Monday, August 2, 2021


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Disgraced , laicized and pervert extraordinaire, 

Former Cardinal Mc Carrick


Late last week the Boston Globe broke the story about the criminal filing against Mc Carrick, in the State of Massachusets. Despite what many believed was the protection given to that poor excuse of a human being by the status of limitation, it appears that the prosecution found a legal loophole in the system, by which when Mc Carrick left the State after his misdeeds, the status of limitation paused, as soon as he crossed the State borders.  

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We have to go back to 2018, to recall that it was the ever growing Mc Carrick scandal, and the final downfall of the prelate, which made it close to impossible for Francis to sweep the Apuron scandal under the rug. To the great chagrin of Apuron of course, but mostly of his puppet masters at the NCW in New Jersey.


What few people noted then, and up to this day, is that Mc Carrick himself had been supported, abetted and financed by the NCW for decades. You have to give it to the Neos, but as far as coverup, nobody can match them, they seem to always fall back on their feet, no matter what the scandal. Of course it does not hurt to have a dedicated, zombie like following, that drink the cool-aid of information fed to them by their leaders.

It was Mc Carrick who allowed the first NCW seminary in Newark to open, and it was Mc Carrick who allowed for Washington DC to also open a Redemptoris Mater Seminary...... Guess where Mc Carrick ended up retiring after he left Washington DC?? ....You got it he retired: in a specially built Suite at the Redemptoris Mater in Washington.( at least until the scandal became too much for him to remain at that location.) This is a very strong indication of the privileged relationship the NCW leadership in the USA  had with the now defrocked Cardinal. It was definitely a type of :" you scratch my back, and I'll scratch your back" kind of situation. Like in all incestuous situation, nobody is willing to talk about it, or even agree there is any relation at all.

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While the 91year old pervert, appears that he might face human justice; from all what we have learned since his downfall, it is probable that he shall have a much harder case when it is time to face the almighty.

For now the cardinal that hobnob with the some of  the most powerful people in the world, and who was willing to sell his influence to abet the NCW in his succeeding dioceses, will just increase his chances to finish in the dustbin of History. While his former protege Apuron still enjoys the comfort of the house of his puppet master in New Jersey.

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