Monday, January 25, 2021


 Program notes January 24

I wrote to Nancy about impeachment. Telena takes a look at Rory. Joe Biden seeks to enlist George Orwell in the Army. Catholic joe tells us about abortion. KKK and BLM share a lot.

Our local SJW’s, the White Coats for BLM folks, are educated (again.) Lefties used to be champions of free speech—now they oppose it.  English is a microaggression for the Left.

The card

  • Tall Tales v. Nancy Pelosi
  • Nelson v. Respicio [Brown v. Respicio and Tenorio?
  • Joe & George v. The US Military
  • Biden v. The Unborn
  • KKK v. BLM
  • Guam v. USA
  • Revolutionists v. Christians
  • Reade v. Biden
  • Cancel Culture v. Lawyers
  • BLM v. Whitecoats
  • The Left v. Free Speech
  • Cornell v. English

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