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The original three of the NCW
The Trinity of Evil

While Carmen has left this earthly environment, creating a huge vacuum in the organization of the NCW, because she was the brain trust of the operation; the inside struggle for power continues with the Genarrini brothers jockeying for the control of the money machine, and its propaganda wing.

Carmen was not yet in the ground, that Kiko's backers were already clamoring for the Sainthood of the departed. This of course was received with great enthusiasm by the followers of the sect, while most real Catholics were shaking their head in disbelief. This is why it is essential that we understand how the Vatican proceeds, and how Kiko and his ilks are using corruption and influence peddling to influence and divert the process to their advantage.

The infamous Diana
This blog, thanks to its countless readers and participants has been able to unveil some of that process over the years. Recently we were contacted by a concerned Denver Catholic, whose parish is being slowly taken over by the NCW. This concerned Denver Catholic ended up reading many posts from this blog, as well as the "Thoughtful Catholic" blog, in order to comprehend what he was facing.
He was particularly interested in a post I made on the feast of St Michael the Archangel (September 29, 2016) almost 5 years ago. This post was titled : "it really makes a lot of sense, when you put all the pieces of the puzzle together". It can be found 

What is so interesting in that inquiry by a Concerned Catholic  from Denver, (which is one of the original point of development of the NCW in the USA) the fact that good honest Catholics have no clue about what is going on in their own Diocese of Denver, after so many years of presence and work by the Neos, and how deeply rooted the NCW is in Colorado. It demonstrates the great duplicity and excellent talent of the NCW leadership to hide in plain sight, until it is too late when the laity finally realizes what is going on, in their own parishes. The cancer has already spread all over.

Perhaps many Catholics in Denver are still unaware of Kiko's church within the Church. We on Guam cannot pretend we do not know, yet despite their coverup for Apuron, their using of the Chancery as a political tool, their diversion of funds at several levels, the Neos on Guam have not been held to account. Despite a public stance, demanding obedience and abiding to canon law, Archbishop Byrnes has done almost nothing to bring the Neos to the fold. No longer able to meet at the fake seminary in Yona, they opened a new center in Asan in October of 2019. Many Neos when thinking they are in a friendly environment refer to this new "meeting" place as "our Church".

All this has been reported, yet Archbishop Byrnes has done nothing. Again, he has been empowered by Cardinal Filoni, with instructions, unknown to us officially. If we believe the neo's saying: " you can judge the tree, by the fruits it produces". If that is the case, it looks like Archbishop Byrnes real mission was to buy time and provide cover for the NCW on Guam. If you have any doubt, please look at the fruits..... Still prolytising, still recruiting, still undermining, still celebrating their heretical services, still advancing an agenda of conquest and submission of the Church to their sect.


It is certainly not the priests that Archbishop Byrnes is surrounding himself with, that are going to make a difference. Fr Ronald is too busy gathering power, and preparing the next victim to be thrown under the Bus (any bets?), and he is fairly close to several Neo presbyters. While the vicar of the Clergy Fr Mike has been so compromised by Fr Harold, that he has become their latest little puppet. 


Archbishop Jose Rodriguez Carballo

Secretary of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated life and Societies of Apostolic Life

It seems that the Vatican is fully aware of the type of challenges the NCW and other groups like them bring into the equation, as stated by the Above mentioned Archbishop Jose Rodriguez Carballo in a recent interview which you can find


While the NCW was abetting Apuron on Guam, they also use their strong relationship with Cardinal Mc Carrick to open two seminaries, and expend their footprint in the USA. They also used his influence to open missions in several locations, and allow many of the NCW presbyters to be Pastors of parishes who were left at the mercy of the Genarrini mafia. Of course they made sure to cover up his proclivities, when they did not facilitate his sins, as they did with  Apuron. The best proof, being that they even built a nice suite in one of their seminary for him to retire. Knowing full well of his strong attraction to young seminarians.

Now that the Michigan administration is back on island, let see if they will address the continued disrespect the NCW has for them, or NOT?

Lets watch also if the failed priests like Fr Mike, will be called to order, or if Archbishop Byrnes will overlook these grave issues in order to advance his new upcoming agenda? 


  1. Here in Dallas thy got a seminary and they are pretty numerous too. I left the group last year, once they become obsessive asking us to tithe! Also during lockdowns they were going around the houses to deliver the body of Christ for the brothers to consume at home while celebrating their own eucharist without any priest being present.

  2. Hello Anon from Texas, you are right, they are quite present in the Dallas area. Their main target being the Latino community. Many of their presbyters come from Latin countries, which does help a lot. I am glad and thankful that you realize their scheme early on in the process. Many very good honest people get so far entangled in the web of deceit, that once they are in too long, they do not know how to get out. Several people who intervened in the past years, were people who ended being in the Way for more than 20 years and had to go to extremely dire times to free themselves, often at a very high cost to their love ones.... May St Michael protect you from evil. God bless