Sunday, June 6, 2021


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Fr. Ronald Richards, JCL


While most people knew who Adrian Cristobal was, very few mourned his departure and shameful end , and his subsequent escape from our beautiful island. On the other hand few are the residents of Guam who have any idea who Fr. Ronald Richards is, and what are his responsibilities in the Archdiocese of Agana.

This is the reason why many will be stunned to find out that Fr Richards is probably the second most powerful person at the Chancery of the Archdiocese, right after the Archbishop himself. While some might have thought that the Adrian Cristobal dictatorial days were gone for good, it seems like Fr Richards never got the memo, as he eagerly entered the gap left by a distracted Bishop.

In order to get a better grasp on this reality, we have to go back to the arrival of Archbishop Byrnes in late 2016 as the Coadjutor with full administrative and Pastoral power.  He took over from Archbishop Hon who had been dispatched to Guam to clean up the mess left by Apuron, following his flight from the Archdiocese.

Apuron and his minions struggled for almost five years, with this blog, a growing number of the local press, the CCOG, the Laity forward movement and countless Catholics. It was logical that the island's faithful greeted Archbishop Byrnes with a great sigh of relief,  a big thirst for renewal, and a true sense of vindication.


 The task of Archbishop Byrnes has been from the start a very difficult one. This was one of the main reason that he felt he needed the input of someone he thought he could trust. That someone apparently ended being Fr Richards. Fr Richards is not incardinated in Agana, but rather is "on Loan" from the Archdiocese of Detroit

Unfortunately, after five years, it seems more and more obvious that this trust (based on a long acquaintance dating back to a time before any of the two men, even became priests of the Archdiocese of Detroit) has been misplaced, or abused by the recipient of that trust. Back in Detroit Fr Richards had had a fairly mundane career after his incardination being posted in parishes like St Hugo of the Hills in Bloomfield Hills in Michigan and St John Newman parish in Canton MI.

Yet at the same time, thanks to his Canon law studies he was granted access to several prestigious posts.

As a Canon Lawyer for the Archdiocese of Detroit, he sat on the Tribunal, he also taught "intro to canon law" at the St Cyril Methodius Seminary, as well having a post of mentor  at the Sacred Heart Major Seminary (where Archbishop Byrnes had held several positions before becoming Vice Rector in 2004, and Dean of formation)

Fr Richards arrived on Guam a few months after Archbishop Byrnes, but while Archbishop Byrnes made strong efforts to understand the island culture and even read in Chamoru, Fr Byrnes never even tried, choosing instead to have a very condescending, almost colonialist approach. "Everything is much better in Detroit, we do this, we do that"......on and on. Quickly earning him the title of white chief priest. I must confess being dumbfounded a couple of times by his superiority complex, once while attending a catholic men's conference, and another time while listening to his lecturing on the Catholic radio station.

The first and unique duty of Fr Richards, was to be a special advisor to the Archbishop. This in itself made a lot of sense, at a time when the Archbishop was trying to find his bearings, and rationalize a very complex and controversial situation. While many people had some concerns, which were rooted in their past experience with Apuron and his eminence grise, the nefarious Fr Pius. The large majority of faithful never thought twice about it, and most of them never even heard of Fr Richards.

Fr Pius Samnut (NCW)

Unfortunately, after a series of unlikely events, it seems that we are going in that very same toxic situation, where one priest has gained undue influence on the Archbishop, and has become able to control all the levers of power in the Chancery.

More details to come on the powers of Fr Richards


  1. Do not be fooled. Richards and Pale Mike the snake are in cahoots. The taste of power is never quenched. Don't believe me? Ask San Ramon Hill who makes the decisions. It sure as hell is not the presbyteral council and Byrnes clocked out a long time ago. The white man is above and beyond the plebian locals.

    1. Well anonymous,what you are asserting quite loudly, is exactly what many have been whispering for weeks already. You are just confirming something aloud, that has been becoming louder by the week.
      On what I know, the Presbyteral council has not met in quite a while, and many people are raising concerns about the availability of Abp Byrnes, some going as far as questioning his mental abilities, since his return from surgery in 2020.
      Meanwhile Richards is amassing an undue level of power, which could make us look at Cristobal like a choirboy.
      As far as Pale Mike, for all intense and purpose, he appears to have been pulled in by the dark side of the force.
      It pains me in many regards, to say that your accusations are right on target.

    2. Pali Mike was a nobody. He finally found a spot to shine. Lame. Even your boy is tired of your inadequacy. Jealous much?

    3. Hello anon at 12.39. When you talk about Pale Mike's boy, you are referring to the midget or to the newly appointed parish priest and ex Bobo boy?

  2. It's all about control

  3. If anyone has had a conversation with this guy, you will agree that his attitude stinks. Not very christian. He has mistreated others in the mainland. Thank goodness they are willing to speak up.

    1. Dear anon at 12.33, I do agree that Fr Ron's attitude stinks. It is inadequate at so many levels, it is hard to list here. If you want to share information about your allegations on the mainland, specially since people are willing to speak up, we will be all ears. You can mail me at the address listed above, I will make sure to keep things confidential. Do not remain silent, the sake of many a good souls is at stake. Thank you

  4. Frenchie how can I get in touch with you?

    1. Send an email to me at and I will forward it to Frenchie. It will remain confidential.