Tuesday, September 28, 2021


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As Archbishop Byrnes is once again away for a long period of time, one of the consequence of that absence was made obvious in today's Guam Daily Post.

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How on God's sweet earth have we fallen down so low, that a contemptuous, power hungry woman posing as Governor of our beautiful island, was able to feel empowered enough, to infringe on our rights?

"Congress (and by extension governors) shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof".....

What could be more clear, than that?

The answer is simple enough, and can be found right at the door steps of the Chancery.

This man, posing as a priest, and pretending to be a "lawyer", is (along with the prolonged absence of the Archbishop) the person responsible for the deliquescence, of our God given and Constitution recognized right to practice our religion, as we see fit.

Drunk on his own power, of being able to reach Adelup on the phone, he continuously agreed to the erosion of our religious rights, by admission but most of all by omission.

His back room deals have diluted, undermined, eroded, the rights of Catholics to take moral decisions, based on the teachings of our Church, as they saw fit.

The consequence of these successive capitulations is, that the administration of this power drunk governor, feels it is acceptable to demand a litmus test from people opting out of vaccination based on their religious belief.

The fact that some of these same members of the administration pose as Catholic in good standing, is even more egregious. Had these people have any self respect they should resign out of shame. Apparently shame is not a concept this administration has any notion about.

It seems that it is the exact opposite. This administration is replete with arrogance and condescension.

The adage tells us that : "Bad things happen, because good people say nothing, when confronted by evil" 

Let this sink in for a moment.

The issue is not about the right of not being vaccinated, the issue is about the overreach by government into religious affairs. This type of infringement , is exactly what we have seen happen in totalitarian countries, where you have to justify to hostile mobs:  where, how and why you worship. This should send shills through our collective spines. Yet there is a general lethargy from the population at large. Probably due to the constant drumbeat of Adelup's propaganda, relayed by the complicit media, denounced very justly by Mr Lee Webber in his weekly column posted yesterday.

At the same time we should not be surprised. Even as the Archbishop had published a good letter to the faithful regarding that particular issue, an interview published on September 25th with Tony Diaz (communication director for the Archdiocese) made it clear that the Archdiocese would not write exemption letters. Using his usual round about way, Mr Diaz (who mitigated Apuron for many years) made it be known that the Chancery under the leadership of Fr. Richards could not be bothered by such petty issues. Even going as far as using the excuse that some dioceses in the US did so, to justify their caving in, to the false morality mob.

It is clear from this disaster, that this diocese under the leadership of Fr Richards, shall not lead by example, but rather bend a knee to the ridiculously self inflated Governor of our island. Perhaps Fr Richards should ponder the Gospel of this past Sunday.

Mark 9-42:

"But anyone who is the downfall of one of these little ones who have faith, would be better thrown in the sea, with a great millstone hung around his neck"

Of course it would be delusional to expect Lou Leon Guerrero-Cook to comprehend this, in view of  her unabashed backing of the murder of so many little ones.

Yes my friends, real bad things happen when good people remain silent. 


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