Saturday, October 31, 2020


"You guys talk about transparency and accountability with our government, and being open, yet they (referring to Archbishop Michael Byrnes) sweep Bishop Apuron away, and there's zero accountability for all the injustices; that he committed here on Guam, and they're hiding him in the Vatican."Guam Pride founder and president Lasia Casil

While Casil is grossly misinformed if Casil thinks Archbishop Byrnes has anything to do with Apuron being swept away and "hiding in the Vatican," Casil may be right that someone or "someones" are hiding Apuron in the Vatican. 

As demonstrated here, "someone" in the Vatican is certainly keeping an eye on JungleWatch. On August 31, 2020 alone, there were 18 views of JungleWatch from Vatican City - and all from the same computer. 

A few of the links tell us what the "someone" in Vatican City was looking for:

We shouldn't be surprised if Apuron is being hid, not only "by the Vatican," but maybe even "in the Vatican." 

There is, of course, the "Red Pope," aka Cardinal Filoni, and Apuron's connection with the powerful Neocatechumenal Way. But there is also what Pope Benedict called the "gay lobby," which is sometimes referred to as the "Lavender Mafia" because of how much power "it" has. 

In memoirs, ex Pope Benedict says Vatican 'gay lobby' tried to wield power: report (Reuters)

While Apuron might have been labeled a "pedophile" because of the allegations against him for sexually molesting underaged males, there is no evidence that Apuron was a pedophile. 

A pedophile, clinically defined, is a biological adult who is sexually attracted to prepubescent children. None of Apuron's known victims were prepubescent children, all were post-pubescent (adolescent) teenagers

And while Apuron's alleged victims might have been under the legal adult age of 18, all (taking the norm into account) were fully developed biological adult males. 

In other words, Apuron's alleged abusive acts were homosexual acts, albeit still "criminal" because of his alleged perpetrating said acts on unwilling victims - not to mention the alleged trickery and abuse of his clerical office.

Note: Criminal is in quotes because the criminal statute of limitations has now expired so even if said acts occurred as they are alleged, said acts cannot be labeled criminal. The law permitting the alleged victims of Apuron to sue Apuron for child abuse. 

So it makes sense that the Vatican, now so widely known to be in the control of several pink prelates, would have a nice flat for the fleeing Apuron. 

In fact, given what we now know about Apuron's alleged victims. Apuron may feel right at home in Francis' Vatican (i.e. "who am I to judge?")

Vatican cops bust drug-fueled gay orgy at home of cardinal’s aide (NY Post)

Great observation, Lasia Casil. The gay lobby (i.e. the Vatican "LGBTQ community") may in fact be hiding this guy.

Oh Yah. Trick or Treat. 

Accusers locate Apuron


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