Saturday, December 3, 2016


Posted by Jose M. 

First, for your enjoyment because the rest of this post will not be amusing:

This comment is not just only a failure in it's narrative, the "author" is pretending to be someone who participates in the Sunday pickets.

Do you see it?

Do you see it now?

 They are so conditioned they forgot that only they refer to Archbishop Apuron  as Anthony, or Tony.

We don't.

To add, anyone who has ever participated in the Sunday Picket knows full well the peaceful and prayerful environment that is created and maintained every week.  To say that putting down the sign is to give "peace a chance" can only come from someone who hasn't got a clue.

But to the real and important reason for this post.

Manipulation and deception is the modus operandi for the NCW leadership and it spills over to those who are ardent and feckless in defending their captors . . . I mean catechists.

Ever since the NCW on Guam had created Diana as the de facto counter for Tim Rohr's Jungle Watch, many of you, including myself, have been exposing the fake, incredulous and deceptive posts and responses to JW spewing from that caustic blog.

And while that other site has provided much fodder with every appalling post, the most alarming  factor of Diana is not what is being published, but rather who publishes the drivel.

I am not even talking about the identity/identities of Diana. I am referring to those who pull the strings, instruct the writers, and author the narrative and script we hear almost verbatim from any of the NCW "spokespersons" of late.

I have pointed this out in many previous posts here, here and here, but not only does it bear repeating for the sake of reminding all of us, Abp Byrnes should be informed as to who it is of the international NCW leadership that is and has been manipulating our church on Guam:

Once on that site above, clicking on "Neo-Catechumenate Way," one will be brought to the following page:

Scrolling down will reveal this:

What Church leader, what person of the cloth, what kind of priest would ever link to such a caustic site; possessing the most caustic and false information; and maintained by a fictitious yet poisonous person(s)?

It's propaganda and manipulation arrogantly flaunted right in front of our faces!  

Archbishop Byrnes cannot and must not continue to allow this person to remain on this island; a priestwho leads a supposedly fruitful and christian movement but sanctions, advises and provides information for the entity/entities named "Diana" and the blog titled:  Neocatechumenal Way - An Insider's View.

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