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DianaOctober 27, 2017 at 1:58 PM
Dear Zoltan,

I do not know if you have been keeping up with current events. I agree that The NCW should be obedient to Archbishop Byrnes because he is the Coadjutor Archbishop of Agana. The NCW has been obedient when he instructed us to celebrate the Mass in the church.

However, Anonymous 1:39 pm is correct. Archbishop Byrnes is afraid to go against the mafia of this island. He fears persecution. The Archdiocese is not controlled by the Archbishop. It is controlled by CCOG.

ZoltanOctober 27, 2017 at 3:43 PM
Dear Diana, I am truly trying to catch up with happenings that I read about in the news and in your blog. Regarding archbishop Byrnes' directives I think it is right to celebrate the Mass in the church building. It is a beautiful building that was designed and built to convey the beauty of our Lord and the beauty our faith in Him. We belong to the church as we belong to the parish. If the parish is dead, as someone told us at your blog, then we are also dead, because we are part of the parish.

We should vilify neither our fellow parishioners not the legitimate leadership of our Catholic life on the island. What is more, it is not enough to be obedient, we also have to be cheerful that our local Pastor cares about us and our well-being as Catholics. He is the appointed leader of our archdiocese bringing to us and representing the spirit of the Lord Jesus through ecclesial, administrative and pastoral efforts. We should comply with his instructions without effort and without resistance. The circumstances are extremely challenging, even dangerous, but he keeps 100% control in church matters, as far as I can see. He is the sole authority in local decisions.

You mention some "mafia". I have never heard about any Catholic mafia operating on the island. Typically, mafia is in Italy where the NCW is flourishing. Who is exactly the mafia on Guam? I only see a handful jungle believers who try to wreak havoc. But they are no mafia in context of power, method and influence. They are in no position to persecute the Archbishop. How could they be? Archbishop Byrnes is not afraid of them. Why would he be?

When CCoG members tried to press Archbishop Hon, he shrugged them off. He demonstrated that no Archbishop has to fear from ad hoc pressure groups with a vicious anti-church agenda. Unfortunately, Archbishop Hon missed the opportunity to fight the CCoG's "predator bill" on time, even though it was already very clear what Rohr and Klitzkie wanted to do: created a predator mentality and a predator weapon against their own church!

In this omission Archbishop Hon was on the same page as NCW leadership. I was the only person who stood up against the bill at the public hearing. The situation of the Catholic Church would be different right now if this bill could have been modified and tailored by simple reason in August 2016.

ZoltanOctober 27, 2017 at 3:51 PM
Dear anon, Archbishop Byrnes is a well respected Catholic archbishop and an exemplary Christian leader on island. Please, bring up your facts, if you have any, to prove to the contrary. Otherwise your tirades are meaningless. What facts speak louder than words for you? Nobody is preventing you from talking up against in-vitro fertilization. Who would do that? I don't see your point. How is your frustration about IVF related to the Archbishop?

DianaOctober 27, 2017 at 4:05 PM
Dear Zoltan,

I never said that it was wrong to celebrate in the church building. The building is not the same as the people. The Church is the people. It is an assembly of people. The building can be destroyed, but the Church cannot be destroyed.

Zoltan, from what I see, Archbishop Byrnes follows CCOG rather than God. CCOG told Archbishop Byrnes to get rid of Monsignor David. He called Monsignor David to resign in light of the current circumstances. Monsignor David resigned. So, we have a Bishop who would rather sacrifice his own priest to CCOG than stand together with him in the persecution.


Let’s give Zoltan some credit. He’s standing up to The Dianas. And he’s right…pretty much. 

Zoltan first insists on obedience to the legitimate authority: Archbishop Byrnes. So long as Apuron is “sede plena,” Apuron has ZERO authority in this diocese, something The Dianas refuse to concede. 

More over, Zoltan insists on obedience within the proper sphere of episcopal authority, i.e. his governance of the liturgy. 

Zoltan’s comment also shows that he is not really a “good neo.” He insists that the parish is the essential community, not the neo-community. In fact, he says if the parish is dead, so is the neo-community. This is blasphemy in true neo-ranks. The whole aim of Kiko’s grand design is to replace the parish with neo-communities. 

Kudos to Zoltan for standing up to this, but one wonders if he has had a change of heart or - like many - he didn’t understand what he signed up for. I’m sure his catechist will deal with him at the first opportunity. 

Diana characterizes the CCOG as the “mafia” and Zoltan calls her out on it by saying that no bishop need fear any “pressure groups,” and he’s right. CCOG actually made no headway with Hon or with Byrnes. At most, Dave Sablan had several meetings with Fr. Jeff which essentially went nowhere. 

As for Rohr and Klitzkie’s “predator bill,” I would remind Zoltan and our readers that said bill was the creation of Sen. Frank Blas, Jr., and in fact, I was quite surprised that a sitting senator dared introduce it. 

The original bill did not hold institutions liable, only individuals. And in fact, both Klitzkie and I testified in support of the original bill as introduced. In fact, Klitzkie had originally submitted testimony protecting institutions (i.e. the archdiocese - simply because we knew that it was the laity who would have to ultimately pay the bill.)

It wasn’t until after Archbishop Hon publicly mocked the bill and attempted to discredit the very idea of “victims,” that we realized that the only way to get Hon, and the institutional Church, to take the accusations seriously was to include institutional liability. 

The fact that we did not want to hold the archdiocese liable for the sins of one man is evidenced by the fact that as soon as there was an alternative (Hope and Healing/Mediation), we have vigorously supported the alternative, even going up against former allies like SNAP, who only want to see the Church sued. 

And Zoltan is also right about being the only one testifying against the bill. Where was the NCW leadership? Where was Ric? Where was Adrian? Where was David? Where was Diana?

As for getting rid of Msgr. David, the CCOG had nothing to do with that. David and three other priests abused their positions as members of the Presbyteral Council to undermine their bishop. Byrnes rightly made his own decision to terminate them. 

In fact, one of the things I have found extremely frustrating about Archbishop Byrnes, is that despite the preponderance of evidence fingering who the bad guys are in this diocese, Byrnes wants to study everything himself, detail by detail, and appears to always consult a canon lawyer before proceeding with anything. 

It’s nice to see Zoltan standing up to The Diana. Long timers on this blog will remember that it was Zoltan who essentially “birthed” The Diana by constantly making comments which directed readers of this blog to The Diana’s. He did the same on my Facebook page. 

And if not for The Diana, and had Adrian had the sense to keep his mouth shut, JungleWatch would have been left talking to itself and the whole matter would have gone away before it ever became anything. 

So for that, I suppose we must thank Zoltan, even as we now thank him for standing up to the Dianastein he helped to create. 



  1. What's interesting is that Diane and the neos are such hypocrites that they once spoke loudly at the notion of losing control of the RMS "building". Even claiming the CCOG, Rohr, etc. we're destroying the church and then here Diana is saying, The building is not the same as the people. The Church is the PEOPLE."

    Diana and her neo possé really need to verify the blog the wrote cause just like "Trump", words are coming back to bite them in the ASS 🤔🙄....

  2. I'll give Zoltan 2 points for his comment and another 2 points for thw followung question:

    ZoltanOctober 28, 2017 at 8:44 AM

    Diana, Msgr David accepted the call to resign. Why

  3. Köszönöm, Zoltán.

    Si Yu'us ma'ase, Tim, for continually setting the record straight.

  4. After watching an intense Warrior game, good defense.

    I gotta say send a cheer: Defense Zoltan, Defense:

    AnonymousOctober 28, 2017 at 10:16 AM

    Division injustice discrimination prejudice intensify under Byrnes.



    ZoltanOctober 28, 2017 at 3:02 PM

    Dear anon, blanket accusations are meaningless and disrespectful. Please, have respect for our appointed Pastor by elaborating.

  5. Oh, AB Apuron is still the authority and AB Byrnes is just assisting as oer anon on Di's post.
    AnonymousOctober 28, 2017 at 7:31 PM

    Archbishop Apuron remains Archbishop of Agana Guam. Until such a time Pope Francis appoints a new bishop he is the authority. Archbishop Byrnes is here to assist Archbishop Apuron. Given he has closed down a seminary of Archdiocese Archbishop Apuron must re evaluate all decisions on his return.

    So AB Apuron who is in authority told his assistant to close RMS. What idiots! Apuron's authority as of the present day is null and void. Praying that it will be null and void forever.

  6. God knows I have had my differences with Zoltan on many subjects, since I started reading and writing on this blog.

    I guess he is still recovering from his health issue back home.

    Several points I would like to underline regarding Dr Szekely:
    While he often defends the indefensible, and his arguments can be circumvoluted (as his speech was when he testified at the Senate hearing), he has the merit of not backing down from the fight.

    This was the main reason, I used several times the term "useful idiot", because I truly felt he was being used and manipulated by some in the NCW, who conveniently remained in the rear, enchanted, that they did not have to make a difficult case themselves.

    At the same time, I know that he reached out to some, in an attempt for clarification, before he had to go to take care of his health.

    This proved that he might actually be an honest, but misled member of the NCW, who was genuinely trying to figure out some of the obvious charade spelled out by the Diana and others in his community.
    It is very interesting since he shares his community with Diana. I supposed they interacted on many occasions. Yet while it appears that Zoltan is trying to keep a middle of the road, logical approach, to many of the issues, Mae of course is totally pushing her narrow, distorted and deviant agenda.

    I know it has puzzled many people over the last few years, that an obviously talented person, (after all a PHD in Mathematics in nothing to sneeze at), could be so "illogical" when it came down to the issues that faced us, in the Diocese.
    We all have experienced someone, who no matter what the subject is, always take the position of the devil's advocate. Zoltan definitely appeared to fall in that category, until fairly recently.

    Apparently there might be hope that honest, and misled members of the NCW slowly but surely figure out the games Diana/Mae, Cristobal, Quitagua, tricky Dick, Pius and others have been, and continue to play on their members.

    We have always preached that at one time or another, we should be willing and able to welcome back the lost sheep.

    I am not going to count my chicken until they hatched, but I shall take any sign of hope at face value, for what they are: a sign that we should not turn our backs on our fellow Catholics if and when they are ready.

    1. Yes. Regardless of how any individual ends up concerning allegiance to the Catholic Church, this shows the importance of continuing to pray for those who fall under the sway of the NCW Cult, and remaining charitable and civil toward all.

    2. Ha! Charitable and civil,my foot! Charity and civility find very little purchase in the jungle. I’m sure, though, Jungle Nation feels their viciousness is justified.

    3. The only viciousness in the Jungle was what has been aimed at me by your side while you hide behind "anonymous." The filth, the curses, the threats, the hate, the name-calling... all of that has been documented on this blog and I wasn't shy to publish it. I wanted to the whole world to see who you were.

  7. I'm beginning to like Zoltan a little bit.

    AnonymousOctober 29, 2017 at 11:02 AM
    Zoltan, do you believe that Apuron is guilty or not? What is your stance?

    ZoltanOctober 29, 2017 at 4:21 PM
    Dear anon, who am I to judge my brother? It is neither your job nor my job. We have a Vatican tribunal that has completed its deliberations.

    Making blanket accusations against the Archbishop of record is neither smart nor useful. He is only trying to do his job. So please, be specific. Vilifying Archbishop Byrnes would only turn the faithful against you.

    DianaOctober 29, 2017 at 4:36 PM
    Dear Zoltan,

    Archbishop Apuron is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The canonical trial will determine his innocence or guilt. But until the results are made public, he is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

    1. Dear Diana, the canonical court is not a court of law. That would be the Federal Court. And Apuron is demanding that his cases be dismissed. In other words, he does NOT want his guilt or innocence to be determined in a court of law. Now, why would that be?

  8. The Diana & Co runs a confusing blog? One day, her or his topic will be on Unity. Another day will be on Love. This time it's about Hate. "So, if that is not “hate” then what is?". God does not preach "hate" but LOVE, Diana.

    DianaOctober 28, 2017 at 6:42 PM
    Dear Anonymous at 4:58 pm,

    Dear Zoltan,

    You also called SNAP and CCOG “anti-Catholic. The issue that we are facing is hate. That is the sin that is dividing us. It is no secret that the jungle wants the NCW out of every parish and out of the Archdiocese. It is no secret that when an RMS priest was assigned to a parish, the junglefolks leave the parish. It is no secret that the junglefolks do not want an RMS priest in their parish. So, if that is not “hate” then what is?

    1. Dear Diana, thank you for the compliment. I'm flattered that you think the Jungle has so much influence over everyday Catholics. Unfortunately, it is not true. Yesterday, I was speaking with someone who doesn't have a clue about my blog. He expressed why he left his neo-presbyter run parish. The only way he could explain it is that "they do things different." The person and his family have been long time members of the parish in question and he was very careful not to show any disrespect to the priests. He and his wife made the decision because they did not want their children to grow up in a parish which did things differently than what they knew. He specifically mentioned that the order of the Mass was different and that the homilies were disturbing. His wife said that she did not want their children to be hearing homilies about masturbation.

      That's not hate, Diana. That's love. A parents' love for their children.

    2. It is correct when they say that "The issue that we are facing is hate. That is the sin that is dividing us".

      Let me explain:

      1) The issue that we are facing is hate - This is because the NCW hates the Catholic faith and wishes to destroy it, and replace in with the religion of Kiko (the NCW).

      2) That is the sin that is dividing us - The implementation of this Kiko religion (the NCW) is the sin causing division and dividing the church.

      Having uncovered the truth about the NCW and its intentions, we are telling the world about it.

  9. Thank you Zoltan for clarifying that the NCW doesn't need to be present for the Catholic Church to be alive. I'm liking you more than just a little bit. You moved 5points up the notch.

    ZoltanOctober 30, 2017 at 6:23 PM
    Dear anon, I would like to share with you that in South Carolina, where I had spent many years, there is a vibrant and very much alive Catholic life. It is despite the fact that the NCW, as in most of the mainland states, is not present!

    It is good to see that many Catholics who arrive from Latin-America or Asia find their spiritual home and identity in these mainland churches often becoming very active and getting leadership position in parish life. I vividly remember when a lady from the Philippines was joyfully welcomed and greeted in my church. Next week, she had already read the the Scripture for the mass. She also became active in Bible studies. You cannot say this parish or parishes in general in the mainland are "dead". It is not only untrue, it is also very arrogant.

    ZoltanOctober 30, 2017 at 6:24 PM
    Dear Diana, I can understand parents who would like to see in advance the sexual education material their children are exposed to. I find nothing wrong with that.

    DianaOctober 30, 2017 at 6:46 PM
    Dear Zoltan,

    The public schools today teach that same sex marriage is ok. They teach the little children in elementary schools that they can choose their gender. In other words, if they are a boy but feel like a girl, it is okay for him to wear a dress to school. The parents have no say in the sex education curriculum.

  10. Is Zoltan beginning to see the light? Diana seems upset with him for speaking his mind!

    ZoltanOctober 31, 2017 at 8:47 AM
    Dear Diana, according to the Bible evangelization means going out baptizing the pagans. Make them disciples, says the Lord.

    Perhaps you are not aware of this, but Guam with its 85% Catholic population is in a blissful state regarding Catholic faith! In Europe, for instance, in my home country Hungary, a traditionally Catholic country, only 60% of the population is Catholic today and about 10% of them are attending Sunday mass regularly. Out of a population of 10 million people, this gives you only 600 thousand who attend church!

    On Guam, the % of Catholics will go even lower once the bitter financial crunch caused by abuse settlements will kick in. People will ask what went wrong that facilities will close and services will be halted. It'll be hard to accept that they did not do anything wrong, but the division and disunity inside the diocese cause great financial loss that parishioners have to shoulder up.

    It is crucial and morally imperative to maintain faith in the parishes and to show loyalty toward the Pastor who works hard in mitigating the situation all possible ways. Currently, our Pastor of record is Archbishop Byrnes, therefore we have to trust him and obey his decisions.

    DianaOctober 31, 2017 at 9:21 AM
    Dear Zoltan,

    How can you say that Gusm'a Catholics are in a blissful state? Just because we are 85% Catholic does not mean that we are true "Catholics" following the faith. Do you know how many Catholics are using contraceptives, which goes against the Catholic Church? Is that what it means to be Catholic. Do you know how many Catholics on Guam support same sex marriage and see nothing wrong with homosexuality? Do you know how many Catholics are living together out of wedlock? Is that what it means to be "Catholic"? There are many Catholics who do not follow Church doctrine.

    As always, the NCW have been praying for Archbishop Byrnes. I do not agree with everything he did. I certainly did not agree when he cave in to CCOG rather than standing up for his priest. I also do not agree with him bad-mouthing Archbishop Apuron (a brother bishop) in the public news. When a bishop or priest does something that is wrong, we can correct him. After all, a bishop is human and can make mistakes.

    With that said, there are also somethings I agree with him. I do agree that victims of abuse do need counseling. That is the first thing they need, and I am glad that the Hope and Healing Program is providing counseling. I am also pleased to hear in the news that he told CCOG to move forward. CCOG's main agenda has nothing to do with Kamalen Karidat. Their main agenda is to destroy Deacon Tenoria. They are only going after those who supported Archbishop Apuron.

  11. Faithful Catholics everywhere must stand up to the NCW Cult.

    1. Is the NCW pro-life? Zoltan plainly said he is not.

  12. Anyone who trusts Zoltan is nuts. He has proved on many occasions how treacherous he is. He'll whip around when least expected and stab all of you in the back.

  13. Thank you Zoltan for supporting and having confidence in AB Byrnes.

    ZoltanNovember 7, 2017 at 9:19 AM
    Dear Diana, financial mismanagement is a complex problem. Usually it cannot be blamed on one or other single person. The Archdiocesan Financial Council and the Archbishop have the facts about the missing audit. The inability to produce an audit in the past was already a clear evidence of serious troubles. The problems, if not prevented, tend to become systemic creeping into the whole organization. Let me refer to an article from the Umatuna that was written on the occasion of introducing a new finance management platform to the archdiocese's all existing units:

    "Archdiocese launching Cathonet system to strengthen financial management

    Archbishop Michael Byrnes and Josie Villanueva, Finance Officer for the archdiocese unveiled the financial management platform called “Cathonet”. “Just the fact that you came here today is already a sign of improvement,” Archbishop Byrnes told the assemblage.

    Cathonet is a financial and accounting platform that is used by many other Catholic dioceses across the country that builds better
    - management,
    - accountability,
    - efficiency and
    - transparency
    in financial operations. Under Cathonet, parishes and schools work together more easily with their diocese for improved communication, oversight and control.

    “This instrument will help us gain the transparency,” Villanueva told the group. “We have to rebuild together and we have to strengthen the foundation as we move forward,” she said. The archdiocese can now “get going” with this vision to strengthen our financial management in this way thanks to the dedication and innovation of the Archdiocesan Finance Council.

    In her overview, Villanueva discussed some of the fiscal challenges that our archdiocese is facing, such as
    - declining attendance and donations at the Masses,
    - the threat of closure or consolidation of parishes and schools
    - due to the lack of funding and financial oversight, and
    - delays in reporting of time-sensitive financial information.

    She also mentioned that “best practices” in financial management and technology are not utilized consistently across our archdiocese and urged the shedding of an “It’s always been done this way” mentality when it comes to embracing the challenges of employing 21st century tools now at our disposal."

    You see, dear Diana, the roots of the problems go very deep. You need serious effort to streamline the management and make it transparent, otherwise the problems re-create themselves in different form. Because of the complexity of these systemic changes it is inevitable that a strong and determined leader takes command who can dedicate himself 100% to making improvements. You need a shaker and mover who is ready for big changes! At this moment, this person is Archbishop Byrnes who took on the helmet to face the challenges.

    DianaNovember 7, 2017 at 10:28 AM
    Dear Zoltan,

    I will remind you that some of the members in that present Archdiocesan Finance Council were the same people who caused the financial problems. Archbishop Byrnes has been here for only one year, so we have yet to see an improvement. The Archdiocese is still in a lot if debt. That has not changed. We have to wait another year or two to see the results of Byrne's implementation.


  14. Tim... you mention some characters commenting behind anonymous id... why don't you publish their comments so that we don't have to go to Diana's site? If you mention it, perhaps is worth reading it.

    1. Just saying... I just came back from Diana's site and there are a whole bunch of stuff, written by anon, that you are choosing not to display... although now I understand why.

    2. How would I know what is in her blog?