesale "for sure for sure" scramble to hide Tony and then Hon's Filoni-ordered initial ignoring of the issue, the idea that the archdiocese could do anything to justly address the sex abuse issue is ridiculous. 

And despite the credibility of at least a couple of people on the new sex abuse review board, the effort is, as I've said before, little more than putting "lipstick on a pig." 

The archdiocese is so tarnished, so mangled, so full of residual filth from three decades of "the beast" that there is NO WAY that anyone (except for that one guy) is going to call that mobile phone number to get help. 

The CCOG has come up with a masterful plan, a common sense plan, a real plan, the only possible plan to seriously address the matter. And it is good to see that the Pacific Daily News supports it. Now, how about the Archdiocese of Agana?

OUR VIEW: Church officials should adopt plan to address child sex abuse

Also, read VP of CCOG, Andrew Camacho's comments here.

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