Tuesday, March 22, 2022


Today, the floor beneath the front portion of the sanctuary at Mt. Carmel Church in Agat appears to have collapsed. 

One cannot help seeing this and not connect the collapse of the floor with the terrible things that happened in this church when Apuron was pastor here in the 70's and from which we first began to hear about "the Agat boys." 

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  1. I attended Mass at this church for many years. The altar was always at the top of the three steps, not on the floor in front of the steps as the video shows. It appears the altar was moved to the lower portion of the sanctuary, and appears to have been moved without a proper engineering study given the weight of what appears to be an altar of solid stone or concrete. Whoever authorized the move, if without an engineering study, endangered life and limb of the parishioners, altar servers, and anyone else who has or had reason to enter the sanctuary.