Saturday, June 5, 2021


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 As most people who have followed this blog since its beginning, the name most often associated with it, is it's initiator and founder Mr Tim Rohr.


After many years of bruising and brutal struggle with forces more evil that any of us could have had imagined, Tim had decided to let go of his involvement with Junglewatch, to dedicate himself to a struggle of a more personal nature, which needs his total dedication.


Having been involved with Junglewatch over the years, first as a reader and occasional participant, then as a guest columnist and an occasional administrator, I was sideline most of last year due to some health issues, which I have for the most part conquered.

When I heard that Tim could no longer continue to manage the site, I volunteered my services again, to keep the good fight going, and give a voice to the countless Catholics who feel ignored or jilted by the caretakers of our Church, here on Guam, but also around the world when the need arises.

It is with great dismay, but again not surprised in the least, that I was contacted by some parents of the Fr Duenas Memorial School who have been faced with an unexpected challenge coming from within the Chancery .

In this way I was pulled back in the fray, at a time when I was just expecting to do some care taking. Soon, I was overwhelmed by countless emails and calls from people wanting to share their stories and/or concerns. At the same time Tim, because of his previous involvement was also contacted by many people.


In order not to disturb Tim, please refrain to send messages to him, or try to contact him by phone, as he is very busy with other ventures, and no longer involved with this blog. Should you wish to comment or get in touch with Junglewatch , please address your mails and inquiries to frenchie by using the comment section on this site. If you do  wish to remain discreet, please notify us in your message, it shall not be published, and your privacy shall be respected.

I always start my articles by mentioning in the top left side of the post: (posted by Frenchie)


I hope this shall clarify who is posting and moderating this blog at this point and time.

I shall try my best to fill the very large shadow cast by Tim Rohr, but Tim at this point and time is not an active participant of this blog. I pray that this is a temporary situation, and that one day, when he has taken care of what he needs to do, he will grace us once more with his great insight and limitless knowledge of the Catholic Church on Guam. Meanwhile please pray for me, and for Tim, that we both may be able to face the challenges given to us.


Yours truly: Frenchie

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