Thursday, August 9, 2018




  1. Apuron is a sick puppy. Both Apuron and McCarrick used their position and authority to prey on boys, minors, and young men. Adrian Cristobal, the former Chancellor, is right up there with them. Both Apuron and Cristobal ran the church is Guam like it was there own personal candy store. SHAME-SHAME-SHAME! And to think there are still people out there who continue to defend Apuron. Wake up folks! Apuron and Cristobal are sex predators and continue to be.

    1. Glad to be back in Holy Mother ChurchAugust 21, 2018 at 12:15 PM

      At first, I thought the Vatican's sentence to Apuron was over the top. "Banished for life" from ever visiting his home land again. That to me seemed like cruel and unusual punishment. OK. Removing him from office was an obvious necessity. But to never live, visit, or walk on Guam again? Hmmm.

      But now I have a whole new feeling that maybe the Vatican wasn't stern enough. After reading the entire complaint from DM, I am sickened at the thought of how we were led to believe Bro Tony was God's representative here on earth.

      Brother Tony is a very sick man. Not only did he feed his lascivious appetite on little boys, he used his position in the Church to lure parents and boys into a false sense of safety. And in the meantime did nothing to build the faith on Guam.

      With the NCW, we knew the great riches that went to the local ordinary when a community went through their second scrutiny. We all just wished we had the opportunity, or maybe he would share some of that wealth with us. But we were pounded into obedience in the NCW so we never questioned out loud.

      But now, afterseeing his appetite from the 70s did not diminish, I wonder what other ways did he seek the flesh he longed for? Not only by luring them into his private residence at Cuesta San Ramon at the Chancery, but through other equally devious methods.

      Although I too had visions of becoming the next man selected for the NCW lottery leading to an RMS, I never had the family structure to support that. Most of the local guys grew up in NCW families and were constantly pushed in this direction. Not I.

      But maybe the reason Brother Tony found the RMS so important on Guam, was that it provided him with a huge number of new and fresh boys to feast on. And since these boys already had absolute obedience pounded into them, they were easy prey.How many seminarians are victims to Apuron?

      We never thought it strange or odd that Bro Tony had his own private room at RMS Guam. It seemed like a good idea to have the bishop so close to his seminarians. But now I fear to think about what was happening in those private quarters, and how many innocent lives were sullied at the hands of their spiritual father?

      I was lucky. I got out and my faith continues. I pray this is the case for many young men who studied at RMS Guam. But the fact that Apuron is a "sick puppy" should cause parents of RMS Guam boys to worry.

    2. Well: Glad to be back in the Holy Mother Church, in the case of Apuron, we have the exact same issues that with Mc Carrick in New Jersey and in DC. The Neo leadership, knew full well about the habits of these two perverts, yet not only did they not protect the children and young men around them, but they also fed this depravity, by creating an environment where these two individuals could and did have access to young men coached to keep silent and acquiesce to their demands. This is highly troubling on several levels, specially the silence that still surround the nefarious role of the NCW in this growing sexual scandal.

  2. Yes anon at 2.01, there are always people willing to defend the indefensible, these are part of the problem, rather than the solution.
    To make matter worse, the Neos, are aiding and abetting in the process.
    This is what you call a perfect storm.