Thursday, February 9, 2023


It's crap like this that makes me regret how much I and many others gave up and even suffered for crybaby cowards like this guy who won't even use his real name:

“Nobody is praying for us. Nobody cares, man. Nobody cares. It is so sad. It’s sad because I’m alive, I'm 50 and I could use that money. I could really use that money man,” M.B., a clergy sexual abuse survivor, told The Guam Daily Post, days before he was on the brink of having his power cut off.

Later in the article we find that this coward, M.B. already scored $150k off the Capuchins but now he's crying about not getting more because:

“I used that $150,000 to make my kids happy. Everything. Bought them cars, all that stuff, because I’m coming with other money. I’m going to pay off the house and we’re going to live good,” he said.



  1. He sounds more like a scammer than victim.

    1. There were probably a lot of scammers. I seriously opposed letting "survivors" file only using their initials and not their real names. These are adults. Letting accusers hide behind their initials probably opened up the door for scammers, diluting the pot for those who bravely put their names and faces out there to expose this filth in the first place. But the Archdiocese let them get away with it.

  2. Tim Rohr I totally agree! This guy has the gall to describe himself as being in desperate straits after previously acquiring a settlement of $150,000? How is it that he’s entitled to additional compensation? This guy sure sounds like a scammer to me. This really angers me to no end considering the genuine victims of sexual abuse who will probably will never receive the financial compensation they’re legitimately entitled to.

  3. It's soo disgusting how THIS scammer is screaming for more money when he already pocketed $150 thousand dollars and still wants more..He has NO shame whatsoever..what makes him think he's entitle to additional Compensation when this coward won't even Identify himself by using his full name instead of some Bogus initials..