Monday, July 31, 2017


... I left at "Canon expert: Vatican protected bishops for centuries."

Tim Rohr ·

To clarify, the Vatican neither removed Apuron nor did it put him on trial.

Apuron asked to be temporarily replaced by an apostolic administrator who he thought would put down the rebellion and allow him to return, but the rebels were more than the administrator could handle and soon the administrator joined the rebels. 

The pope then twice asked Apuron to resign. Apuron refused and asked for a canonical trial. He did this because Apuron has confidence in the NCW control of the Vatican, particularly through Cardinal Filoni who is known as the "red pope," because while still yet a cardinal, is believed to be next in line to be pope and indeed already runs the Vatican.

And as for the polish pope who supposedly underwent a canonical trial, only the first stage of the trial was completed. He died before the criminal phase could be pursued. 

Maybe that's why Apuron remains in hiding.


  1. Brother tony is in hiding because he knows his guilt. Innocent people don't run. Just like REAL LEADERS stand their ground and face their followers not by threatening them but by actually listening to each and every one of them.

  2. Hiding? Tomorrow is August. Prepare yourself, the day is coming with a world of pain. God is coming to destroy all your evil intention.

    1. 12:04 PM, we are already in a lot of pain. Have been in pain for around 30 or so years with a bishop that should not have been! Blame your tony brother for that! The Catholic Church is trying to put right what he squandered and abused. Don't be a prophet of doom with your empty threats. Step into the light and find some truth to your existence. Be informed by facts, be critical of wrongdoing, not blindlessly follow the crowd of pathetic cultists.

    2. Janet B - MangilaoJuly 31, 2017 at 5:38 PM

      Ooooooh. A world of pain. Sounds a lot like "a more painful and arduous conclusion to your ministry" type of language. Such pain can only mean Apurun intends to return?

      A sure sign that Apurun is returning is when you see all 500 kiko-bots at the airport with their tambourines and mandolins, singing and clapping at the arrivals area for their poster boy - not Licking Luis, but Tony the Toddler Toucher.

      What a crazy band of fools they are. One can just imagine Dr Quack Eusebio there at the airport in tears!

      BTW - in which dictionary does a kiko-bot find the phrase "evil intention" defined as persecuting a perverted NCW member and driving him out of town in order to protect innocent children?

      If you guessed in one of Kiko's secret 13 volumes of directory give yourself an A+. Kikos have a strange way of defining situations, and if you have been paying attention to the struggle of Good vs Perverted taking place here on Guam, you will recognize their common battle cry.

      One clarification, Apurun was not driven out. Once the truth started to unravel and his bullying threats failed to silence the crowd, Apurun run like a little sissy all on his own. So, yes, Tony the Toddler Toucher IS hiding.

      So: thanks to Anon at 12:04pm for yet another example of how the NCW can destroy a perfectly good mind faster than heroine, cocaine, or acid. Our prayers go out for the seriously addicted members of the NCW who cannot put down the drug called Kiko!

    3. May God come and expose the duplicity, the manipulation of truth, the disobedience the pride and arrogance of those who would pretend to obey the Church but are seen to do otherwise!

    4. Funny guy anon @ 12.04.....should we start a count down?

  3. I deleted the original porn comment, but copying here the replies to the comment:

    TimAugust 2, 2017 at 1:25 PM
    Interesting. "roth's" comment is definitely a kiko kind of comment. Her profile takes us to a gambling site and the strange little link at the bottom will take you to site for sex toys. LOL. I thought about taking it down, but we'll leave it there for now.

    CNMI LawyerAugust 3, 2017 at 6:47 AM
    Although theoretically a NCW-style comment, I would say that “God is coming to destroy all your evil intention” is more likely a generic spam comment suitable for posting on any religious-themed website.

    The Thai word เย็ดสาว at the bottom of the spam translates as “girl”.

    Given the link of that word to sex toys (thank you for relieving us from clicking through) and the gambling-related profile, my view is that this is simply plain, old-fashioned spam.

    My preference would be that you remove the post and spare us the near occasion of sin.

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