Monday, September 19, 2016


We will post here the reports we are receiving from the parishes. Send them in. 

Sunday, 6:00 pm Mass at Santa Teresita/Mangilao: Fr. English prefaced the letter by saying, I have a letter I have to read ... After the letter, there was a 2nd letter(?), or commentary which he also read. The youth were prepared with the petitions for signatures. Alot of people signed. Of the four individuals I spoke to, three said they were not signing, but one said that he understood the issues well but he was going to sign the petition (I think his kids all attend Bishop and AOLG). I recorded Fr. English. I am so disappointed with how prepared they were with the petition signing.

Priest at 5pm Dededo church read letter and script...encouraged all to sign the petition. Of course there were a handful of people that signed. I'm sure they didn't know what the heck they were signing. Just signed because the priest asked them

At the 9:30 am Sunday Mass at the St. Michael Catholic Church in Talofofo,  Father Felix did not at any time mention Hon's letter or the petition.

At the end of 6 a.m. Sunday mass in Toto, Pale' Mike Crisostomo spoke a few words about standing up for child abuse victims who have no voice. There was no mention of a petition.

Fr. Marvin at Agana Heights breezed through the letter.  Did not read the script after reading letter from Hon.  Just said let your conscience guide you if you wish to sign petition against bill 326-33.  His heart was not into it.

In Tumon, prior to reading the Hon letter, Fr Lito delivered a passionate plea in support of the victims. But qualified that such support should be done the "right way". After the Mass, there was a stampede to sign the petition.

Petition was left at the rear of church for signature was announced. Heard someone said' "why sign the petition. It will just allow for them to continue raping." So people just ignored the petition.

NEOs were in the church again trying to sell their cult by saying a testimony after the homily. The celebrant was also very nervous today because he screwed up the Apostles Creed* by omitting "in my thoughts and in my words, in what I have done, in what I have failed to do". Lastly, they made a young lady read Hon's pathetic letter. (* It's the Confiteor)

6:00pm Saturday Mass: Father Joe English read the entire letter to a silenced congregation. And, he told the people were children with petitions at all the exit doors. Many Legion of Mary members and Christian mothers signed the petition.

Our priest DID NOT read the letter, DID NOT distribute copies, and DID NOT ask us to sign a petition asking Governor Calvo to veto the bill. What he did was provide a powerful homily based on today's Gospel. During the consecration of the Host, he faltered and appeared to be on the verge of tears. Perhaps he was appealing to THE highest authority and was given the blessing he needed to disobey. Thank you, Pali' Richard Kidd!

Sad that even gofigan's homily he talk about losing the friary and about people being misguided by revenge and that WE should support the veto of this bill by the governor. Just very sad. 

Yona Priest held us captive with the final blessing as he read Hon's letter. After he read it then he added his 2 cents. I regret not recording it as I "had" a deep respect for this young priest. His comments to the faithful was that "I do not want to lose what my predecessors built". To all the clergy, it was not the priest that donated the land, or fund raised to build the buildings, "IT WAS THE PEOPLE"! The people will support the Catholic Church if the priest and bishops can be trusted! At this point the people cannot trust their priest and certainly not their bishops. The priest say the sex abuse crimes were horrible, but apparently not horrible enough to sacrifice a building. When I was in Saudi Arabia, during Desert Storm, the rare times that a Catholic Chaplain would come by to my location, Mass was held in the open and the altar was either a stack of MRE cases or the hood of a HUMMV. There was no air conditioning, no pews or kneelers. We knelt on the sand and dirt. Now we have all these glorious buildings and we forget what the Church is really about. It is the people!! The clergy have chosen their buildings over our children. It is our children that they abused and our children that we need to protect because once again they will not help us protect our kids. There are people that did not do anything wrong, no kidding. Build a Trust Fund, is that for after the clergy have have their way with our kids? Where was the clergy when the bill was being crafted? Why didn't Hon and the clergy speak out then? They had their chance and now they are going to pressure the Governor to veto the bill. The clergy have shown they cannot be trusted since they are circling the wagons and trying to protect what they think is their own. Clean the filth out first then and only then can we begin to trust our clergy again. They are going to scare the children and in turn the parents. For Hon and the clergy to use the Mass and the pulpit was dirty and underhanded. Shame on you!! I am looking for a holy priest that did not succumb to the evil of Hon's directive. 

I am in shock. In my own parish the message that got out was so focused on temporal goods. Fr Gus spoke with great passion but from only one perspective.
"Do you want to see FD closed? What if they sell St Jude? Will the mayor allow us to have mass in the new gym so we don't get rained on?
I am sad and I am pissed off.

Fr. Dan read only the first page after announcements.  He asked people to use their conscience.

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