Saturday, June 3, 2017


By Chuck White

Neocatechumenal super catechist Paolo Cometto

Our friend Lorenzo in Italy had some questions about the Neocatechumenal Way's expensive property in Rome after reading Kiko's Lenten announcement asking for funds.  He then initiated an interesting email exchange with Paolo Cometto, a Neocatechumenal super-catechist and member of the board of the Neocatechumenal foundation that owns the property.  Read more.


  1. ....the duckduckgo search engine lists his phone numbers and email from Vicariatus Urbis (Rome Diocese official website) and membership of the Foundation :"Paolo+Cometto"+persona+Vicariatus+Urbis

  2. Thank you, Charles! This shows how arrogant are them and their real WAY of doing things. Thank you, Lorenzo, for your coherence. NCW's leaders, as this Paolo, higher catechist, are well trained on phariseism. Just see how they consider those who are able to think by their own, just asking, just if they were idiots: "you have not read the whole"!
    Please, we do not need to read the whole, we are not under Kiko's influence anymore, we are not under blind obedience. Enough is enough!!!
    In Spanish we say Kiko is a "liante", a person who is always making mess, making "líos". When Pope Francis told Kiko about the "lío" he had made, Pope was very sutil, because in the end was saying Kiko es un liante.
    And when somebody is a liante, it is better not to make any business with him, because you will be ruined.
    It's unmoral how they are causing ruine for poor people of good will in the NCW, they are spending all their money living like princes.
    And of course the NCW owns real state goods, as demonstrated. A real deception!

  3. Mr. Paolo Cometto said: "I suggest that you read the whole announcement".
    You got it all wrong, M. Cometto. Lorenzo wants to read the Foundation’s financial statements. A Foundation asking for donations which does not publish his financial statements is not credible.

  4. LOL. The neocats are a cliche. Rather than engage and truly evangelize, they default to "God sent me," and the "dicateries." Cowards and Liars. No other words.