Monday, July 31, 2017


... I left at "Canon expert: Vatican protected bishops for centuries."

Tim Rohr ·

To clarify, the Vatican neither removed Apuron nor did it put him on trial.

Apuron asked to be temporarily replaced by an apostolic administrator who he thought would put down the rebellion and allow him to return, but the rebels were more than the administrator could handle and soon the administrator joined the rebels. 

The pope then twice asked Apuron to resign. Apuron refused and asked for a canonical trial. He did this because Apuron has confidence in the NCW control of the Vatican, particularly through Cardinal Filoni who is known as the "red pope," because while still yet a cardinal, is believed to be next in line to be pope and indeed already runs the Vatican.

And as for the polish pope who supposedly underwent a canonical trial, only the first stage of the trial was completed. He died before the criminal phase could be pursued. 

Maybe that's why Apuron remains in hiding.

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