Sunday, December 17, 2017


In a letter from CCOG president, David Sablan, to Archbishop Byrnes, dated October 28, 2017, and copied to the media, Sablan essentially made this exact point. (In fact, "God is one" is only copying). However, Sablan was roundly criticized a few days later by callers to K57 who chose to extol the supposed "wonderful work" of Kamalen Karidat's former executive director, Deacon Frank Tenorio. 

Already knowing for several years that Kamalen Karidat was a sham operation, set up under the guise of "feeding the poor," but otherwise meant to privately fund Apuron's personal life and fun (if not ultimately his legal defense [he knew it was coming]), I tried to call in. 

But it's a good thing I didn't get through. It is better that someone else, in this case, the PDN, exposed the sham that always was Kamalen Karidat...and even more so, because it used the good will of so many people as its cover. 

One has only to look at Kamalen Karidat's Articles of Incorporation to see that it was set up to do much more than just care for the poor (which was only its cover). You have to read past the first few paragraphs of Article III to see the real purposes of Kamalen Karidat. Here's one:

The fact that Fr. Mike Crisostomo and Archbishop Byrnes are now emphasizing that Kamalen Karidat's "charitable works" are now operating as a ministry of the Archdiocese of Agana, tells us that Kamalen Karidat was not, nor was it ever a "ministry of the Archdiocese of Agana." 

The current Kamalen Karidat board is NOT the one Archbishop Byrnes recently appointed, but the names of the board members who were named when Kamalen Karidat was incorporated in 1994. 

And if I was one of them, I would want to immediately limit my liability by dissolving the corporation at the first opportunity now that it is known that KK has not complied with local and federal tax filing requirements since it was incorporated. 

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