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DianaOctober 27, 2017 at 1:58 PM
Dear Zoltan,

I do not know if you have been keeping up with current events. I agree that The NCW should be obedient to Archbishop Byrnes because he is the Coadjutor Archbishop of Agana. The NCW has been obedient when he instructed us to celebrate the Mass in the church.

However, Anonymous 1:39 pm is correct. Archbishop Byrnes is afraid to go against the mafia of this island. He fears persecution. The Archdiocese is not controlled by the Archbishop. It is controlled by CCOG.

ZoltanOctober 27, 2017 at 3:43 PM
Dear Diana, I am truly trying to catch up with happenings that I read about in the news and in your blog. Regarding archbishop Byrnes' directives I think it is right to celebrate the Mass in the church building. It is a beautiful building that was designed and built to convey the beauty of our Lord and the beauty our faith in Him. We belong to the church as we belong to the parish. If the parish is dead, as someone told us at your blog, then we are also dead, because we are part of the parish.

We should vilify neither our fellow parishioners not the legitimate leadership of our Catholic life on the island. What is more, it is not enough to be obedient, we also have to be cheerful that our local Pastor cares about us and our well-being as Catholics. He is the appointed leader of our archdiocese bringing to us and representing the spirit of the Lord Jesus through ecclesial, administrative and pastoral efforts. We should comply with his instructions without effort and without resistance. The circumstances are extremely challenging, even dangerous, but he keeps 100% control in church matters, as far as I can see. He is the sole authority in local decisions.

You mention some "mafia". I have never heard about any Catholic mafia operating on the island. Typically, mafia is in Italy where the NCW is flourishing. Who is exactly the mafia on Guam? I only see a handful jungle believers who try to wreak havoc. But they are no mafia in context of power, method and influence. They are in no position to persecute the Archbishop. How could they be? Archbishop Byrnes is not afraid of them. Why would he be?

When CCoG members tried to press Archbishop Hon, he shrugged them off. He demonstrated that no Archbishop has to fear from ad hoc pressure groups with a vicious anti-church agenda. Unfortunately, Archbishop Hon missed the opportunity to fight the CCoG's "predator bill" on time, even though it was already very clear what Rohr and Klitzkie wanted to do: created a predator mentality and a predator weapon against their own church!

In this omission Archbishop Hon was on the same page as NCW leadership. I was the only person who stood up against the bill at the public hearing. The situation of the Catholic Church would be different right now if this bill could have been modified and tailored by simple reason in August 2016.

ZoltanOctober 27, 2017 at 3:51 PM
Dear anon, Archbishop Byrnes is a well respected Catholic archbishop and an exemplary Christian leader on island. Please, bring up your facts, if you have any, to prove to the contrary. Otherwise your tirades are meaningless. What facts speak louder than words for you? Nobody is preventing you from talking up against in-vitro fertilization. Who would do that? I don't see your point. How is your frustration about IVF related to the Archbishop?

DianaOctober 27, 2017 at 4:05 PM
Dear Zoltan,

I never said that it was wrong to celebrate in the church building. The building is not the same as the people. The Church is the people. It is an assembly of people. The building can be destroyed, but the Church cannot be destroyed.

Zoltan, from what I see, Archbishop Byrnes follows CCOG rather than God. CCOG told Archbishop Byrnes to get rid of Monsignor David. He called Monsignor David to resign in light of the current circumstances. Monsignor David resigned. So, we have a Bishop who would rather sacrifice his own priest to CCOG than stand together with him in the persecution.


Let’s give Zoltan some credit. He’s standing up to The Dianas. And he’s right…pretty much. 

Zoltan first insists on obedience to the legitimate authority: Archbishop Byrnes. So long as Apuron is “sede plena,” Apuron has ZERO authority in this diocese, something The Dianas refuse to concede. 

More over, Zoltan insists on obedience within the proper sphere of episcopal authority, i.e. his governance of the liturgy. 

Zoltan’s comment also shows that he is not really a “good neo.” He insists that the parish is the essential community, not the neo-community. In fact, he says if the parish is dead, so is the neo-community. This is blasphemy in true neo-ranks. The whole aim of Kiko’s grand design is to replace the parish with neo-communities. 

Kudos to Zoltan for standing up to this, but one wonders if he has had a change of heart or - like many - he didn’t understand what he signed up for. I’m sure his catechist will deal with him at the first opportunity. 

Diana characterizes the CCOG as the “mafia” and Zoltan calls her out on it by saying that no bishop need fear any “pressure groups,” and he’s right. CCOG actually made no headway with Hon or with Byrnes. At most, Dave Sablan had several meetings with Fr. Jeff which essentially went nowhere. 

As for Rohr and Klitzkie’s “predator bill,” I would remind Zoltan and our readers that said bill was the creation of Sen. Frank Blas, Jr., and in fact, I was quite surprised that a sitting senator dared introduce it. 

The original bill did not hold institutions liable, only individuals. And in fact, both Klitzkie and I testified in support of the original bill as introduced. In fact, Klitzkie had originally submitted testimony protecting institutions (i.e. the archdiocese - simply because we knew that it was the laity who would have to ultimately pay the bill.)

It wasn’t until after Archbishop Hon publicly mocked the bill and attempted to discredit the very idea of “victims,” that we realized that the only way to get Hon, and the institutional Church, to take the accusations seriously was to include institutional liability. 

The fact that we did not want to hold the archdiocese liable for the sins of one man is evidenced by the fact that as soon as there was an alternative (Hope and Healing/Mediation), we have vigorously supported the alternative, even going up against former allies like SNAP, who only want to see the Church sued. 

And Zoltan is also right about being the only one testifying against the bill. Where was the NCW leadership? Where was Ric? Where was Adrian? Where was David? Where was Diana?

As for getting rid of Msgr. David, the CCOG had nothing to do with that. David and three other priests abused their positions as members of the Presbyteral Council to undermine their bishop. Byrnes rightly made his own decision to terminate them. 

In fact, one of the things I have found extremely frustrating about Archbishop Byrnes, is that despite the preponderance of evidence fingering who the bad guys are in this diocese, Byrnes wants to study everything himself, detail by detail, and appears to always consult a canon lawyer before proceeding with anything. 

It’s nice to see Zoltan standing up to The Diana. Long timers on this blog will remember that it was Zoltan who essentially “birthed” The Diana by constantly making comments which directed readers of this blog to The Diana’s. He did the same on my Facebook page. 

And if not for The Diana, and had Adrian had the sense to keep his mouth shut, JungleWatch would have been left talking to itself and the whole matter would have gone away before it ever became anything. 

So for that, I suppose we must thank Zoltan, even as we now thank him for standing up to the Dianastein he helped to create. 


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