Saturday, December 3, 2016


Posted by Jose M. 

First, for your enjoyment because the rest of this post will not be amusing:

This comment is not just only a failure in it's narrative, the "author" is pretending to be someone who participates in the Sunday pickets.

Do you see it?

Do you see it now?

 They are so conditioned they forgot that only they refer to Archbishop Apuron  as Anthony, or Tony.

We don't.

To add, anyone who has ever participated in the Sunday Picket knows full well the peaceful and prayerful environment that is created and maintained every week.  To say that putting down the sign is to give "peace a chance" can only come from someone who hasn't got a clue.

But to the real and important reason for this post.

Manipulation and deception is the modus operandi for the NCW leadership and it spills over to those who are ardent and feckless in defending their captors . . . I mean catechists.

Ever since the NCW on Guam had created Diana as the de facto counter for Tim Rohr's Jungle Watch, many of you, including myself, have been exposing the fake, incredulous and deceptive posts and responses to JW spewing from that caustic blog.

And while that other site has provided much fodder with every appalling post, the most alarming  factor of Diana is not what is being published, but rather who publishes the drivel.

I am not even talking about the identity/identities of Diana. I am referring to those who pull the strings, instruct the writers, and author the narrative and script we hear almost verbatim from any of the NCW "spokespersons" of late.

I have pointed this out in many previous posts here, here and here, but not only does it bear repeating for the sake of reminding all of us, Abp Byrnes should be informed as to who it is of the international NCW leadership that is and has been manipulating our church on Guam:

Once on that site above, clicking on "Neo-Catechumenate Way," one will be brought to the following page:

Scrolling down will reveal this:

What Church leader, what person of the cloth, what kind of priest would ever link to such a caustic site; possessing the most caustic and false information; and maintained by a fictitious yet poisonous person(s)?

It's propaganda and manipulation arrogantly flaunted right in front of our faces!  

Archbishop Byrnes cannot and must not continue to allow this person to remain on this island; a priestwho leads a supposedly fruitful and christian movement but sanctions, advises and provides information for the entity/entities named "Diana" and the blog titled:  Neocatechumenal Way - An Insider's View.


  1. Although, Archbishop Byrnes has brought hope to the island's faithful and his homilies left a lot us feeling good, I would suggest that we be not too lavish in our praise for him until he proves himself, lest we end up with "egg on our faces." Some may point out the return of the Yona property to the patrimony of the Archdiocese of Agana as proof positive of where he stands but I still can't help but feel that that transaction was too easy. There must be a catch. Remember the Neos are worldwide and their influence in Rome is widespread at very high levels of the hierarchy. What did Rome have to give up in return? In short, all I am really saying is CONTINUE to be on your guard! We may have won some battles but the war rages on.

    1. Yes, we remain ever vigilant and we march on. As for the return of the property, I know what went into it and there are no strings or catches and it wasn't Hon who convinced Byrne to sign those documents, but "Rome," as Byrnes stated. That says a lot.

      I'm willing to let Byrnes do what he needs to do without constant commentary from us at this point. Meanwhile, we turn our attention to the source of the evil, Tony and the Kiko's - the Kiko's all the way up to their protectors in the Vatican.

    2. We prayerfully protest in peace
      With hope all these crimes will then cease.
      One day we will see
      A bright victory
      And true Catholic's faith will increase.

    3. Yes, Jungle Watch @6:27 a.m., that is my point exactly. I suspect that Rome and the highest levels of the Neo organization must have come to a "quid pro quo" on the Yona property. But I will take your advice to withhold any comments on Archbishop Byrnes..... for now.

    4. Hon played a critical role in the return of the property.

  2. APURON OUT. Tomorrow 9 AM at the Cathedral. See you there.

    1. “NCW Cult OUT”

    2. yes CNMI lawyer " NCW Cult Out." please be watchful on Saipan. They will take over Saipan if they could.

  3. The members of the NCW were out in numbers at the prayer service for Archbishop Byrnes and at his first Mass. It seems those with something to lose are jockeying for an audience with Archbishop, wanting to get a word in for their cause. Hopefully, in their zeal, they will come away from their encounters with Archbishop Byrnes awakened and less hateful. From our perspective in the pews, he seemed to come alive at the ambo and was less comfortable at the throne. It's a good sign and certainly a departure from Apuron. It's what we need right now. Praying that those who surround him provide thoughtful and thoroughly vetted advice for the good of our Church on Guam and that our new leader allows the Holy Spirit to guide him. St. Andrew, pray for Archbishop Byrnes!

  4. Another BOGUS Blog being sported at the Dungbat's latest blog. Although we all advocate that Apuron not be buried in the Cathedral Basilica, the words used on this BOGUS Blog is being used to strengthen the NEO's resolution that "We are the enemy". The continues web of lies this NEO Cult does to propagate their cause with the newly installed Archbishop.

    Comments from the Dungbats latest blog:

    AnonymousDecember 3, 2016 at 1:17 AM

    No peace until Apurons title removed. Seminary is closed down and we are sure Apuron will not be laid to rest in Basilica. When he dies he must be placed in a remote corner of catholic cemetry aeay from all other graves. I do not wish to see him placed in a position we are reminded of him.
    He should also consider an ocean resting place. like bin laden he was placed in ocean.I would hope Apuron would do the same. place him in a casket lower into marianas trench. yes this is what needs to be done with him. I don't see many going to his funeral Mass. So do mass on a cargo ship then dump body in trench. we must eradicate any trace of Apuron on Guam. Anything he did did we need to destroy. Hence reason to shut down rms. it is a reminder of a man without social conscience or moral values. we must close it down. only then can healing begin. close down rms. close down rms. remove apuron remove apuron. Lets get shouting protesting. shut down rms remove apuron....

    DianaDecember 3, 2016 at 6:50 AM
    Dear Anonymous at 1:17 am,

    I am publishing your comment only to show what "hate" is. If you will not forgive, then neither will God in Heaven forgive you. This is one of the most basic Catholic teaching taught to all Christians......which you have not learned.

    1. Is The DIANA now admitting that Tony is guilty? What is there to forgive? According to The DIANA all of the accusations are lies. LOL

    2. One must repent before they're forgiven. Or do you Neos have the Protestant mindset regarding Confession too?

    3. Burial at sea is no longer a generally permissible alternative for Catholics.

      This is a fairly recent announcement. I believe I read it in Catholic World Report.

    4. Burial at sea or scattering ashes of cremains have never been approved as standard practice in the Catholic Church, whether customary burial or cremated, the remains have to be commiitted to the earth. Standard Navy practice of burial at sea as official protocol has been sanctioned as accommodation.

    5. It is the latter accommodation, I understand, which has very recently been rescinded.

      I am sorry I no longer have the source, but as a Naval Academy graduate, the news definitely made a distinct impression on me.

      Time will tell, if the issue gets more publicized.

      In any event, those circumstances would not apply to Archbishop Apuron.

    6. Diana and the rest of his/her followers are all anonymous. This enables Diana to fabricate comments, post them and then respond as a "hero" to his/her readers.

      There is nothing credible about that fictitious blog.

  5. Your butt just hurts cuz someone finally restore his/her sight. Anger and evil in your heart, you will be judge by GOD. That's all it matter. Our life does not remain here forever remember.

    1. Really nice thoughts Anon 10:34. I guess your anger and hate are justified?

    2. Oh brave one from 10:34 AM . . . There was no restoration, just a deception but now that they have been caught. Besides, we picketers do not hide behind fake names. We are out there in front of the Cathedral, in front of cameras, and for all the public to see.

      Perhaps it is you who needs an overhaul in vision - begin with shedding your cowardice.

  6. If the Neocats are moving to Saipan, they're getting what they deserve.

    That place is a zit on the backside of nowhere. Even the Chinese sweat shop owners shut down their garment factories and left.

    1. Saipan is to Guam as San Francisco is to Los Angeles.

      Saipan is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, with its incomparable lagoon.

      The garment factory closures resulted from the elimination of U.S. import duties on Chinese garments as part of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT).

      I lived 19 years on Saipan and 19 months on Guam. The CNMI has a lot going for it.

  7. Unpredictable Francis might do the same thing to Apuron that he did to Scotland's O'Brien. Revoke his faculties for public ministry and retire him, but allow him to keep his episcopal title.

    If that happens, Apuron could become a Neocat chaplain and operate sub rosa out of one of their private activity centers.

    I think that's what Wadeson might be doing. The spineless local bishop probably knows exactly where he is and what he's doing since the SVD's officially booted him.

  8. Pls stop recommending the Neo build their own churches or establish their own religion. It's a heresy. It must be stomped out, not spread.

  9. I want him in the earth in a grave near by so we can piss on it.

  10. That picture of the Putrid looks like clown. A very scary clown indeed. LOL!!

  11. I also noticed this on his website:

    "Icon — of the Angel in the tomb who says, “Why are you looking among the dead for someone who is alive?” Painted by Giampiero Curi from Fermo (Italy), seminarian at the Redemptoris Mater Seminary in London, UK. Died very suddenly at the age of 28, just after finishing his theology studies with honors. He is now happy in the Lord with the angels."

    Apparently, membership in the NCW is a guarantee of going straight to heaven

  12. 3:52 p.m., you obviously don't know anything about Los Angeles or San Francisco. I lived in both places for decades and observed major changes in both. Both places were badly affected by illegal immigration. However...

    Huge, gorgeous L.A. with its great weather remains one of the most sought after cities in the US. Many of its beautiful suburbs which are major cities unto themselves are larger than SF County.

    Tiny SF is an obscenely expensive, tech-rich hipster and yuppie-infested old dump that's a legend in its own mind. The cold, damp, windy, overcast weather 12 months a year is horrible! Racist SF hates non-whites and anyone over age 40, unless they're extremely wealthy. Blacks were totally disenfranchised and brutally gentrified out of there.

    Today's SF is totally unrecognizable from what made the place great. It's a major bore with nothing to do but eat and drink in ridiculously bad, trendy restaurants. It's more expensive than fabulous New York City which offers everything on the planet and is worth living in.