Thursday, February 16, 2017


Vatican tribunal arrives in Guam, expects to hear from archbishop accusers

Story at Guam Daily Post


  1. Is Burke staying at the archbishop's residence with Byrnes, or elsewhere? If he's staying with Byrnes, I wonder what they're plotting in even further secrecy?

  2. Note that all four of the canon lawyers (including the Cardinal judge) are U.S. citizens.

    So there would be no jurisdiction based on alienage were the civil lawyers for the victims to somehow try to bring the canon law tribunal of the first instance into a federal civil case.

  3. I think Burke has dual citizenship: US and Vatican City State. Possible triple citizenship if he also belongs to Knights of Malta. They're a sovreign State as well.

  4. Canon lawyer Burke's triple citizenship is why he sudddenly regained favor. He knows all of the legal ratholes Rome can weasel through.

    Rome will not prosecute Apuron or Bishop Camacho because they have a ton of blackmail material that can be used against Vatican perverts.

  5. Liza Mandell Weisenberger better be careful. Kiko is gonna be pissed she is getting more FaceTime than him!

  6. 5.14am. No one is asking Vatican to prosecute. I think most of us are simply searching for the best possible way to simply do the right thing which both Apuron and Camacho failed to do for many years. It is simply a question of basic respect honesty.

  7. What are you smoking 5:14am?!! Don't include me in "No one"!! You sound like a cover-up artist. I most definitely want the Vatican to prosecute Apuron.

    He's a psychopathic criminal of the worst kind who should be laicized with termination of all pay and benefits. Let the notoriously perverse Capuchins' keep him at their NY retirement home.

    1. Apurun would never stay at a Capuchin Friary again. First he is too addicted to material wealth and would have to give that up if he went back to a friary.

      Second, with all the damage Apuron has done to the Fransican reputation, it is doubtful they would even let him through the gates for a day visit.