Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Posted by Tim

There is no doubt, as Archbishop Byrnes recently termed it, that three decades of Apuron rule have left this diocese a "DISASTER." 

That's a strong word, but it hardly hints at what has really happened. How many souls have been lost? How many marriages and families have collapsed? How many suicides? How many abortions? How many destroyed lives? How many lost vocations? Because the shepherd had not only abandoned his sheep, but had in fact become the chief wolf. 

At times, knowing what we know now (and we don't know the half of it), I wondered if God did not look down on this diocese and think that he should just wipe it out as he did the whole world in the days of Noah, and start again. 

What has happened in Guam, however, is but a microcosm of what has been happening in most of the Catholic world, particularly in what was once known as western civilization. And not knowing this, is the danger we presently face. 

As said many times now, getting rid of the Neo's and Apuron will solve nothing if we do not also get rid of the errors that permitted their aberrations to take root and fester in what was an already rotting body. 

In this article, Msgr. Charles Pope points out eight modern errors which he says are "common, even in the Church." I would add, "especially in the Church." For as the Church goes so goes the world. 

And to the extent that we continue to not recognize these errors, to the extent that we shy away from engaging them, then we invite the flood upon us, not of water as in the days of Noah, but a flood of filth and confusion in which many are already drowning.

In this age, the Church must once again be our Ark, but this ark will have to be built by lay hands. 

8 Modern Errors Every Catholic Should Know and Avoid

  1. Mercy without reference to repentance
  2. Staurophobia
  3. Universalism
  4. Deformed Dialogue
  5. Equating Love with Kindness
  6. Misconstruing the nature of tolerance
  7. Anthropocentrism
  8. Role reversal


  1. Will the details of the destruction of the Church on Guam under Apuron be finally revealed over time? Or will the picture slowly emerge as things are put into place by Byrnes?

    1. It is a mess beyond imagination, plus many files have been destroyed, and we don't know how many or what was in them. It's going to take years to even begin to figure out what has been lost, covered up, stolen, burned... The people in charge right now hardly know where to begin. But if I were in charge, I would begin by hauling Adrian and David in and calling for their canonical trial.

  2. WTH is David doing to earn his living? And where on earth is Pius hiding out? Think he is out of the picture? Doubt it.