Friday, December 2, 2016


Ummm, Diana, dear, we do not continue to protest for Archbishop Byrnes to see. We continue to protest for the WHOLE WORLD to see

And some news for you dear: Pope Francis did not say "no" to Archbishop Hon's request. Francis said yes and then asked Apuron TWICE to resign. It was Apuron who said NO to Francis. Francis was actually trying to give Apuron a way out of his predicament by asking him to resign since his trial is going to be VERY ugly and the results will be public. 

It will not only be bad for Tony (VERY BAD), it will be bad for the Church. And Francis, in caring about the Church, has tried to spare it the horror that Apuron's trial will bring. But true to his stinking, narcissistic self, Tony-boy did not take Francis' invitation to resign quietly. And soon the FILTH that is Anthony S. Apuron will be smeared all over the Church with a slime so thick it will take decades to wipe off. 

Also, just so you know, Hon did NOT ask Francis to remove Apuron because of his sex crimes, but because of a mountain of demonstrable and documented mismanagement, gross dereliction of duty, and crimes against the Church. If anything the sex crimes will just be frosting on the cake when this tribunal gets done with Apuron. 

We are quite aware that Apuron's Kiko-people are scrambling to get Tony-boy off the hook. They know what's coming. And it's going to be BAD BAD BAD for the Kiko's, and maybe even for their protector, Filoni. In fact, this could cost him the papacy. 

Kiko's Way has been operating as an "underground railroad" for clergy sexual misfits for quite awhile and Rome is on to it, especially given the Gennarini-Ballin-Camacho debacle in Qatar. Apuron himself is a notorious sexual misfit (we have a lot more than you know and so does Rome), but the tribunal won't even need to go there. LOL. 

Thanks to JungleWatch and our French Underground team we were able to expose the TRUTH that you so often tried to impugn: that Apuron legally alienated the Yona Property WITHOUT permission of the Holy See, and in so doing, committed an ecclesial crime against the faithful of the Archdiocese of Agana and the Universal Church. 

This fact was legally and officially memorialized first in the Grant Deed conveying title to the property BACK to the Archdiocese of Agana (meaning it was previously alienated) AND most especially by the Filing for Quiet Title in the Superior Court of Guam. 

But this was only one of Apuron's many crimes against the Catholic Faithful and the clergy of the Archdiocese of Agana. Rome has a stack of stuff to get through before they even get to the sex abuse and may not even bother with that since Apuron's crimes will be given the full Superior Court "press" in Guam. (LOL). 

You see, Diana, our protest isn't just about Tony-boy, it's about taking down the whole damn money-laundering, land-grabbing, power-usurping, Kiko-crap, sinful syndicate masquerading as a freaking "itinerary of faith formation!" 

The whole world is watching, Diana, and that's the real reason you want us to stop. LOL. Joy!

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