Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Latest Tony spotting: 3 days ago. On a flight to Santo Domingo. (He wasn't alone.)

This is a very interesting destination for Tony. Santo Domingo is the former residence of Archbishop Józef Wesołowski, the only other bishop (besides Apuron) known to have undergone a canonical trial. Wesołowski was laicized by Pope Francis in 2013 and was awaiting a criminal trial when he was found dead in his Vatican resident in August of 2015. Hmmm. 


  1. OMG. It has often crossed my mind that this will end up like Wesolowski. Scary post Tim.


  2. Santo Domingo fits profile.

  3. Who was he with?
    Why hide if your innocent...just saying

  4. I pray that nothing happens to apuron...until he is defrocked. After that, he's on his own!

  5. I thought that was north Korean missile heading towards Tim Rohr house LOL

    1. Someone needs to brush up on their geography skills, right Anon 1:49?

    2. Don't be facetious and stupid, 1:49 PM. Any NK missile that finds its target or hits an area with the dimensions of Guam island as a result of inaccurate calculations will be vaporized immediately. In this case your wish will also result in your own annihilation and, worse, your damnation. Don't let your emotions sprint ahead of any logical statement, even in jest or moronic remark..

  6. Janet B - MangilaoMay 3, 2017 at 2:59 PM

    The BIG question of the day: Where is Apurun?

    His trained lawyer refuses to disclose, but I will answer for all.
    Where is Apurun?

    Nobody cares!

    He is persona insignificant

  7. Janet B - MangilaoMay 3, 2017 at 5:04 PM

    The monster named Apurun has fled,
    leaving a trail of deception and dread.
    His trained attorney will not disclose,
    where this deviant has taken repose.
    But Fairfield is where we have been led.

    Our knock at a bank manager’s door,
    reveal photos and info galore.
    He misses his boys,
    their RMS sex-toys,
    but the Castro offers oooh so much more!

    The Church on Guam is near total destruction,
    due to heresy, greed and Kiko instruction.
    We found the cause to be “the Way”,
    because Church rules they will not obey.
    They view truth as a petty obstruction.

    Vast fortunes have quietly been taken,
    Christian values have long been forsaken.
    The Church is in ruins,
    because of a few Neo-Catechumens.
    But Katolico faith will never be shaken.

    A thirty year reign is now finished,
    and sexual perverts have greatly diminished.
    Rome sent a man from Detroit,
    Byrnes is savvy and adroit.
    With time his goals will be accomplished.

    This is a time of great revolution,
    an epic moral and spiritual evolution.
    The Son is now rising,
    there will be no compromising.
    “We the People” is always the solution!

    1. POWER to the people in the pews! Thanks Janet, but Andrew has better meter, but I love your thoughts.

    2. Janet B ROCKS!!!

  8. Janet B - MangilaoMay 3, 2017 at 5:26 PM

    Hmmm. Apurun flying with a partner. It could be a new boy toy picked up in the Castro of San Francisco. It has been a reported favorite hangout of this bold has-been-bishop. But I find it hard to believe he would jilt his beloved RMS boys.

    My guess is that since he is going to Sto Domingo, he has a spanish speaker in tow. Am I right Toni? Yes I am!

    Only question is which one? Could be Pedro, but I doubt it as Apurun didn't seem to like him much, having abandoned him in Colombia right after ordination.If there was anything between those two you can be sure Apurun would have brought him back as a Guam trophy.

    Could it be Edivaldo? Not likely. First, he speaks portugese not spanish. But more important, the monkey boy has an ego as big as Apurun, and we can all see the problems that would create. Apurun will not walk in another boy's shadow, unless they are both naked.

    Maybe licking Louie Camacho? This is a boy Apurun has fawned over for a long time. It must have killed poor Toni boy to found out Louis went for a girl instead of him. Such devastation is hard for a habitual sexual pervert to accept. So I don't think Apurun has gotten over Louie's infidelity to him enough to elevate him to exalted travel partner status.

    So, that leaves us with just one more possibility. Harold "pretty boy" Colorado. Apurun has already tasted him as travel boy many times in the past, and he obviously liked the arrangement. Being from Colombia, Harold speaks the Dominican lingo. He can find Toni new meat while he himself goes shopping for his own needs.

    So that is my scientific method of determining who traveled with Apurun. Any airline employees in SFO care to verify if I am correct?

    PS - mark Sto Domingo off my list of places I want to visit. A complete exorcism of an entire island is hard to accomplish.

  9. AAA and his founded ncw have gone liberal. Keep on going AAA? NCW is not for Guam?

    liberal - Dictionary Definition :
    There are many meanings for liberal, but they mostly have to do with freedom and openness to change.

    open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.

  10. I pray for the monster's safe return to Guam so he can face truth. There are many awaiting your return. Don't disappoint. You can hide but You Will be FOUND.

  11. Ooops, I still remember how kikos from Dominican put their hand over the flame defending Wesolowski in some internet sites like Cruxsancta. Their argument was this man used to celebrate with dominican communities their eucharisties on if it was enough to be free of sin. To vomit. In Youtube there were videos showing how that man was a dayly predator looking for boys at the beach. As it seems he commited his crimes in front of everybody's eyes without any embarrasment. But neocatechumenals only care if he was neo-friendly, of course.

  12. I herd that a RMS seminarian is with him. They told me is Ceasar.

  13. I herd that a RMS seminarian is with him. They told me is Ceasar.

  14. Just a hop and a skip from Santo Domingo to the Turks and Caicos, Giuseppe's other islands.

  15. Yep, where Miami neo bishop came from. Via NJ of course.

  16. The fugitive will soon run out of cover. It is best he faced the consequences of his actions and make restitution where it is due. If he needs to defend himself, then he has to come out in the open with sound legal representation. We all know where cases like this end up. Not a pretty sight. If Apuron has a remaining shred of humanity and decency he will allow justice to take its due course, not to run as a criminal aided and abetted by equally shadowy characters.

  17. Wesolowski's secret pedophile priest connections are undoubtedly alive and well in filthy Santo Domingo. There's no other reason for him to go to such a nasty, violent place.

    The Caribbean is notorious for homosexual missionaries and sex tourists who prey on impoverished children. The Neocat presbyter traveling with Apuron is probably there as a guard and food taster. Santo Domingo's Government is still justifiably furious at Rome for sneaking Wesolowski out of the country instead of leaving him there to stand criminal trial.

    Apuron is undoubtedly part of the pervert clergy network Vatican Security found buried in Wesolowski's computer along with 100,000+ child porn images. Rome knows exactly who and where the pedophiles are but Francis won't defrock them!

  18. Wesolowski was poisoned a few hours before the start of his civil trial to keep him from publicly exposing other pedophile bishops. No one in their right mind believes that he died from "natural causes".