Thursday, February 16, 2017



  1. The link to the newspaper article is dead.

    1. It still doesn't work. The "h" in "http" is black instead of blue and there's a narrow black bar with a dead "Close X" below the last line of text.

  2. Dave Lujan- 17 lawsuits filed so far and another 17 to come. Wow. That shocked me at first. But then I's ok even if there are 27 or 37 more. As long as every filthy act is revealed once and for all that's ok. As long as we are in the dark hole, until we cleanse all the filth we will not see light.

    And I for one long to see the bushel basket removed from the lamp so true light can shine on our church.

    David Lujan. You go! We have borne the disappoint of our clergy so far. We can handle more, as long as we know there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. If the abuse accusations are credible, fine with me. Rome and its minions have become gigantic boils that need to be lanced.

    Horrific crimes against children are routinely committed by perverse Catholic priests and religious in remote locations. Terrible stories have been leaking out of African, Caribbean and Latin American missions for a long time but Rome hasn't addressed any of them.

    They continue to cover up known pedophiles and assign them to mission territories, even in the US. Franciscan priests from an Ohio Province bankrupted much of Arizona and New Mexico by preying on Native American children there. All of them escaped criminal and civil prosecution. A Pastor originally from India totally vanished, along with his Mercedes-Benz. That luxury-class car cruising around an impoverished Indian reservation never fazed the negligent local bishop.

  4. what is CABrynes doing here?
    What exactly is his role?
    CAB not from here?
    How long he staying?